Saturday, July 18, 2020

A New Place

We Made It!! In one piece! I am all unpacked in the house. Ron is getting the garage fixed up like he wants it. I started decluttering last January. I am so glad I did. I had five dumpsters hauled off and three trash cans that were filled every week right up until we moved. The last few days before the movers came, we had a man haul off two truck loads of furniture. I am so glad I did that but we still have so much stuff. As I unpacked, I can't remember what I got rid of or what it was. I didn't have a single thing break either so that was good.

This is the great room. I will work on getting better pictures. Its very warm and welcoming I think. I didn't think my couch would fit but after we fooled and moved and all of that we finally got it to look very nice.

I love this piece of furniture. Its so huge. It can store all of my china. I put my antique dished in here. My tea pots too. I haven't got to the fun stuff yet. Like decorating and making it look homey. I can't wait to hang pictures.

I am so glad I have a mantel. I think I have rearranged it every day since I have been here. I can't wait until fall. I am going to have so much fun decorating for fall and for Christmas.

That room to the back is the dining room. I am still trying to figure out the dining room. I love the doorways and the curves.

This is looking the other way you can see the front door, which is a double front door. Then you can just see Ron's office. He said last night its the nicest office he has ever had. Since he works from home now until this junk is over, I am so glad he is here. Once I get my room situated I will show you my lovely sewing/library room. Its just perfect for me but I haven't had the brain power to even think about sewing or hooking yet. Its nice to have all the things I love out of boxes and in places I can get to them.

You will have to look at pictures from my old pictures. There are no flowers here. Just bushes.
Moving was as I think moving-is always is, stressful. The people who bought our house, had sold their house and the people who bought their house closed escrow on Tuesday. Our escrows didn't close until that Thursday. The people who bought our house had to be out of their house on Thursday night. The owners started moving in as the people who bought our house were trying to move out.

We had asked and had it signed and approved. We had three days after escrow to move out. Thursday night, they were calling and asking could they just move their stuff to our house? So they did. They put it out in the pasture because we had moving trucks coming on Friday morning. I was so thankful for Emilie, Peter and Elliot who came and helped us. We made a few loads before the movers got there but then when they got there it was crazy. Like moving always is.

The movers got to this house about 1:00. Ron and the kids went back to the house to get the stuff that we didn't have the movers move. Peter was vacuuming and Emilie was cleaning up where the fridge and washer and dryer had been. I was here telling the movers where to put everything, when the people who bought our house, called and wanted to move in ASAP. Of course we said. Ron reminded them that we had the house until Sunday at 6:00. They said okay, because he still had all of his trees to bring over here. On Saturday, Ron went back with Peter to get his trees. 50 of them. He has gone back a couple of times to help the people find and fix stuff. He is so nice. I am not so much. I think they just need to get over it and figure stuff out. But of course that is me. I feel like I have put up with so much garbage from people, that I am just done.

The evil side of me wonders what they are going to do when they see one of these things jetting across the floor at night or on the patio. We didn't tell them about the skunks or the raccoons or possums, or foxes. Or even the occasional scorpion that comes in sometimes. They will get to live with tumbleweeds by the thousands. I am very glad to be here.

The way I look at it when the walls start  closing in here, I can just get in the car and go over here to see the sky. Though, this house is nice, I can see the sky just fine. Its weird though, I have yet to see any neighbors. Its like living in the middle of nowhere there are houses, just no people. I was so afraid it was going to be like Ma and Pa Kettle go to town, but I don't think anyone has noticed us. 

I haven't got to the point where I can laugh at myself and everything else. Once I do that then I will be back to normal. I am looking forward to living here. To feel like I am at home. I am thankful I should say that. On July 2nd, Ben and Megan were in a terrible wreck. The truck rolled twice. They all walked away. Here I was in California and I couldn't do a single thing. Selling a house. When Kessie went into labor and had the baby, I was selling a stupid house. Then again, I couldn't do a thing. That day we had a inspector there. I called him Charles Manson. Weird guy. So I had Charles Manson junior traipsing though my house, wearing a mask, gloves and booties. It was freaky. The people buying the house were there and  there are times in my life that I describe it as putting my arm in a fire and watching it burn. Selling and buying a house has been like that. Especially, during the age of lock-down. I might be feeling a bit shell shocked. To add to it, we had to put our kitty down on Tuesday. All it shows me is that I can push beyond way beyond anything I thought I could. 

