Friday, November 30, 2018

Almost December

Greetings from My Field of Dreams.  I kept thinking about writing a blog, but that meant I would have to not have the picture of that sweet baby on my blog, and I really enjoyed seeing him every time I got on. Such a sweet little boy.

Tomorrow is December. I have been decorating for three days. I made a couple of wreaths. I have wanted to do it for years. I ran across a You Tube channel called Dollar Store Crafts. My goodness, I was mesmerized. A gal showed how to make the Christmas ball wreaths and I was hooked. The only problem was I had to go to the Dollar Store.

You ask why it that a problem? Because me and half of Bakersfield must have been watching that same You Tube channel and I had to park far away and do a bit of a walk to get to the store and then there was almost only standing room in the aisles. I always feel so sorry for those poor people behind the check stands and people were standing four or five deep waiting to buy their things. I still laugh quietly to myself and I had a arm load of things, and it was only 20 dollars.

I have always wanted one.  You know I wish on these blogs they would tell you things. Like I have glitter everywhere. Even after two showers yesterday when I went to Bible Study I still had glitter on my face. Or you have to hot glue the tops to the Christmas balls because they are made from some weird plastic that will just disintegrate in your hands if you mess with them too much.

 The first wreath I made I didn't hot glue them and I had fancy ping pong balls going every where in the kitchen and then on the front porch when I was trying to hang it. Here is my first one. I just cut the top off of a clothes hanger and it worked okay. The next time I used some heavy gauge wire I had from other projects. I used my balance ball to measure around so I could have a nice fat wreath.  (Since that is about all I use my balance ball for.)

I have a couple of patterns sitting here on my computer of things I would like to make, but I need to sit to do them and sitting has been hard for me lately. I guess I got so used to having the kids when we were in Tucson and being busy with them, I just haven't got back into my routine.
I just wanted to check in. I am going to be doing a blog for Christmas for 24 days on my other blog. The link is at the top of this blog. I am going to write about the things that mean the most to me about Christmas. I am doing this with Pom Pom
My daughter Kessie as well. It will be nice to get back into the routine of blogging again.

Thank you so much for stopping by today.

Once I might have wished for that:never to grow old.
But now I know that to stay young always is also not
to change. And that is what life's all about---changes
Going on every minute, and you never know when
something begins where it's going to take you.
---AGathering of Days, Joan W. Blos,1979


Alica said...

It's such fun to make festive decorations!! I had to smile, thinking of ping pong balls bouncing around while you were making your wreath! :) I've been reading Ben and Megan's vlog, and it's been really interesting! They seem like a fun loving adventurous family.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Just remember the further from the store you park, the more steps you get 😉
Fun wreaths!

Kessie said...

Eeek, I'd better think of something to blog about!

Debbie said...

i have always wanted one of these wreaths too, you have inspired me!! yours look great!!

acorn hollow said...

very fun wreath my daughter does the dollar store crafts. I am up to my eyes in projects so I don't need to add to it.

Kerin said...

Beautiful wreaths!
Great post! You make me chuckle! I have made one of those wreaths as well, and I think I know what Youtube channel you are referring is addictive!
One thing I know about the dollar store, is that they like their glitter...LOL!
If we lived closer, we could dollar store craft the day away..**smile**.


Three Sheep Studio said...

Love your festive wreaths, Kim.
I have yet to pull out any decorations !
Better get to it. You are inspiring me.

happyone said...

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment.
The wreaths you made are lovely. Great job.

elizabeth said...

Nice to see you on my blog, thanks for the comment! fun wreaths! Yes, I can imagine that one would not realize the ramifications of glitter and using the pretty Christmas bulbs! Well, we are always learning! :) ps: so glad to meet another Elizabeth Goudge fan!!!

Bonnie K said...

I sure laughed about the glitter. One year I had my students make Christmas gifts and cards. Like a dummy I had glitter. It was two years before I could clean the room or look in my desk and not see glitter. Your wreaths are fabulous.