June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring Days

This is the apricot tree, with fruit. Already. I hope they are hanging on tight as there is some wind coming in the next few days. We will have a day in the 90s this week. I am always looking at weather patterns. In 1989 it hit 97 so it isn't too bad. Then maybe some rain.

We are approaching the weed free zone. I wouldn't have even thought it was a possibility earlier in March. One thing that is interesting this year. For years and years, we always had a boy at home to do our yard work. Ben started our yard work when he was about fourteen. After he started working full time, the yard work passed on to William, Elliot and Peter. Now of course, Elliot and Peter are working which leaves everything to Ron and me but not mowing or weed eating or edging or using the blower. I am the handy hula hoe person and weed chopper. I also clean up the piles of debris. I don't drive the tractor either.

I admit to getting a tiny bit panicky at times. All of the work seems huge. Now though, since we have got a handle on it I am feeling bit better about things. This year, is paint the inside of the house year. Or better still, if it doesn't move paint it year. I see so many things I need to be painting. We are going to start upstairs. I am going to make our loft into a library. In our house before this one, we had so much storage and so many walls. When we moved here, we had windows and no storage.  We built this  house to live outside. Now with only two of the boys at home, it is time to transition into a different, "Us." It is time to see if I still know how to decorate a house. I have been in raising people for so long, my decorating skills have fallen into disrepair. Just standing in front of the paint color place at Home Depot I got heart palpitations.

So as I clean house, I wonder what will be the colors I choose?  Will I get rid of my books? What I would like is to make everything clean and bright, and get rid of so much clutter. Some of the kids think we should down size and move to a smaller more manageable place. It is hard for me. We worked for twenty years to make it here. I like my big house. I like all of the room. Maybe I will change my mind at some point, but for now, I want to live here. When I was young, no matter how upside down my life was, my grandparents were the consistent unchanging influence in my life. They never moved until they went to heaven. I hope that Ron and I can remain that kind of people my grandparents were, consistent, solid and secure. Giving people a place to come home too, is what I want this place to be for whom God brings to our door.  

Some pondering going on today as I vacuum, and clean and putter around here. I hope your April is off to a wonderful month.

Blessings from me to you,


“There is often a good deal of the child left in people who have had to grow up too soon.”
― Willa Cather, O Pioneers!


  1. So much of what you say resonates with me! For so long, we had helpers on the farm, and now Eric is in college, and Jenna will be working away from home this summer. (sometimes it's better to work for someone other than Mom and Dad!!) Our hired helper has also moved on, so it's back to Jim and I. There's painting that has needed to be done for so long, I don't know where to start. I'm not good at self motivation, so who knows when it will be finished. ?? I'm sure you will have your house looking amazing in no time at all. Really! I hope you show us before and after pictures, and what colors you choose! And....last but not least...enjoy some of those apricots for me! :)

  2. I forgot to ask, what color are you painting? I know it's kind of an eggshell color right now. I'm in a down mood today, feeling overwhelmed, so it was nice to see your blog. :-)

  3. Oh to have your lovely warm weather here !!
    Those are some deep thoughts as you clean your house. We started decluttering last year. It feels so good !

  4. The flowers are beautiful, but my favorite is that apricot tree! I LOVE fresh apricots, and they are so very expensive here - during the very short time we are able to buy them. We still need our house for the room whenever our "children" come home. They are all out of town, so we need sleeping space for them, plus room for their "gear.":-) - xo Nellie

  5. i like your thoughts of being a consistent force in your grands lives. :)

  6. I desperately need to paint but it's not going to happen this year...sigh. Good luck to you. Picking paint colors is just overwhelming. Too many colors/brands to choose from.
    You can send some warm temps to Ohio. It's freezing here.
    Hugs :)

  7. That is an excellent quote by Willa Cather. True.
    I think you WILL stay in your house till you are ready for heaven. You will keep on keeping on. One friend's granny always said that if you lift a cow every day, you'll always be able to lift a cow!
    Our trim inside the house is begging for paint. Begging.
    Happy spring! I hope the apricots hold!

  8. Life is a constant change isn't it. I too need to pain the house. Last year it was a new roof and hopefully this year it will be either new siding or paint the clapboard. It's needs new paint in a bad way. It's difficult when working at the farm 7 days a week.

    I'm glad you're winning the war on weeds. Show us some pictures of your hard work. My spring bulbs are finally poking through the cold wet ground but it will be a while before we see blooms. It was so cold this morning.

    Have a lovely week.

  9. So many options...and opportunities. Lot to be said (as you did) for staying in the same place. Looking forward to seeing your paint colors. Have fun...no heart palpitations. xo

  10. We have also been through the transition of "raising kids" to being "just us." We have changed things inside the house too -- gradually. All of it, for the better. I was just thinking about painting a room or two in my house. My mudroom needs it.

    Glad to hear your weeding is managed. I know what you mean about having to do all the chores since the kids have gone. But you can do it! Onward!

  11. hehehe, ooooh kim, i remember your hula hoe video, it was awesome!! we cleaned up the nest when everyone left, in some places, we had to go right down to the 2 x 8's and replace sheetrock. it was a mess and a lot of work but it was so worth it!!!

    as always pretty blooms....the purple ones are my favorites!!!

  12. Apricot looks good. Flowers are colorful and beautiful...


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