May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Twaddle

My last hen hatched all of her eggs yesterday. I went out last night to collect eggs and she had six little chicks. She is the white Silkie I bought last spring.

I have 13 chicks now. I think I have enough. I think I will have to have a new coop. Still I am pretty excited about all of these chicks.

I washed windows and blinds yesterday. Washing windows is a piece of cake. Washing blinds is not. I didn't have the nerve to take a before and after picture of my blinds. Lets say I forgot they were white. I have a few more days of this but my house will so clean. I like that. I did tell the boys that today they are cleaning the upstairs landing. I have this plant shelf and I just hate jumping from one side to the other to clean it. I am not tall enough and it is at the top of my ladder that I have to balance on the top of the stairs. The boys just jump and climb and never worry about falling. I have never been very graceful.

I have been working on rugs. Not finished but I did think I would show some progress.

This is fun to do I am even getting used to all of the antique black.

Still not wild about the colors I chose for that bird.

I started working on this one to finish it up. I don't like to start other projects until I am all finished. This one will be nice once I get some back ground hooked in soon.

Can you see that whale. I am going to finish this whale. I hook and hook and it just never seems to get any where. I think it will look neat if I ever get it finished.

I was working on this part and my son walked in and thought I was hooking Eeyore. I thought that was so funny and it made me wish I was hooking Eeyore too.

Well off to do school for today. We finally made it to the sixties. We started at the Civil War and so now finally getting to the Civil Rights Movement is really interesting. Peter is my one student that I have been able to start from In the beginning God and I hope by the time we finish the year we will have made it to today in History. He will have had a whole complete look at world history. Just because he likes to learn funny things, he can now recite all of the presidents and vice presidents in order. He has his favorites and ones that he dislikes very much. I found this picture that I just love. It is a photograph of President Truman playing the piano with Lauren Bacall sitting on the lid. I don't think he was president yet. I will find it and see if it will scan. I really want him to study the Vietnam war. I am running out of time. One thing I am glad that I have done is to have taught them history this way. I will put in a plug here. Hands down by far out of the curriculum I have taught and I have taught so many, the best history books in the whole world is the series called Mystery of History.  The author is still working on Volume lV and I will be finished teaching. I will buy it anyway. Her kids grew up too before she finished. My kids really enjoyed them too and that says a bunch.

Okay lots of Twaddle today.

Off to do school and read out loud to him To Kill A Mockingbird. I will miss reading out loud too. 
Have a lovely day,


  1. How darling those little chicks the rugs...the history books sound good. Enjoy your day!

  2. glad you have your little chicks to enjoy! and without buying one. :)

  3. Kim
    I love the colors you've chosen for your flowered rug.
    Thanks for the tip on what you'd recommend for teaching History. My daughter is going to start homeschooling next year and I've ben helping her gather information.

  4. What pretty chicks, and I just love good history books!

  5. 13 chickies!! Oh my goodness! Yep, you're going to need another coop, haha. Your rugs look great! I really like those pumpkins and that whale. I can see how it seems like you aren't getting anything done on it though. It's so big!

  6. Amazing that you ended up with 13 chicks!! And that you have time to work on rugs with a wedding soon! You are so organized! :-)

  7. 13 chicks; that's amazing...they are so cute...I am still wanting some but we're gone too much....

    Oh that rug is to die's so beautiful.....Do you have a place in mind for your rugs while you are hooking them or do you wait until its finished to decide where to place it....I don't think I would want someone walking on a rug that beautiful...

  8. Stopped over from At the Farm with Gail. Your rugs! Oh my. I do quilts.

  9. Hi Kim, such sweet little chicks, so cute......Love all your rugs, wow, they are all beautiful......Blessings Francine.

  10. Oh! It was exciting to read about your new chicks! But - it was scary to read about how you have to balance on the ladder to clean that plant shelf! Please be careful!

    Sending wishes for a pleasant Tuesday afternoon and evening!

    xo Nellie

  11. Oh wow, 13 chicks..... aren't you glad that you didn't but some chickens. You will have lots of cute fluffy chickens running around. I wonder how many roosters in the bunch, not too many I hope. I hope that the snake stays away. I wouldn't want anything to happen to any of them.

    I cleaned some upstairs windows last week but now that it's so nice out, I want to work outdoors.

    You are probably a fun teacher and I think that I could learn a lot from you about history. It never was my best subject. I loved geography best when I was going to a Catholic school run by nuns.

    Take care,

    Hugs, JB

  12. Reading aloud to my kids is one thing I really miss. It was always so relaxing. All your rugs are just lovely.

  13. Hi Kim, so great to be able to stop by this evening, Your little chicks are so cute! And I always enjoy seeing what your hands are creating, I so envy you talents! Now the house work I can do! LOL I ought to, I have been doing it since as long as I can remember. ~smile~ Blinds are not not favorite either.

    I am so busy with the farm and garden,our strawberries are just beginning to produce, and I am so happy, I am also getting the house ready for company, We will have family here all through the month of May, it seems the kids wanted to visit before the heat
    So great to stop by, I think of you so often.

  14. LOVED the "twaddle," keep it up. And the bird's colors? Well, it IS a robin so to me it looks just right.



  15. Your rugs are coming along nicely!

  16. Those little chicks are simply the cutest! They look like they'd be cuddly...but I guess they're chickens, so probably not! :)
    It sounds like you really enjoy history, Kim. That must make it fun for your son to learn!

  17. It's fun reading about your day. You have been busy! I would rather be reading about presidents and Civil Rights and To Kill a Mockingbird than do what I did today, which was go to the dentist to have two fillings replaced. My face is finally no longer numb, so I'm happy now. If you haven't yet seen the movie 42, you have to go see it. Excellent discussion material for the Civil Rights movement.

  18. love the chickies! just so pretty!
    I am impressed with your hooking, you have so many going, can't pick a favorite. Saundra of Woodland Junction has been darkening her rug with walnut stain, it would probably work with your bird. Me though, I like it the way it is. Hope your kiddos remember all the great things you have taught them. So much better than public school, I wish I had done that for mine. I did teach him everything else I could, So no regrets on that score. He still runs circles around us both, and out thinks us twice as fast!

  19. I had to show everybody the cute chicky picture. It just melted my heart. A keeps asking when "can we go to your moms house". He wanted to come on Friday like usual. Alas for the curse of distance!

  20. I love the whale rug! All your rugs are lovely, Kim.
    You have such a teacher's heart.
    I'm glad you convinced the boys to climb the ladder. A mother of the bride on crutches would be too much.
    Take care, dear one!

  21. Oh! I am waiting for my hula hoe to arrive in the mail!

  22. I have been frequenting more and more rug hooking blogs and I am hoping to try it myself soon. Love your silkies, my last post I put up pics of ours that are just starting to feather up. I love this breed of chicken, they are so laid back.


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