May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Back To Normal---Whaterver That is!

Here I am, back to normal. Sort of. Everything is put away, packed away and cleaned up. Yesterday I figured out the best way to get to normal was to dye wool. There is nothing that I know of for me that gives me such joy is fooling around with dye pots, colors and wool. It is so dark today because of the fog. I couldn't get good pictures of the colors, but they did turn out yummy.

I bought Cammie Bruce's pattern Hearts. I wanted blue hearts so of course I had to dye lots of blue.

Primitive Junky
Blue really.
I love these colors!
It if was brighter outside you could see these wonderful yummy blues. I will cut it today to start hooking.

I also dyed some green.

I over dyed colors that I didn't use in the fall, which I think will be fun to use on the other patterns I bought two weeks ago.

I also spent yesterday going through my stash of embroidery thread. I have had  His Eye is on the Sparrow by Heartstring Samplery for a year. I decided back in December I was going to make it for 2016. I dyed my fabric yesterday too.

I had to really lighten this picture so you could see it, but it is a nice antique brown for this project. I thought about incorporating the 10 minute a day for this project. There are 38 pages to this pattern. It is a huge project. I have seen so many ladies accomplish it, so I know if I just work on it every day I can too. The hardest thing will be not looking at other patterns.

His Eye is on the Sparrow---Heartstring Samplery
I think this is just lovely. I love all of the designs in it and His Eye is on the Sparrow, is one of my favorite hymns.

I need to get back to my creative side. I have missed it. I can't believe we are at the middle of January and I don't have a single finished project. That is about to change I hope.

Have a wonderful Thursday,

By perseverance the snail reached the ark.---Charles Spurgeon


  1. I am so glad you went to your favorite thing to do, dying wool, after all the wedding frenzy. That sampler is beautiful but yes it does look complicated. I can't wait to see your heart rug.

  2. That sampler looks like it's a big project and it's beautiful. 10 minutes can stretch when I work on something I love doing. It's the starting that I find most difficult.

    Having a wedding in January is a big project that needed some creativity so I think that you you got a huge accomplishment on this one. Give yourself some slack... You've done more than any of us.

    I need to go to town to get my yarn to whip my rug but I'm still in winter mode, slow like a fly in molasses in January. lol...

    Take care and have some relaxing time with your cross stitch.

  3. Back to normal is always a good thing. I like those colours too. You deserve to relax after all you done. Hug B

  4. Back to normal is always a good thing. I like those colours too. You deserve to relax after all you done. Hug B

  5. His Eye is one of the most beautiful samplers ever!
    Love all the wool you dyed. Aren't Cammie's patterns just the best?
    Hugs :)

  6. The stress is over the Wedding looked beautiful and now you can relax!

  7. Time to catch your breath and enjoy tickling your creativity!

  8. Whew! Wishing you some quiet time just being you and being creative.

  9. Kim, I cannot believe you want to stitch this amazing HUGE piece ! Last year a lady in our Embroidery Guild brought this design in to show us. She was 85% finished with it and it took my breath away, to say the least !! My plate is hugely full, but I would love to commit to stitching on this project for 45 min. 5 times a week ! Maybe we could do it together !! Lol

  10. peeps like us need that kim!! we need creative time, we need to see something completed at the end of the process. we need to be home, in our nest, cooking, cleaning and creating. not everyone gets it but i really do. the dyed fabric looks awesome kim, that's a really good creative outlet for you!!!

  11. That sounds like a good strategy for recovery. And now you can enjoy the rain. I feel like breathing a big sigh of relief with you.XOXO

  12. Your wool turned out beautifully.
    Gosh, that stitchery is a big project. It will be an enjoyable endeavor for you though, I'm sure :)
    Normal and calm days are my wish for you.

    Have a great weekend!


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