May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Welcome to Wednesday! Such a nice day already. I hope your week has been beautiful. I look out this morning and the sky is full of clouds, the field across the street, looks cloaked in gray. It must mean there is moisture in the air for it to look so foggy. We should get wind today as the storm approaches. But as I write this post all of the trees are still as if waiting to catch its breath. I always think that as I watch. I went outside very early this morning and then the trees were all murmuring to themselves. I love that sound of over heard conversations in the trees.

Every one will be gone from the house today. I will be here alone, with my busy thoughts and my needles and my animals. All of the cats and Sasha follow me from room to room now that the house is so quiet. They sit like little boxes with their arms tucked under their chests, with their eyes half shut but awake enough to steal my chair if I am gone for five minutes. I find that now that I am used to it, I really enjoy this bit of quiet and solitude. Something I didn't expect. It has become like a small gift to open each week. I feel rather selfish having this bit of quiet.

 When I fist started Kindergarten, in our class room in the corner was a small kitchen.
We had to take turns once a week with what we got to play with. You could choose peg boards, or big wooden blocks, or you could play in the kitchen. I always chose the kitchen, I liked best to clean it and straighten it up and make it look homey. I find that now I still love playing house and making things look homey and clean. I guess we always remain who we are no matter the age.

I finally got new pictures hung on my " Wall of Fame," of Emilie's and Nik's wedding. I had to rearrange photos and experiment and once I did that then I rearranged and hung and took things down and moved and now I sit and stare and think of what else I could move and rearrange. My walls are called Sunshine White.
They look yellow I just wanted a bit of yellow so as to give the walls a warm glow. What I found the other day that my rugs with all of the oranges in them look wonderful on the walls. It makes me happy to see all of the pumpkins.

Now if it would just cool off a bit I could have a fire in the stove. Today AccuWeather  posted their winter map for 2013-2014. For the first time in years and years I am so happy about the weather for the winter. I bet some of you won't be.

We have had years and years of dry and warm on this map. To have wet episodes just made me want to celebrate.
Well that is Wednesday. I hope your day is just fantastic.



  1. Love the pumpkins - especially those white ones !
    The 'gift' of ponder the day and recharge the batteries. ;)

  2. What a lovely post... thank you.
    I am happy to read how you relish your days alone. I am still working on that.. at present time, I feel lonesome when the house is so quiet and still. After raising a family, and now being a semi empty nester, it is hard to get used to not having a thousand things to do for everyone, everyday :)

    We are in Utah, and supposedly we are going to have a long, cold winter. I'm not looking forward to it. Brrr....

    Love your pumpkins... so cute!

    Warm wishes..

  3. looks like we'll be on the cusp of severe storms. but if it brings moisture, i'm okay with that. :)

  4. Awesome, we're going to have wet episodes! It's just slightly breezy right now, but I'll bet by this afternoon it'll be full on dust storm.

  5. Enjoy the day! We've had a bit of a kitchen day: cookies, spaghetti sauce, and marinade for rabbit meat all happening. Homeschooling is just about finished, so we are headed out to soak in some sun and clean the chicken coop!

  6. Love how you think and express those thoughts! Glad you are enjoying the "quiet"! :-)

  7. I too love the gift of quiet and some solitude even if it during work.
    My life has been too busy so I welcome those two precious gifts.

    White pumpkins are nice but I still love the old fashion orange pumpkins, speaking of pumpkins, I still haven't gone to buy one. Last year my husband planted some and someone stole every single one of them, right from the garden. So we had no pumpkins for Halloween.

    I'll be the one who won't like winter storms, lol. I'm getting too old for shovelling snow and i hate slippery roads as I drive a lot in the winter. I hope that you enjoy your winter.

    I always love your cheerful, positive and grateful attitude.


  8. I had hoped that you would enjoy this new chapter so I am happy to read you are embracing your quiet times.

  9. I like what I see here for southeastern PA! Enjoy what's left of your Wednesday! :)

  10. Well that's fantastic...we need moisture...just not too sure about that word "severe".

  11. It's been such a wonderfully cool and breezy day! We got a few cloud spurts. Brief, but I'll take them. The dog has been a little nuts with all the wind. She keeps jumping around and barking and growling.

  12. Yay for the wet weather that is promised! I might get LOTS of snow days.
    I'm glad you are enjoying your solitude.

  13. I love those days too, when you can re-group and be alond with your own thoughts and just 'putter'.

    Yep... I am one of those who doesn't like that map... look at Texas. It's always radical here, storms, heat and rain... oh well, we've survived it this far, guess we will continue to. :)

  14. Love your pumpkins, you are so like me, we both of us love fluffing our nest! ~smile~ Thanks for the weather map, I am going to be real happy!

  15. enjoyed the weather map, my chimney is cleaned and wood stove ready to keep me warm and toasty. I think it's going to be a harsh winter in my parts but I'm ready.


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