April 2019

April 2019

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Little plants and gardening

Happy Almost Spring!! This is the first spring since I have lived here that feels like a real spring. Gardening is so rewarding. I love it because it made me aware of the seasons. Living in town, it just wasn't something I paid attention to, it could also be that when I was in the middle of raising six kids, I had little time to think about the weather.

Our purty lettuce

I was thinking today as I walked around the garden. Looking at everything. When was my first garden? I suppose I always had a garden. Who hasn't raised radishes and because I forgot to water them, were really hot but really good because I had grown them. My other things I did once was made raisins on top of my Dad's storage shed. Of course they tasted better too.

  When Ron and I married, soon to be 39 years ago, our first little bit of dirt was at our apartment. We loved that little bit of soil. Ron was driving by one day and a lady was getting rid of her iris bulbs and he stopped and planted them in our little garden. When we bought our first house, the first thing we did was put in a tiny little garden in our backyard. I was so amazed at the food I grew from that little 10x10 piece of dirt.

I found this picture, this would be about our fourth garden. This is our two oldest. You can see the garden in the background.

 It must have been about 1985 or so.  So gardening has always been apart of my life. I have kept myself busy growing things. Whether is was fruit or vegetables or babies. All of the babies have crawled around in the garden while I was weeding or picking or even when I was canning all of the home grown food.

Our onions are growing nicely.

Just on a whim I bought purple potatoes. They are finally coming up. You can see their tiny little leaves.

Finally some little beets. I was beginning to think I couldn't grow beets. I have had three failed crops I think now. I know why now. Beets don't like the any heat hotter than 85 degrees. Out here in this garden sometimes it can get up to 120 degrees out in the pasture on really hot days. So poof, they just burn up. Hopefully it will stay cool enough this year I can get a crop before the heat gets here.

The berry canes are beginning to wake up. This makes me so happy.

This is a russet or a red potatoes I can't remember which one but they are growing much better than the purple ones.

Its going to be a nice day. I have to get weeds chopped and more seed planting. This weekend we have a couple of 75 or 80 degree days. I am so excited to be out in the warm weather. Now you won't hear me talking like this come June. I hope your day is lovely and you are looking forward to spring.

Thank you for stopping by today,

 "Of all the wonderful things in the wonderful universe of God nothing seems to me more
surprising than the planting of a seed  in the blank earth and the result thereof."

---Celia Thaxter


  1. Nice to see that your fruit trees are blooming already and that your potatoes are popping out and your lettuce, beets and onions are doing well. We still have lots of snow but again, it's warm enough to melt the snow today.

    Your 10"x10" garden looks amazing. I would like to have raised bed because every time it floods badly, I loose my top soil.

    Take care, Hugs, Julia

  2. You garden-history is so sweet, as are those babies with their wagon.
    Your gardens are always so beautiful.

  3. I remember that wagon. I learned never to let anyone pull me in it, because always tipped it over and hurt me. :-p

  4. i know the amazement and satisfaction of a garden. i am always amazed at what i can grow up on my deck in pots. for me, keeping it small = keeping it fun!!

    i'm glad you are feeling like spring. my crocus just popped out and that is the first sign for me!!

  5. Wow...there are places in this country where things are popping out of the ground???? Well, I am not complaining....it is NOT snowing here at this moment...in fact, it is raining....and some of that white stuff has actually melted (not that we will be snow-free any time soon...or that we are done with blizzard season, but I can let my mind wander and pretend for a bit, eh?) I had the gardening gene in me from the get-go too... I grew up on a farm, so we always had a HUGE garden....and my dad tilled up a little plot for me and let me send away for a few seeds....so I got the growing bug early on and honestly LOL.... Later, though, I ran out of time and “hands” (and my husband diidn’t share my passion or even appreciate it), so I gave up everything but a few flowers...which grew into well, a few more....but still mostly all container plantings. Maybe that why I appreciate your “journey” and posts so much. Hope your hump day was a happy one... ~Robin~

  6. The tone of your post exactly expresses the Gardener in Spring! Those lettuces look beautiful indeed, and I'm very excited about your purple potatoes!!

  7. The blossoms in the first picture are so pretty...thanks for sharing with those of us that are still shoveling snow **grin**!!

    Love the picture of your kiddo's and that wagon, and of course your garden.
    Gardening is so rewarding! Even on years when we don't get a bumper crop, digging in the dirt and growing plants is my therapy :)

    Have a happy day.

  8. I have been gardening since my babies were babies....and they are 27 and 28 now. I can't imagine living in a place without outdoor space to at least have a container garden! We are still buried in snow but the spring birds are starting to arrive, which is such an amazing boost to the spirit - spring is around the corner!!

  9. Hello Dearie Dear! Aw! The two oldest with the garden in the background! So sweet!
    I love purple potatoes. Yum!
    You are a good, good, good gardener!

  10. No gardens here just yet, snow still melting. You are lucky to be seeing such wonderful signs of spring.

  11. How exciting to see the new plants popping up everywhere. I think I've always had a garden too. My dad always had a garden at home too. I can't wait to start gardening, but we are still buried under snow.

  12. Your garden is looking good! Pretty flowering trees! My mom grew veggie & flower gardens; I've always wantedd my own gardens, but only lived in one house in Phoenix where I tried to grow a veggie garden but the sun baked it all. Did get some zucchinis, though. Enjoying watching your gardens & seedlings progress! It's been very windy here for 4 days now, but it's finally in the 80's! Happy dance! Have a blessed weekend!

  13. Reading this has motivated me to get moving in my greenhouse, I have been so lax this year in planting simply because it has been so wet, we haven't been able to plant our potatoes yet, and they should have been in the ground a month ago. Our garden peas are flourishing as our onions. My plans are to plant my flower seeds this week. Your garden is flourishing too! Like you i love to garden and have had a garden every year since marrying. Though I started when I was a child visiting my grandparents farm, they always let me help them and let me grow zinnias.
    Enjoy your garden.

  14. My redbud tree is blooming and I swear there is nothing prettier! Spring blooms don't last long enough for me. Good luck with your taters :)

  15. Your garden is going to be AMAZING!!! I grew up on a small farm and my mom had a huge garden and canned and froze everything. I guess that gardening gene skipped me. I have never had a garden and if I tried, the deer would dessimate it and my yard is so tiny it would not work. Oh well. I just support the local farm stands.


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