May 23rd 2018

May 23rd 2018

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Last Sunday in April

Today is the last Sunday of April. What a month it has been. I am sure May will be just as action packed and full of life. I really do not know what I would do without flowers. I was walking around with my camera and I think flowers and plants just make my world just a bit better.

This year, my field of dreams will be used for parking. So my field of dreams looks like this.

The only sign I will be putting up will be this one.

My tomatoes and pepper will be growing in the flower bed in pots.

As the weather man said this week, we haven't had a rain free year like this in a long time. In fact for us it is the fourth driest year since they started keeping records. So I guess it is good that this year I don't have a giant garden.

I do have a nice crop of artichokes this year.

The fruit trees are loaded and so are the berry vines. It will give me different kinds of work to do which might be nice this year.

I thought I would show you that the mud ball made it through the winter. The boys are back working on it again. The little bit of rain we had did make it crack and loose a bit of mud, but now it is all patched and ready for a new summer of mud. I have no idea how big they have in mind to make it. I was rather surprised when they had that on the agenda last week to start working on the mud ball. I am so glad. It is sort of an attraction. People come to visit and they want to go take a look at the progress on the mud ball. They of course, try to roll it.

This is how it looked this morning. My husband back there in the picture. He was working his way to his trees so he could do some more trimming and shaping on his Bonsai trees that he has in the ground. We don't do anything any more unless we first grab a hula-hoe and chop some weeds.

I turned my calendar in my planner this morning to May. As I looked at it, I was shocked at how much is already on it. Most of the month is already booked up. Oh well, June is coming.

I must work very hard this month at finding a daily place of quiet.

~ Kim~

For Kessie--- " Be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus." 2 Timothy 2:4 " Where shall I ever find the strength I need to get through this experience, this ordeal, this day, this week? The answer is Take it! Take it from the grace that is ours already in Christ Jesus". (From a Lamp for my Feet, pg 46)" Love is not merely a gentle touch or a pat on the head. It is a refiner's fire. It burns to purify." " And this is love; walk in obedience to his commands. As you have heard from the beginning, his command is that you walk in love." 2 John 6
I am praying for you. I love you, God loves you more.


  1. wedding parking. wowza. it's coming up quickly.

  2. I think I should send you some of our rain. It rained all night and is still raining.

    YOur mud ball is awesome! And the flowers are so beautiful. everything is shaping up nicely for the wedding.

  3. Have a wonderful week.

    Things are looking good.

  4. Thanks for the verses, Mom. What is that one rufflely pink flower? It's so pretty! I think my potted tomato plants are having a positive effect on my mind. I go out and putter with them.

  5. Wow, your husband id doing a fantastic job at keeping the weeds away from the parking lot.

    I wish you some rain this year but I sure hope that it will not rain on the wedding.

    That mud ball looks big. You should have something beside it that would give us an idea of how big it is. I see tire tracks beside it but I'm not sure if it's a car tire track or the tractor's.

    I can almost smell your peony bloom, it's gorgeous. Everything looks so lush and beautiful. I like your tomatoes and peppers in posts with water going into the pots to preserve water. Good luck with this. I thing it's great and I forgot, I love your Wedding Parking sign.

    Take care and I'm sending prayers for Kessie for strength that things will be better for her.

  6. Sorry for all the typos. I hope that make you laugh.

  7. Must get a hula hoe.
    Bill's out sitting in the sun and two grans are coming so I'll squeeze into the Wendy house and sit on my toadstool perch.
    I pray that your quiet times are rich and lovely, dear Kim.

  8. I hope you have a wonderful week! You have a beautiful setting to have some nice quiet times...I hope you can find the time for it! A cup of coffee and biscotti on the quiet porch?

  9. Haha I'm glad they are going to work on the mud ball again. I wonder how big they can get it this year! I think it will be nice for you to have a year off once all this crazy stuff is over. It must just be the year for busy - our calendar is swamped this year too.

  10. Everything is looking so good, Kim! I love the artichokes growing. Did you know that is something I have never tried to prepare from fresh? I must work on that!

    Search carefully for some time to yourself, Kim.

    xo Nellie

  11. I am a new follower of yous because I love to photograph the natural beauty of the earth. Please stop by my blog if you have the time.

  12. LOVE the peony. It's one of my favorite flowers!
    The mud ball is F-U-N! How big is it?
    Happy Sunday to you.
    Hugs :)

  13. June is coming faster than you anticipate; take a deep breath and whew! it'll be here.

  14. Love the mud ball? cool beans! The time is flying by!

  15. Hello!! I have been absent from reading for a long time. I was finally able to catch up on your posts today. It felt like coming home. I love the spring there. I cannot wait to see you.

  16. Oh how exciting...the wedding and being able to have it at your place, what a true memory maker. The mud ball...too funny!

    Beautiful flowers...I need some of those!

  17. It does sound like a busy time for you. Glad you had a chance to enjoy the flowers. The mud ball is cool. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Everything is so pretty and green and all have been working hard! And I'm with the blue jars!!

  19. We're having all that rain you're not having. All. Week. Long. Inside recess= I'm glad I'm teaching computer lab and NOT a classroom teacher. LOL I've got to read the post before this now because I saw blue jars there!

  20. I need to go see if we can't find a hula hoe for our garden this summer.

    Sure hope you are able to get some rain soon ... but NOT on the wedding day! ;-)


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