Monday, August 22, 2022

Late August

 Good Morning.

I hope you have had a lovely summer. August has been busy for me. I got this bright idea to join a Challenge. The challenge was to do something like drying, or canning or freezing or preparing food for each day for the month of August. It was harder than I thought it would be. I made basil vinegar, granola and mixes for brownies and cookies. I made 25 quarts of pinto and black beans. I haven't used my pressure cooker in so long, it was like having to learn a new skill over again. I still have plans to make soup and stew. Of course, I had to straighten up and clean my pantries. I also tried to use what I had on hand so that was interesting to figure out things to cook by what I had in my pantry. It was very interesting and I realized how rusty I have got since I had kids at home. 

I have been working on this when I am not in the kitchen. I still like it and it will look better after it gets steamed. I am hoping by the time I finish it it will not be over 100 degrees. I think we will finish August with every day being over 100. At least its kind of cool in the mornings. 

I am still trying to decide if I want a winter garden. Ron is going to try his hand at growing lettuce using hydroponic kit our daughter gave to him. He has always wanted to grow food like that. He has been getting it all ready. It should be fun to see if we can grow giant lettuce and bell peppers.  I have some giant pots that I might plant some potatoes in and see what happens, maybe some beets. My tiny garden has done okay. Trying to get the soil conditioned and healthy has been interesting. Such bad soil and so sad, it didn't even grow weeds. In the front flowerbeds, we dug out so much construction mess. They just dug holes and filled it with broken roof tiles, broken cement, broken plaster, and other trash. 

My back garden was just as bad, but it has never had anything in it so we have started from scratch. Its so much better from when we moved in and to see it get healthy is really rewarding. To see bugs return.

I am sure I will be able to think of other things I have been doing once I quit writing, but nothing is coming to me. I wish you all of the best. 

Have a nice rest of August, and then my goodness, I can't wait until September. 

Bye for now,


"Being a mother is learning about the strengths you didn't know you had...and dealing with

fears you didn't know existed." (I really hate when I dwell in the land of what ifs.) (When trials never stop and I am afraid that light at the end of the tunnel is really freight train.)

" God is under no obligation to explain Himself to Me...Imagine that. (My mind blowing thought this last week.) Patsy Clarmont.


Saundra said...

You are so much more organized than me, that's for sure. Back in the day I had a pressure cooker and think I used it once as I was petrified after reading the warnings on the instructions for proper pressure release. Finally took it to the thrift shop. Think how plentiful your pantry is now, congrats.
Sad how lazy and inconsiderate of the earth some construction companies are.

Julia said...

I've been doing the same as you, squirreling food away in bottles and in the freezer and my husband has been dehydrating kale. The broccoli keeps coming in and I've bagged so many that I've lost count. The new 7sq foot freezer is getting filled and the garden is still producing.

Tomorrow I plan to bottle corn for the first time.
Your Halloween rug looks very friendly and you're almost finished.

For me, July and August went by in a flash. That's what happens when I'm very busy.

Good luck with your winter garden.


acorn hollow said...

WEll it sounds like you have been more than busy! What a wonderful feeling it must be to see all your canned goods ready for the winter.

TheCrankyCrow said...

You "still" "like" it? Holy cats Girl!! I LOVE it!! The design is great (but you already know I like Theresa Schick), the wool is amazing (Gah! Those pants!!!), and the hooking is so wonderfully done. Paleease stop tempting me so! Right now I feel like building a giant pyre and burning several projects that just aren't working out so well...after a ton of work of course.) Your challenge sounds impossible to me. My mother did it while I was growing up...besides working and being an equal work partner in the farm...but not me. I would love to be your neighbor and sneak over every day for coffee to see what you came up with the day before (I promise I wouldn't stay long!!) A winter in outdoors??? I don't think that would work here. 🤣 But I hope you try things and keep us posted on decisions, progress, etc. I am especially curious about your husband's "experiments." Hope your week got off to a great start. ~Robin~ (100º...YIKES 🫠)

Rugs and Pugs said...

Oh how I love Halloween Gothic. I was tempted to buy the pattern at Sauder, but resisted, though my hooker BFF did. You are so close.
Like Robin's mom, my mom did it all...canning, freezing, etc., while working full time. I do none of the above...sigh.
Good luck with your gardens.

Kerin said...

This August challenge has been interesting, and it really has stretched my creative muscles; trying to use up what I have on hand, and think of items that I want to in our pantry and freezer for winter.
Thanks for letting me know about it and keeping me motivated!!

A winter garden sounds lovely. Anything growing in the winter would be nice, as around here, everything will be dormant and sleeping throughout the cold winter :)
I always buy more grocery store flowers in the winter months, just to have real flowers.

Have a lovely rest of your week.

Pom Pom said...

I'm so interested in your "putting food by" challenge! Go, Kim, go!

Gretchen Joanna said...

Wow, Kim, that is impressive -- I have frozen fruit that people gave me in abundance, and I'm always freezing little containers of vegetables that I grow and/or cook quantities of. But every day? It does sound like a fun summer challenge, I admit.

What color do you call those zinnias -- purple? They are the prettiest purple zinnias I've ever seen, and I wouldn't mind growing those. Otherwise, I avoid the mixes because they have too many purple ones in them.

Debbie said...

thanks for stopping by kim, it's always nice to hear from you!! august, busy, for you...what month is not busy for you!! you are always up for a challenge, the pumpkin couple is adorable!!

Debbie said...

thanks for stopping by and checking in on me. it has been difficult. the car rolled over several times and i was not conscious when they took me to the hospital. lot's i don't need to share, i am getting better now!!!