Sunday, February 16, 2020

It Feels Like Spring---Kitchen Refresh.

We are in the midst of our fake spring. The flowers are starting to bloom, the dove are trying to build their little sad nests of six sticks and lining them with tumbleweed stems. I have a hawk lurking around and picking the unsuspecting dove off like candy. I just get so upset when I see that little empty pile of feathers out in the yard. Knowing the doves mate for life, it means there will be poor little dove widows and widowers. But, I regress, if I don't stop I will be too sad to write a post and I am not sad.

Last weekend the kitchen looked like this. It was like jumping through hoops Monday and Tuesday morning trying to fix Ron's lunch in the morning. But when it was finished, its so pretty. Cooking is once again a joy and a breeze.

 Ron put in new under the counter LED lights. They are such a nice upgrade. I have really not had a minute since to play in the kitchen. I put the kitchen back together on Tuesday afternoon. When Ron and the boys got home that evening they had to move the heavy stuff like the fridge and then he put in the lights.

 Wednesday I started packing up the office so that Ron and the boys could start taking out the carpet and padding and putting in the wood floors. We picked up the wood, Ron and I on Wednesday afternoon.

That is the guest bathroom which has turned into the work area, to charge tools and put everything so its out of the way. My computer now is in my closet and that is where I am now. I am back in the closet.

There was so much preparation to do on Saturday. Well moving the computer desks, taking out the carpet and the padding, taking out the tack strips and patching cement then sanding all before they could start the flooring. I imagine they Ron and the boys, not me, I am just the cook. Will finish today.

Then next weekend will be the living room. I will be packing that all up this next week, while trying to keep the house sort of running and cleaning as I go. We are about six weeks away from listing. It feels like panic mode just a little.

Since we started this on July 7, 2019 we go from tired to more tired, and then you hit a wall and you are tired when you go to bed and when you wake up and it just becomes a state of mind. Ron says, "someday he won't go to work on Monday morning so tired and sore, but it is not that time now."

We think that we are soon to be Lowe's number one customer. With Ben and Megan in North Carolina, I think they must be Lowe's number one customer there. Ron has bought some great tools though. I think that tools are the best things in the world. I love it when he gets new tools.

My nephew Garrett, is doing well. Thank you so much for your prayers and your kind thoughts.
Its a new week, and we should have warm days this next week. I really need to get outside and work in my flowerbeds. I just crave sunshine.

I wish you the best kind of week,

“I hear the Wind Woman running with soft, soft footsteps over the hill. I shall always think of the wind as a personality. She is a shrew when she blows from the north -- a lonely seeker when she blows from the east -- a laughing girl when she comes from the west -- and tonight from the south a little grey fairy.”
― L.M. Montgomery


Angela said...

Great news about your nephew! Your cabinets look great. What is your calendar? I love sheep! We are starting an entire kitchen remodel tomorrow! Windows out tomorrow (if it doesn't rain) and gutting Tues. so I feel your pain! I am not good with this sort of thing!

Debbie said...

ooooh kim, i love the kitchen, it looks so beautiful!!! i'm not sure i could have done that, but i'm sure you are thrilled now!!

we have had such a warm winter, it's cold today but it is not this winter's norm!! i did not read about garrett, but i'm sure that is good news!!

good to see you today!!

Kessie said...

Wow, it'll be so nice once it's finally done! The whole house will have to have rugs everywhere to soften the acoustics. :-D

GretchenJoanna said...

Wow - you are really fixing up **everything**! I can tell you are much younger than I ;-) It's all beautiful.

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

I think the kitchen is beautiful- ya'll sure are fixing it all up! Great to hear about your nephew...and I hope spring stays a little longer than it will here.

Three Sheep Studio said...

Wood floors can give a completely different feel to a home ! They will be gorgeous. So glad your nephew is doing well.

Bonnie K said...

I love your end quote. Great progress on the house. It will feel good when it is done.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your house is looking wonderful!!! Too bad you won't be around to enjoy it...but I'm sure it will help you sell quickly.

Sue said...

Wow! Kim, send me some of your energy, I need it!!!! Everything looks so lovely, you all are working so hard! I know your beautiful home will sell so fast!
I would love to paint our kitchen cabinets, I keep thinking maybe this year.
have a blessed weekend.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Easter (belated) blessings to you dear Kim and your family. WOW! I don't believe I ever saw the "befores" before, but everything is looking amazing now....Love that flooring! I wouldn't be able to leave once I made all those beautiful changes. It always seems like a toss up to me as to whether it is wise to do a whole bunch of improvements prior to selling... I always felt that most would rather pay less for a home and change things up to their own particular liking. But you have such amazing taste and style that I KNOW this is a good thing LOL. Love seeing your peeks of spring...our spring seems so very far off at this point....We had a bit of a blizzard yesterday (10 or inches of snow??), and today a bit more snow, high winds...and cold...very, very, cold. (Like 12 degrees cold tonight...). It doesn't seem much like Easter...or spring for the matter. Stay well and healthy....and good luck with your projects. ~Robin~. (PS...I, too, love your ending quote.)