May 23rd 2018

May 23rd 2018

Thursday, April 2, 2015

April Morning

I hope that your April is off to a wonderful start. Spring is all around and there is just something about April that is different from March. I always think of April as dressed in blue and purple and all of the colors of royalty.

As this is Easter week, I have been working on a little stitchery. I always like to keep my mind on the Passion week of Christ. I always like to keep my mind on what His birth, life and death and Resurrection means to me.

Pattern by Jenny Hoffman. Country Rustic Primitives
 I worked on my Guinea rug, and I dyed wool but I wasn't happy with my colors for my background, so I am waiting now for the background I like better. I do enjoy hooking guineas.

As I was hooking these rugs, I sure wish that I had a whole flock of guineas running around the pasture. That and peacocks. I would like those too. Maybe some California quail. It just goes on and on. Too bad about the foxes that come here.

 We have worked on the swimming pool off and on all week. It still has a plug so it is going to take a bit more things to try to get the plug unplugged. Ron hasn't given up yet and called the repair man. I think he will get it fixed tomorrow. Such first world problems.

It is so white now. I can't wait until it is filled again.

I hope you have a lovely day today.


"Of all the wonderful things in the wonderful universe of God nothing seems to me
more surprising than the planting of a seed
in the blank earth and the result thereof."

---Celia Thaxter, ( One of my favorite gardeners)


  1. like your guineas! good luck with the pool!!

  2. Great stitchery, and a beautiful rug.
    I love guineas too, and always wanted some at the homestead, but we never got around to getting any....*sigh**.

    The pool looks so nice and clean. Best of luck with getting the clog fixed.

    Have a very Happy Easter, my friend.


  3. Love the stitched piece. And, your rug is looking great! Happy April...course the April Showers thing is happening here. ~grin~ xo

  4. Hi Kim, We were experiencing spring weather but today is rainy and snowy-so I'm ready to have it leave and not come back. Although, after hearing about Ca.'s drought, I'm thankful we don't have one.
    Hope you have a wonderful Easter.
    Hugs, Noreen

  5. That pink flower is sooo pretty! What tree is that? Plum? Cherry? Apple? Your guinea rug is looking nice, love that blue color in it. My brother and also sis in law have had Guineas and they hated them! They cause a mess and act like idiots! Everything seems to rile them up.

  6. Great textures on your guineas and the pool looks so clean. I bet the grass must be growing now on your lawn with all the extra watering.

    Your tree blossoms are so beautiful and so is your Easter cross stitch.
    I'm late to get to work.

  7. Lovely stitching and guinea fowl! It will be fun seeing how you finish it.
    I think of March as green and April as blue and pink
    Have a wonderful day!

  8. I hope the pool is fixed soon. The guineas are cute!
    I LOVE your needlepoint! So special!

  9. I love the colors on the guineas' faces! Are you feeling any better now? I hope you get the pool fixed soon. What a huge job.

  10. Your projects are beautiful. And so are those pink blossoms. I hope your pool gets fixed before your heat gets unbearable

  11. Great guineas!

    I dislike guineas' pot-racking calls. They do make good watch dogs but terrible mothers. We always hatched our guinea eggs with a chicken.

    Good luck with the pool.

    Beautiful pictures.

  12. I just love the colors you have chosen to use on your guineas.
    Simply beautiful !!

  13. Your guinea rug is just plain F-U-N!!!
    Happy, happy Easter :)

  14. You are so talented :) I enjoyed your photos and loved that last quote. My garden is pretty sorry looking right now, but I'm getting it cleaned up and ready. Have a glorious Easter!

  15. Your guinea rug is really cute! Have you ever kept guinea hens? Or quail? How are your chickens doing?
    I hope to remove our swimming pool. It kills me to put water in it all the time, when it's not really warm enough here to make it worthwhile - it rarely gets used!
    Your photo of the pink blossom is gorgeous - what kind of fruit is it leading to?


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