Monday, November 28, 2016

Almost December

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving.  We had a lovely Thanksgiving. We had guests and it was nice meeting and having a meal with new people. It made me remember how nice it is to share our house and home with others. Christmas this year will be at Emilie's. I am looking forward to that. It seems like the holidays are so huge in my mind so sharing holidays with the girls is going to be a nice tradition to start. Passing of the baton.

Emilie wanted to do the table for us this year. Her name means artistic. She is just that. She can take anything and turn it into something so pretty.

I hurt my back of course, on Sunday before Thanksgiving. Sunday morning I noticed that one of my silkie's had a piece of grass wrapped around her beak. I had a pretty hard time catching her because they are fast little chickens. I caught her but as I was walking back up to the house, I knew I had done something I shouldn't have. By Monday and Tuesday I could hardly move.
I was starting to get panicky. I knew that if I just never sat down I could keep going. So that is what I did, I just didn't sit. I made it and even though I still walk like a egg bound hen, I am much better today.

  I had to share this picture of three of my girls minus Kessie. This is me with Megan on the left, Emilie in the middle and Makenzie on the right. I love my girls. They jumped in and helped me with everything. I guess its good to not be able to do it all myself, because they just amaze me and dinner for 17 was a breeze. I am so thankful for them. Ron cooked the turkey so that really was the biggest part. I love them all and getting to add to the family bit by bit is such a dream come true for me. I still pinch myself to think that we have come so far in such a short amount of time.

It was a great weekend, and now onto Christmas. I wish you all the best this week. Thank you so much for stopping by.
Blessings from me to you,

“My child, the troubles and temptations of your life are beginning, and may be many; but you can overcome and outlive them all if you learn to feel the strength and tenderness of your Heavenly Father as you do that of your earthly one. The more you love and trust Him, the nearer you will feel to Him, and the less you will depend on human power and wisdom. His love and care never tire or change, can never be taken from you, but may become the source of lifelong peace, happiness, and strength. Believe this heartily, and go to God with all your little cares, and hopes, and sins, and sorrows, as freely and confidingly as you come to your mother.”
― Louisa May Alcott, Little Women


Debbie said...

awww kim, you look so beautiful with the girls, nice, big, happy smiles!!! i'm glad you had a nice thanksgiving - sorry about the back - hopefully you will be feeling better soon!!

the fall images are beautiful!!!

Empty Nester said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better. I've noticed my back acting up from lifting a certain little baby every day but I, like you, just keep going. I can see the happy all over your face. It's in your eyes and in the eyes of the girls. Reni has hosted Christmas at her house and that was nice. But they all still like coming here for Christmas. This year, only two will be here so we're waiting until Dec. 28 and New Year's Eve to celebrate big. I hope this will pay off by keeping my focus where it should be instead of hurrying around wrapping and cooking. :)

GretchenJoanna said...

It's been many years now since I've hosted Thanksgiving - my girls have taken over, at one or another's house! I love being able to "only" cook several items and then go somewhere else for the meal. As it was, my feet and whole body were aching on Wednesday night! I think we had 17 this year, too. It is so much fun to cook and clean up alongside several other women :-)

I love the pictures of your chicken coming through the gate, and of your girls with you. And I hope you are recovering from your injuries!

Rugs and Pugs said...

I hope your back improves daily!
Such a sweet picture of you and your daughters. Thanks for sharing.
Hugs :)

Pom Pom said...

Oh no! Your back! You have got to quit chasing chickens! Just kidding. Prayers for speedy complete recovery!
I'm so glad you had such a great time! The pic is precious! So beautiful!
Emilee IS talented! Wow!

Kim said...

I love that photo of you girls. Thanksgiving at your house always seems so perfect to me - great food and tons of family around. Hope your back feels better soon. Not a good time of year to be down

Kessie said...

I'm so glad Thanksgiving turned out all right! I wish I could have been there! *saves pictures*

Gail said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

I appreciate good children and growing families.

Bonnie K said...

I love your photo with your daughters. You are all beautiful. The table looks great. My only decoration is the little "Happy Thanksgiving" Bear my Grandmother made me. Glad it was a good day. Thanks for sharing.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh, what a beautiful photo of your daughters. Yes passing the baton is a good thing. Please please take care of your back this one I understand.I am happy you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hug B

annie said...

You lovely ladies look great in the photo.
The table setting is so pretty.
I enjoyed your post!
Hope you heal up very quickly!
Blessings this holiday season.

Christine said...

Dear Kim, I hope you are feeling much better.
Glad you enjoyed the loving help of your girls and you had a lovely Thanksgiving!
Emilie's table decorations were just so pretty!
Now on to Christmas!
Happy December!

Angela said...

So sorry you had a no good day today- hope you are OK. Hugs, Angela

Julia said...

So sorry you hurt your back chasing chicken Kim. Even though you look as young as the girls, you have to remember that you have to stop chasing those chickens, lol. I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving.


Debbie said...

It was soo nice to catch a bit with you. Your Thanksgiving sounds sooo good. LOVE the pic of you with your girls. I know what you mean about the passing of the baton. I did that a couple of years ago now, and it is just so wonderful. It was time, lol. They do a wonderful job, and I have to say that just coming in to everything all done has been sooo relaxing. I am glad your back is feeling better. We do just keep going don't we? lol Hope you have a nice week-end!