I leave you with this, because I have just lived it. Over and over. "God sometimes asks of us things that look impossible, but they never turn out to be---because God's command is always His enabling."
He told me over and over that nothing was impossible and that He would do it. He did. I just didn't know how hot the fires would be. So today, I am here, a little singed, but better for it. 

Thanks for following along on this journey. One, I never dreamed in a million years, I would take. So as I close the door on one place, I open the door in a completely different and new place, excited for this next chapter God has led us to and into a new place of dreams. I am still Farmgirl though. I am already planning my next gardens. 


Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.
Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow.
(Langston Hughes)


Nellie said...

Bless you, Kim! Moving is difficult, at best, and you’ve had other challenges as well. Take a deep breath, put your feet up, and take a little time for peace to flow through you! xoxoNellie

Julia said...

I'm glad the move is over and you are finally in your new home. It looks lovely. Just take it one day at a time. I feel bad about Ben and Megan rolling their vehicle and I hope they are alright. I'm glad they survived this crisis. Sorry, you felt trapped and unable to help when the baby was born and Magen and Ben had the accident.

Welcome to your new home.
Hugs, Julia

acorn hollow said...

you have had a very stressful time. Please tell me how far did you move? states away? although it does not sound it. I shutter to think of moving we have been here 32 years and have plenty of stuff!

Kessie said...

Goodness, what a ton of work! What kitty had to be put down? That's so sad!!
I'm glad you're moved and it's over with now. Wondering what the new people will do with the sun scorpions is kind of amusing, though. :-D

Bonnie K said...

It will all settle down. I am thankful that your family is ok. It sounds like things have been pretty hectic. I can't wait to see how things evolve.

Rugs and Pugs said...

I cannot believe you are already unpacked!!! You are amazing.
What a beautiful new home. May you make many new memories.
Thankfully Ben and Megan are ok. Scary stuff.
So very sorry about kitty. They are family for sure.
You must once again have a big lot since you have room for 50 trees! We want to see more, please!!!
Now, take a minute to just breathe :)

TheCrankyCrow said...

What a powerful, heart-filled, post my friend. I have been wondering about you, but didn't want to bother you with an inquiry as I knew you had your hands, mind, and heart more than full. How overwhelming...but glad to see/read that you are forging a new looks truly beautiful and can't wait to see it evolve. (Although I must confess I am a bit chagrined that you have yourself all unpacked already...while I still have boxes in the basement waiting to be unearthed in the aftermath of WWR.... I am also a bit nonplussed about the scorpion thingy....those I saw in Arizona....not California...and that beautiful view of the green hills...that's near your new home??? That, too, looks more "California-ish" than "Arizona-ish" from my experiences. Now the comment about only seeing bushes, not flowers....THAT I get LOL. Sorry to read about the wreck, but so thankful the kids are ok....and, so, sorry about your kitty. I know so well how that hurts...right decision though it is. Hugs to you dear sweet Kim... And I know you will have that feeling like home sooner than a blink... I remember when we got our lake home less than a year ago and wondering if it would ever feel like "ours" or like it'd feel like home to me. It does and now I hope I never lose the wonder of driving up and thinking "wow, is this really ours?"..... Joy, like anything, can cut both ways. Make it yours, let it bring you comfort, but don't ever lose the wonder. ~Robin~

Gretchen Joanna said...

I'm so happy for you - Congratulations on enduring! Can't wait to hear all about everything you do to make the place truly yours. Take your time and enjoy settling in.

Pom Pom said...

It's so cozy! Yay for new beginnings.
You'll probably be out walking the neighborhood soon. You can figure out where the paths lead.

Debbie said...

oh kim, there is no evil side to you!! moving is always so stressful but i think you were well prepared. the place looks great so far, i want pictures of every little corner as soon as you can!!

oh and it's so nice to see you!!

R's Rue said...

Love it

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

COngratulations on surviving the move. Your new house is awesome and I am quite jealous. I love the fireplace and I, too, would be excited about decorating it!
I've been reading alot of blog posts, but not commenting. I feel exhausted from all the vitriol that is spewed on tv and can't hardly even listen to it, even on the radio.
But, anyway, have a super weekend in your new home!

Debbie said...

i thought i left a comment, let me know if i did not!!!