Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Mid Summer


Here we are at the last week of July. You have no idea how hard I tried to get the waves to look like it was washing away July. The waves would only get to here and then would go back out. It wasn't until I put my camera away and then of course, July was washed away. I have lost count now how many days now we have been over a hundred degrees. At least a month. We did get rain yesterday, which is very rare in July.
We decided to drive over to the beach. It was 60 degrees and foggy. It was bliss. 

 We had lunch, walked on the beach and just enjoyed our reprieve. It was a nice drive. We haven't been here since 2018. It was hard to believe that it has been this long. So many things have changed in my life since then. I bet it has for you too. 

For the first time in a year and a half, Ron went back to work in person. What was supposed to be two weeks turned into that. It felt like the first day of school. This is a first for me too. First time to be in this house by myself. I have never had a real empty nest until today. I will get used to it but it is different. But isn't life full of things all of the time that are new and different? I remember how I used to think that at some point in my life, things would be normal. Now I have learned, there is never any normal at all. Just putting one foot in front of the other and trying to accomplish something in spite of the changing circumstances that are all around me. I compare it to trying to do jumping jacks on a merry go round. 

In order to sew or hook, I have to be home. Imagine that? I haven't been home long enough to pick up a hook or even a needle. I keep hoping that I will get to that place where I am bored. It has never happened yet. 

I really want to dye some wool. I sat the other day and went through my dye packets, so I am pretty sure I can dye lots of wool and I have wool. So its time to get off my duff and get to doing that again. 

I hope your day is tip-top. Full of lots of nice things. 

Today my life is that big box of chocolates which one should I eat first? 



“Promise me you’ll always remember that you are braver than you believe,

stronger than you seem,

and smarter than you think.” (Winnie the Pooh)


Saundra said...

Woman, there are days when it seems there's no time for me to relax and hook because of a busy schedule. It is hooking which gives me the deep comforting sighs and they do occur from time to time.

That waiting for the tide to wash away part of your sure you've heard the quote..."the watched pot never boils". Those things we are so excited about happening never seem to happen soon enough. Hope you get to relax with your hobbies soon.

Julia said...

I'm sorry it's so hot where you are. Last summer was hot and so dry here, and we didn't have much rain. But this summer we've had lots of rain and sunshine and comfortable temperatures so far and everything is so lush and green. I feel really bad for the people who are experiencing extreme heat on the west coast of Canada and the USA.

July went extremely fast and I've been kept so busy. There is never any time to be bored for me either.

Home alone, I'm sure that you'll fill the hours with some pretty projects. Dyeing wool is always exciting. Have fun.

Hugs, Julia

Gretchen Joanna said...

So glad you get to be home a bit! Your image of jumping jacks on a merry-go-round did get me thinking.... that one can only resist the "flow" so much! When on a merry-go-round, if at all possible, just enjoy going around and watch the horses and the people :-)

I know that's what you do. I'm not sure I always know what kind of contraption I am riding on so I'm trying to at least be more attentive!

acorn hollow said...

June was hot and steamy with warnings of a drought. July must of heard all this and it has been chilly and rainy with little sun and lots of haze from the fires out west. We are going into a very chilly spell temps at night in the mid 40s. A very odd summer for us. I have been busy with gardening, trying to stay ahead of the weeds and just visiting. I have a hooked a bit but I am looking forward to getting really back at it.
I love being alone in the house for a few hours. I hope you are enjoying the end of your summer.

Rugs and Pugs said...

What a great little getaway!
Now that Ron is back to work, hopefully you will find more "me" time to dye and hook and play!!!

Changes in the wind said...

What a clever idea to etch July in the sand and try to get a picture of the wave washing it away. We had to cut back on our activities because of covid but other than eating out things were the same. I don't hook but knit and crochet and I guess I have worn myself out with it because just not interested to start a project.

Kessie said...

Oh, I'm so glad you got to go to the beach! It looks so cold and refreshing! I feel like I spent July trying to find some kind of routine. And chopping out cactus. :-p

Debbie said...

if you are use to 100 degree temperatures and the beach was 60, that would be bliss!! we always write our names in the sand, or the date...

since i have been home from the hospital, i have not had one second alone. no me time, no quiet time, no privacy!!

i have always loved that quote from winnie the pooh!!

Bonnie K said...

How refreshing at the beach. I like the picture just as it is. Change is always awkward at first. Stay strong.