May 2020

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Home From Tucson

Good Morning! How are you on this fine day in June? We are back from Tucson. As you can see our trip was cut short by the fires that were there. Sad thing to notice, but even with fires burning in the Catalina Mountains, every day since June 5th when lighting started these fires, the sky is bluer than going through L.A.

I can't tell you how I felt knowing that I was going to be staying in a house that was at the base of the mountains. We went to visit our newest grand daughter.

She wanted to come a week early before we even got there. Mom and baby are doing great.
We have eleven grands right now. Number 12 is due in August. Number 13 is due in December. On Father's Day we found out that number 13 will be a boy. As of right now, the count is 7 boys and 5 girls. Megan and Ben are waiting the old fashioned way. My heart and cup over flows.

Would you like to see a few pictures of the new house?

Here are just a few.

I have always wanted a fire place like this. I love the mantel.

This was almost the deal breaker. Ron doesn't like chicken wire in cupboards.
He liked this one though.

We went through the house with the inspector. Its a nice kitchen. I have always wanted a kitchen like that too. This was the day after the baby was born, and I felt like a deer in the headlights, so that was all of the pictures I took. It will be a nice house for two people. 

This is my little cactus. He just makes me laugh. He looks so funny with his blooms and his sunglasses. Moving is coming along very fast now. We could be closing on the house and moving very soon. I have been packing and packing. How in the world can I have this much stuff? 

I was thinking the other day. Moving is always stressful. Our girls having babies is stressful. Having strangers traipsing through your house is stressful. Then the whole crazy stuff going on in the world is beyond stressful. Trying to hang onto peace and the strength to find good in the world is harder than ever before. 

We brought a rental car back from Tucson. We had a slow leak in a front tire, so we kept having to find a place to put air in the tire. It costs 1:50 every time you need to use air. I didn't have quarters. I went into stores to get change. Every single time I went in, the sweetest people worked in the stores. But my favorite was this one. 

I walked into this kind of scary looking grocery store to get change. When I walked in I had a mask in my purse, but I didn't have it on. As I walked in behind the counter was the biggest, scariest looking man you ever saw. In front was a man, buying lottery tickets. The man buying lottery tickets, immediately stepped back.  I looked at the big man behind the counter and apologized profusely. " Did I need a mask?" " No! both men said." I motioned for the man who had given me his place, to go back and he did. I looked up at the tall man and said, " Could I have five ones for the air machine?" He looked at me and said, " No, I turn it on for you." I said, " Excuse me, you can just turn it on?" He again said, "I turn it on for you." I said thank you and went out side in sort of a daze.

So my take away from this is just this. I am a victim of the lamesteam media. I have focused on the evil and bad people who are trying to cause me to be afraid. I have looked at people differently since this all started. I need to pull my focus back and stay off of the news, which has always sold fear. I know this. To focus on the negative, I will always get what I expect. But if I expect to find good, then its just as easy to find that too. I think this sums up what kind of attitude I want for these crazy times. John Wesley said this:

“Do all the good you can,
By all the means you can,
In all the ways you can,
In all the places you can,
At all the times you can,
To all the people you can,
As long as ever you can.”

As always it must start with me and of course my attitude. I just wanted to share a tiny bit. So much huge things have happened in my life lately. I really need to sit down and do a post. 
I will wait. I just wanted to stop in and wish you blessing upon blessing today. 


It was June, and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside.     

Maud Hart Lovelace


Julia said...

Congratulations on the beautiful new baby. Such blessings still come from God. Your new house looks so beautiful. I love the open concept. I know you will be happy there.

Forest fires are so frightening. It is so hot here for June and so dry. I was weeding and the ground is powder dry.
We were lucky that we got a big rainstorm a few weeks ago but friends of ours who live a short distance from us haven't had a drop of rain in over a month and a half. They could see the storm but it went all around them.

I've been watering the gardens the best I can but it dries up so fast. I've been mulching the Daylily flower bed and it took so much mulch but the weeds will have a harder time coming back.

What is going on in the world is very scary. I keep on praying because my hope is in the Lord who can do all things.

Stay safe and happy.
Hugs, Julia

NetRaptor said...

What a nice post! What an adventure, going into that scary store! I'd have been super intimidated, too. I'm glad people are nice, whatever may be happening on the news. You'd never know anything was happening around our little neighborhood. It's the same as ever.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ha ha....I love your cactus!! The first thing I noticed was his glasses LOL. So tragic about the fires. It's so hard to reconcile how something so horrible can still look beautiful.... I would scare the dickens out of me to live anywhere close there. :-( Thanks for sharing peeks of your new home! It looks lovely and I can't wait to see more. I don't imagine you will get a whole lot of use out of that fireplace though LOL. Your new grand is precious....and how very blessed you are. I am glad you shared your "good encounter" story. I have to ration my daily news intake as well... I don't want to hide under a rock, as it is easy to do living where we know, just pretend that things are "ok" I do force myself to watch a bit to keep up. But I am careful to keep the intake low. Unfortunately, I think there will soon come a time when people will need to force themselves to "tune in" and really listen if they choose to have a voice in the "new world." Such a sad, sad, state of affairs. very good to see a post from you and fingers crossed and prayers going up that the closings and move goes smooth and well. Blessings & Hugs ~ Robin ~

Julia said...

Congratulations on the beautiful new baby girl. She looks big and so awake.

Your new house looks beautiful and inviting. I'm sure you will be happy there.

Those fires in the mountains look terrifying. It is so dry here even though we have had a good heavy rain a few weeks ago but some friends of mine who live not far from haven't had rain for over a month and a half. The rainstorm totally missed them.

I just came in from watering the vegetable garden and it was dark when I came in.

Take care and stay safe and happy.
Hugs, Julia

Pom Pom said...

Hi Kim! I've been listening to Anne when I go out to walk. So nice!
Take care and don't work TOO HARD!
Love love

Gumbo Lily said...

Hi Kim!
I have been watching the Tucson fires since early June. Our son was up here working for us in Montana but is now back in Tucson. I hear there are now fires in Phoenix too.

Your grandgirl is so sweet. How blessed you are, Grandma!

I am so thankful that I live in "flyover country" and we pretty much are left alone and just live our lives pretty normally. I've not had a mask on since this whole thing blew up but some do. People here are pretty sensible and mannerly. I hope it can continue. It's difficult to watch or listen to the news. I take in only as much as to stay mostly informed and then try to focus on the people in my world and keep on praying.

Your house is lovely! I'm so happy you've found it. I pray you will continue to love and live in the truth and appreciate the blessings He has given you. I know you will!

Sending my love...Jody

Debbie said...

oooooooh kim, you found a house and are moving, i didn't know. well i knew you were looking, and selling but i did not know you found something!!!

the new house is gorgeous, i adore the kitchen, the heart of the home!! maybe they could leave the bakery sing, it is perfect for that wall!!

those fires are so scary, i don't know how you can live with that!! the baby is so sweet, look at those wide open eyes!!!

and air...i always crack up that we pay for air!!!