June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Sunday, October 2, 2016

October's Golden Light

I just had to write tonight as this has been a perfect October day. Perfect temperatures. Wonderful breezes with the sound of the wind chimes murmuring and singing again when a stronger breeze floats on past. The sky is blue in the way that only October can be. I was sitting on the back porch and the wind is causing the trees to make the sound of the ocean rushing through the branches. The cottonwoods are shimmering in the wonderful sparkling air. I do love October. I am so happy to see summer go.

The road is all finished and the out house was picked up, and the last water truck left on Friday afternoon.  All except the traffic light. They haven't turned the stop light on yet, so there continue to be car wrecks. Every day. People run the stop sign.
I have no clue why but it is very dangerous to come down that road. I have taken to driving around the block. It seems quieter in front and I am not afraid of dying every time I go to get the mail or get the trash cans. I think it will be an improvement. I have only looked at houses down dirt roads only three times today.

I hope to resume my normal life again. Like blogging and walking and being outside enjoying the beautiful  weather. We have been making Kombucha every five to six days. The SCOBY have been growing like crazy and today I had read it is beneficial for chickens. I cut it up which is a whole lot like cutting raw fish. Except in the case of Kombucha it smells really nice. It is a natural  probiotic. I didn't know if my hens would eat it, but they went crazy for it. I went out a bit later and every single bit was gone. We have read that you can grind the SCOBY's up and use it for plant fertilizer. Maybe next year if I do then I might have tomatoes. Here is a link if you want to read all about it. Cultures for Health. I don't think I am going crunchy but I kind of think it sounds that way on my blog.

I hope you have a wonderful week. Ron's birthday is this week, and our oldest daughter. My goodness, time has flown by. I am though, really, really loving this stage of life. Its worth having grown old with Ron because I think life just gets better and better. Well except in politics. Not going there. Aren't you glad?

Happy October!

Happiness is a thing of now.


  1. Sounds like life is good and fall has come.


  2. Oh my Kim I am with you on glad to say goodbye to this very long, hot, dry summer. While still in a drought, otherwise we had glorious weather here in the South this weekend. I wanted to ask you if the Kombucha tastes good? I have never had it and I like the IDEA of it but... That thing floating in it well... Anyway I so loved raising my children and have experienced some empty nest issues but I guess I have pretty much gotten over that for I too am so enjoying this time and not TOO sad for the last chicken to fly the coop in Jan as there is still so much to look forward to and enjoy in life. I guess every season has its own joys!

  3. I love fall but I would like it to last longer. So glad things are settling down for you.

  4. I just loved reading "it's worth having grown old with Ron" !!! I love those sweet sentiments. Enjoy your day, Kim.

  5. What a peaceful post. So encouraging and makes me feel the cool breeze. It also makes me want to try Kombucha again, I did it twice and stopped. My family was afraid of it! LOL

  6. If I didn't already love October, I would after reading your thoughts about it. :) Reni (lovely3 and mommy to Baby M) has a birthday next week. She absolutely loves having an October birthday. I have to make her chicken and dumplings and a pumpkin shaped cake every year. Yes, even now. LOL Kombucha and SCOBY...it's Greek to me! I'll have to look that stuff up! :) Have a great Monday!

  7. Lovely post. I love your description of October... I think you hit it right on the head :) It is a wonderful time of year. Sending "Happy Birthday" wishes to Ron and Kessie.

    This is a wonderful season in life, isn't it. Always something to be grateful for.

    I've wondered about Kombucha. I've seen lots of pins about making it at home, and saving the cost of store bought. Glad it's working out so well for you.

    Have a great day!

  8. It does my heart good too, Kim, to read the happiness in your post!
    I'm sure you don't need me to tell you to enjoy every minute of October!
    God bless

  9. Hi Kim , I too am happy summer is going away. What a hot summer!

  10. Hi Kim! I'm glad things are calming down! Yes, you can enjoy October!
    It's windy here today but the sky and the leaves are gorgeous! We went up to see Jenny's new house and it's going to be such a light and bright place for their family to live.

  11. Ooooh Kim, life is good and I could not be happier for you!! You will always remember the "road experience" and it will help you to maintain the "today is perfect" attitude!!

  12. glad the road construction is done but hope the traffic accidents will die down soon!

  13. What a relief for the road construction to be done, and just in time to enjoy a little peaceful fall time! We had rain! And it was so lovely. Now it's turning cold and I think I'll have to go pull up all the tomatoes and let the green ones ripen between newspaper.
    Komubucha -- I like it too! I have a scoby hotel that I need to evacuate...at least some of them. Chickens!

  14. Happy birthday to Ron and Kessie. I love October. The trees are starting to change a little. I am looking forward to cooler temperatures.

  15. Hello Kim, thanks for stopping by and commenting recently. Yes, here in San Diego the Autumn is also showing her face, a day here, a day there, with heat waves in between. It's lovely when the temps cool down a bit and soon I know I will be talking about how cold it is! Maybe sometime around Thanksgiving - ;) It's always lovely to visit you. Blessings to you and yours.

  16. So happy your October is off to a great start.
    Happy, happy birthday to hubby and DD.
    I'm sure you are happy to have fall temps.
    Hugs :)


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