May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Finishes

Potato Bush
I feel like every single Friday I slide in sideways. I wonder why that is? I always feel like on Friday morning I  can rest. Which isn't true in the least, because there is always so much to be done. I thought I would have more things to show you that I finished this week. Life does manage to have other plans.

I worked on this pin cushion this week. I really don't finish my cross stitch pieces but stick them in a drawer once I am finished. I decided that this one I would finish.

Pattern Country Stitches- Pin Feathers

Just a pin cushion that took me hours to make. I really like this one because it looked old fashioned. I got it all made and realized I was going to stain it and sand it and abuse it, and I forgot. So now it will just look all nice and brand new. I always want every thing to look like:

" One day in early spring, while out walking, I decided to follow a path. I knew I had never seen before. As I walked down the through the twisty vine covered trees, in the distance I saw a old house set back in the woods. As I approached, I could see the primroses blooming closely next to the wooden steps as if protected there by a gentle hand.

There were the pointy stems of tulips, and daffodils, and next to the porch was a old, old Lilac covered in drooping purple blooms. Old climbing roses filled the trees, with promises of rainbows of blossoms once summer had arrived.

I took a step on the porch, which creaked to announce to the ghosts that lived there, that a visitor had come.
The old screen creaked as I opened it and walked into a room with sheet covered chairs and the smell of a lonely house met my nose. My eyes were drawn upwards to the stairs, the bannister was carved with vines and the newel post was a old tulip shape. As I climbed, I knew someone had loved this place and it was a people house sadly neglected. I saw a door, to my right and I turned the glass knob, I took a step into what was once a lovely room filled with secrets. There was a old iron bed frame with the paint sadly chipping. the  old highboy along one wall  with a dried bouquet of sweet anne's lace covered in dust.  and a window seat under the window with the bow sash. There were book shelves that I am sure once was filled with old  friends.

At the end of the bed stood a old chest. I walked over and lifted the lid, and as I opened it I realized I was looking at a trunk filled with dreams. The smell of old roses and woodruff leaped out at me. There were old dance cards, and old report cards and a bundle of letters now yellowed tied with a faded blue ribbon.

On top sat a old pin cushion and sewing box, the needles now rusted from disuse...

That is what I always think of when I make old sewing things.

I hope you have a lovely weekend,
Thank you for letting me share the things that go on in my head while I am sewing.

There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart.---Celia Thaxter 1835-1894


  1. I love the little pin cushion with the buttons around. I like that you didn't sanded it and mistreated in any way. Be patient and it'll get old on it's own. lol... I'm like a crow and like things to look new and shiny, lol...

    I'm so envious of your pretty blooms.
    It's raining here but we are expecting some wind and freezing rain.

    Friday already. I'm amazed at how so very fast time goes.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. sweet treasures. love your pin cushion. :)

  3. That was a beautiful post. Thank you, Kim! xo

  4. Your photos really brought your words to life, Kim!

  5. That old sewing box reminds me of one I got of my Grandma's. It was filled with some neat old treasures!

  6. Great finish and pretty pattern! I always have trouble deciding how to finish my x stitch pieces.
    I really love the box and your treasures in it!

  7. Wonderful work on that pin cushion! It is actually too pretty to use.:-) xo Nellie

  8. What a sweet pin cushion! You did a great job on it!!
    I love the little story that you had to go along with the pictures too.... sure painted a pretty little picture.
    I think about stuff like that throughout my days, as well.
    Often I find myself thinking about my Grandmas and G. Grandmas and how they worked through their days to make a lovely home for their families. I hope that they would be proud of me, and the home that I strive to make for our family :)

    Is that first picture of a holly hock? I sure love them, but I've never had much luck with them... go figure. I can grow things around her that most folks can't grow, but old fashioned holly hocks give me fits!

    Smile :)

  9. I like what you think while you dream of finished sewing projects! That's lovely, Kim!
    You are a good maker! I can barely begin any "make" these days. I think I should lock up my laptop and my iPad for a while and get cracking!
    Happy weekend!

  10. I just LOVE your new little pin cushion. It's just soo sweet. And your story as well was so good. Always enjoy my visits here so much. Have a good week-end!

  11. Good job on the pincushion- it is lovely! Pretty flowers, too. Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. oooooo kim, i love the pin cushion!!! gorgeous flowers today!!!!!

  13. I also am glad you didn't "distress" your cushion. Let it be its brand-new, honest self! Is it attached to the pedestal? I think that is a very nice aspect of it.

  14. Hi Kim, your pin cushion is beautiful, I keep thinking I will get back to cross stitching, life seems to keep me busy with other things for now, I apologize for not blogging, just been so busy.
    I loved your story and the photos brought back memories of my grandmothers home, especially the sewing notions in the cigar box, i always loved going through her trunk! she always had so many treasures, wish I had asked for more of them, I am blessed to have her old sewing machine,I even found some old dress patterns that she has cut out of newspaper, `smile~

    Hope all is well with you and your family, I bet you are busy with gardening too! and enjoying those sweet grand children.

  15. I, too, am guilty of finishing the stitching on cross stitch pieces and putting them in a drawer. Your pin cushion is just too sweet.
    Hugs :)

  16. I love what you think of when you are sewing and creating. Your pin cushion is really great. I see all the hours you put into it. Will you keep it for yourself or will someone receive a special gift?

  17. Wonderful thoughts and a beautiful pincushion.

    I made a pincushion but mine was just batting stuff material stuffed into a Vienna Sausage can and painted. Not much to make it but I use it still.

  18. I think the pincushion is just lovely and the story about the old house was so much fun for my mind to put pictures to. Don't be shy about ever showing your flowers. They are always appreciated and you know "a flower is never wrong."


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