May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Finished Rug

The weather today is lovely. We have a cold front moving down from Alaska so it is just a perfect day. I spend way to much time fooling with my chicks. Who are now on the way to becoming teenager chickens.
They all have little attitudes. I think I have three bantam roosters. All three have funny personalities. The hens are nice and sweet. The little roosters are just so bossy. They just make me laugh. Have you ever been bossed around by a little rooster? They peck really hard when you don't obey.

I finished a rug today. I shall fondly call it my nemesis. I have redone, and changed colors, I have put it down and tried to move on. I have not had such a hard rug to finish ever. I made myself a goal when I started hooking and if there was a time I didn't finish a rug I would stop hooking. I was not going to have UFO's---unfinished projects in my closets. I would put this rug down. I would pick it up. I would stare at it. I would try and move on. I couldn't. This has been my Waterloo. When I finished it and steamed it, I really did feel like I had conquered a huge road block in my mind. Without further ado.

Pattern from Old Tattered Flag. Easter Delivery. I have made myself like binding rugs so that isn't any big deal to me any more. I will have to put this one away until next Easter once its bound. I decided to right away started a new rug. This one has been in my pile of  patterns for a year.

It feels all right in the world. To be hooking my own pattern and hooking what I like again. I just thought I was never going to hook another rug again. It kind of scared me.

I planted sunflowers today. It feels nice to be doing normal again. Well, whatever this place I am in. A new normal. I just had to share my rug with you.

I wish you all well this week.


 People think six is a great many, when it's children. ...they don't mind six pairs of boots, or six pounds of apples, or six oranges, especially in equations, but they seem to think that you ought not to have five brothers and sisters.
E. Nesbit


  1. Great job on the rug!
    I'm glad that you finished it and that it gave you such a sense of accomplishment :)

    Chickens are great! They all have little personalities, don't they?!
    We had a big ol' yellow rooster once that was just a little terror. He would terrorize our kids when they would go to collect eggs, and have them cornered. He really was a bully.
    He went to live on another farm, and peace returned to our homestead :)

    YAY! That's awesome that you got some sunflowers planted. What kind did you plant??

    Have a great rest of your day.


  2. very cute quote. Love your finished rug I am in the weeds with one right now I need to get back at it.When I was a kid my grand parents had the meanest rooster ever he would chase us and fly at us if we walked within a 100 feet of him

  3. Your header is so gorgeous! I love sweet peas!
    Your bunny driver rug is very beautiful. I know what you mean about projects that never end but slow and steady wins the race, right? Ha!
    The new chicken rug is very cute!
    We've had gray weather today but (you'll be proud of me) I DID hula hoe!
    I'm glad you are having good normal days! Happy!

  4. Feel free to send that cold front my way when you're finished with it. :) I LOVE that rug! But then, I love all the rugs you make. Teenager chickens. Who knew? :)

  5. Your nemesis rug came out great!!! Will you teach me to like binding???
    Hugs :)

  6. I love the rug. My Sunflowers are starting to break soil. They are such a happy flower. Good luck with the chickens.

  7. Three roosters?? Which is the third one?

    That's a very pretty rug, even if it was your Waterloo. I love the swirls of color in it.

  8. The rug turned out so cute. - Sunflowers are such cheery flowers.

  9. I am so glad you completed your nemesis !
    Love your description of your bossy little roosters !
    I just planted teddy bear Sunflowers last week. Fingers crossed.

  10. Well, it's good to know your creative lull has ended! Is that a bit like writer's block? You sound very relieved to be happily hooking once again. All your rugs that I'be seen seem so happy and I like the homespun quality of them.

  11. Your rug look great. I'm a bit like you with liking to hook my own designs. I don't hook someone else design even though I like the design for some reason.

    Funny about the mean little roosters, already bossy.

    I have lots of UFO that I have been wanting to finish but lost interest. Maybe some day... I'll get interested again.
    Hugs, Julia

  12. Oh it turned out so cute!! I'm glad you stuck to it and finished it. :) It makes me laugh you have three roosters! I should have showed you Sasquatch today. We're pretty sure it's a he too.

  13. you are the best and happiest hooker i know!! the rugs are beautiful!!

    and the new header, WoW!!! that's a beautiful picture!!!

  14. I know what you mean Kim. For some reason I am so busy in my yard it's hard to get to rughooking. My chickens keep me busy too.


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