Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dreams and Stuff

When I first started blogging, I knew that My Field of Dreams would be the name. I have spent so many hours in my life staring at what it is in reality a pasture. I have always been rather cautious about dreams though. Dreams can be a good thing, but sometimes to call someone a "dreamer," can mean someone who thinks of things and never follows though. Or a person who doesn't figure in the cost of dreams. Dreams can sometimes turn into an illusion, and all of a sudden, a dream becomes like sand through an hourglass.

I think I would call myself a careful dreamer. I try not to dream too deeply. Sort of keep my feet on the ground kind of dreamer. Ron has been reading a book called Put Your Dream to the Test. by John C. Maxwell. I have been busy hooking my hands off, so he reads and he will read me parts that interest him. 
Last night he read me something I had to share with you today. As I thought it was something that distilled into what I would long to be. ( If I wasn't too lazy or too scatterbrained about half the time.) 

 " Let's face it: Dreams don't work unless you do...Achieving a dream will require hard work To succeed you'll need to do more---more than you want, more than your competition, more than you think you're capable of, you must live the words of William Arthur Ward:" 

" I will do more than belong---I will participate.
I will do more than care---I will help.
I will do more than believe---I will practice.
I will do more than be fair---I will be kind.
I will do more than forgive---I will forget.
I will do more than dream---I will work.
I will do more than teach---I will inspire.
I will do more than earn---I will enrich.
I will do more than give---I will serve.
I will do more than live---I will grow.
I will do more than suffer---I will triumph." 

I thought that it was such a profound statement to life. There has been so much going on the the world, I know that if I can't  even change me, how can I possibly change the world. There is such negativity all around, day in and day out, that I find myself wanting to not add to it but to rise above it. I want to be as that little song says, that I sang to my babies, " This little light of mine, I'm  going to let shine, let shine, let shine, let shine." Just a little light that shines in the darkness today. Because really, I do want to triumph!! 

Just some thoughts this morning, I hope you have a lovely fall day, filled with lots of laughter and love and warmth. 

"There are two things to aim at in life; first, to get what you want; and after that, to enjoy it, Only the wisest of mankind achieve the second."
---Logan Pearsall Smith---


Julia said...

I like that quote. You are right. It's the action in motion that gets the dream to become a reality.
My dreams seems to come to reality one step at a time. I'm never rushed and hate to rush but sooner than later, my little dreams come true in due time. I never dream big however.

Kerin said...

So nice of Ron to read to you, while you are busy hooking rugs... that's sweet.
Nice thoughts you've shared with us.

Dreams and hopes, and hard work go hand in hand, don't they?
The nice thing about it, is that we can feel satisfaction in realizing our dreams through our hard work, and faith, and hope.


Nellie said...

Rising above negativity! That's so needed in our times! xo Nellie

Nancy said...

You had just the words I needed to hear today...thank you sweet friend...I love the phrases Ron read to you; they are perfect to live by. I think I need to copy them and read them often. As far as dreams go, I've had so many during my life and way too often I have not had the staying power to see them through. I am working hard on changing that and working through the negative voices in my head that have stopped me way too many times....

Country Gal said...

Well said ! if not for want then need my mum always said . There is way to much negativity about these days but I wont let it get me down life is to short to worry about it all , as for dreams well .. it is nice to dream for it is what makes us strive for things . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

Kessie said...

What wonderful quotes! I need to grab some Maxwell at the library. He's such a great thinker.

Here's a quote that I invoke whenever something political/social gets me hot: "I refuse to take responsibility for things over which I have no control."

TexWisGirl said...

a strong message to act.

Gail said...

Wonderful words and pictures.

Have a blessed day.

Sue said...

You are indeed letting your light shine, Kim,especially here on your blog!Much food for thought today, thank you for sharing.

Dr. Vandana Sharma said...

Very nice quote in the end and what lovely photographs!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

So profound. Thank you for sharing those words of wisdom.

Debbie said...

oh my goodness you are sooo right. With all the evil negative horrible things going on these days it's just what we need to do. Let Him shine! LOVED THIS!

GretchenJoanna said...

That's a pretty good summary of many truths of life -
thank you, Kim!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Such a great post.....Let's all let our Lights Shine! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
Ginger said...

Oh how I wished I could just set with you and discuss what God is telling you through all this. I feel God is telling me similar thing is, You Were Made for More. I am not sure what He has for me, but I do know, there must be more. Please continue to share what the Lord shows you, I am one who will be gleaning from you. Happy Thanksgiving.

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

I don't remember how I got here, but lovely blog and this post was inspirational.

jkk said...

I so much enjoy your wisdom :)

jkk said...

I really appreciate your wisdom :)

Larkrise garden girl said...

Kim, That was a beautiful post and so wise.
Life is such a test and sometimes you need the whisper of the Lord to help as you go about your trials of this short life. Hugs cheri