May 23rd 2018

May 23rd 2018

Friday, September 26, 2014

Then Fall Arrived

Today we have clouds! We have a bit of a breeze and it looks to be a glorious day. What a way to begin Friday. If we have some cooler weather finally, before you know it I will feel like a "human bean." ( Pod, of Borrowers called human beings.)

We could even get a light dusting of snow in the mountains. One of the things I have kept track of this summer has been any sign of an El Nino year. Here are a few I have noticed.
There seems to be a big population explosion of tarantulas, who are migrating.  
Then there are the fish that are being caught off the coast. They are called Opahs. The last time they were caught off the coast was in 1998 when we had our last El Nino.

A Whale Shark in Catalina was another sign. The oceans are warm. At this point I will take anything but I always think that signs appear in nature first and if we pay attention we can notice them too. I think because I grew up living next door to my grandparents and my great grandmother and they would watch the clouds and they were very good at forecasting the weather. It was what they paid attention to and I think sometimes it is good to watch nature. On to rugs. I changed that topic pretty fast didn't I ?

Yesterday, I got my rugs out of my hope chest where I have been storing them. I put them on my bed and I was surprised at how many I have made.

I couldn't seem to get them in a good picture. I found a couple that I haven't bound so I have to get that done.
Here is my rabbit rug.

I need to get over it and get this one bound. I am sure I will like it better once I get it done. I have to go buy yarn today so I can get the rest of them bound. It is wonderful how rejuvenating the cooler weather is and how nice it is to be cold. 

I think I will finish the rest of my flowerbeds this weekend. The high tomorrow will be in the 70s I am not going to know how to act.

Have a lovely Friday,

" Master said God had given men reason, by which they could find out things for themselves, but He had given animals knowledge which did not depend on reason, and which was much more prompt and perfect in its way, and by which they had often save the lives of men."

---Black Beauty, Anna Sewell, 1877


  1. Watching nature is a favorite pastime of mine; however I don't know how to read it like your grandparents did. It was very interesting to read about your signs for an El Nino year; had no idea about those. Let's hope!

  2. wow! high in the 70s! woo hoo! i hope you get a touch of rain, too!

  3. I'm so glad you're going to have beautiful weather! Enjoy!

  4. we got a good soakin' of rain yesterday, today is beautiful!!

    so many pretty rugs, they should be out and displayed where everyone can see them!!

    have a great weekend!!

  5. So glad that you are enjoying the nice cool weather and the beautiful fall season.
    I love this time of year. The weather is perfection and it encourages us to get things done. Blessings, Catherine

  6. "I have to go buy yarn today..." Oh yeah like that's going to be such a horrible thing to do. :P Gosh, I can't believe how many rugs you have done! Seeing them one at a time as you finish them doesn't seem like that many, but you're on your way to having enough for a craft show! ;)

  7. Well it's nice you have cooled not so much, lol. It's not BAD, but not what I would call cool. It's 88 today. Suppose to be a little cooler tomorrow, maybe 84, but by Tues back up to 90! Guess we are a little warmer then you this time of year, though in the summertime you are definitely warmer. Funny how it works huh? Soo many wonderful rugs...I think you should find a way to display them. Enjoy your week-end Kim! and especially that cool weather.

  8. So glad it cooled down! It's supposed to reach us in another few days. Looking forward to it--it's been miserable hot.

    I love all your rugs!

  9. You have such an observant ability. Me, I know it in my bones when the weather is turning not favorable. The other sing I read is the morning and night sky or the circle around the moon. Another sign we have noticed in the cows is that they know before us when an earthquake is about to hit. They get very restless and agitated. Fortunately we've only had minor earthquakes some years ago.

    Wow, girl, you sure have been busy hooking and your rugs are all lovely. I don't see the whale rug that you made and gave to your son... It's fun seeing them all on your bed, kind like a pantry full of preserves... I love to look at all the jars, lol...

    My cold is starting to calm dow. I've been going to bed after supper two night in a row and fell asleep as soon as I hit the bed. I haven't been able to visit all the blogs and I'm getting behind...

  10. Ah, yes it is nice here on the coast a perfect day. I stopped to take a long walk on the beach. Very pretty rugs and a lot of work too.

  11. Yay! Coolness!
    Your rugs are beeeeyoooooootiful! Look at them all! WOW!
    So what exactly does El Nino do? Make it cold?

  12. You are really having a cool down in temps! Great! I have always thought nature gives us signs about the coming weather. xo Nellie

  13. I think you are right about observing nature. We are not so in tune with it nowadays.
    I love the photo in your header! So glad the weather is cooler for you to feel more 'bean' like again! and your rugs are so pretty!
    great job!

  14. Glad you are at finally experiencing some cooler weather, Kim.
    Your rug collection is beautiful. But, you store them in a hope chest ?? They would look beautiful haning on the wall for all to admire !

  15. I have heard of El nino but don't remember exactly how it affects the weather. I am going to google it as soon as I finish. The rugs are gorgeous Kim. Have a wonderful week.

  16. Oh wow Kim, I just read if its a mild El Nino we here in the east will have a harsh winter and if its a strong El Nino it will be milder. Lets hope for a moderate El Nino.

  17. I just stopped by your Etsy shop to look at your rugs, wow they are so fun! That chicken rug is awesome! I like that black one too. I had the thought that since they are rather 'small', how cute one would be lying on top of an ottoman. I hope you make more rugs and add more to your site! After all, Christmas is coming soon! Have a great day!

  18. Your rugs are great. I do like the chicken rug that was purchased, the lady will not return it--no way! Do I see another chicken rug with a pot of flowers? Are all of these rugs your design, or just the chicken rug? I've looked at your Etsy site to see what you have on there. You have a talent, you have found your niche. You go girl!


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