Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Happy Morning

This has been the most perfect- Fall-November-in-years-and years! I was walking around with my camera this morning. Do you ever stand and see something that makes you so happy to be alive? I stood and looked at these mums with tiny rain drops still left on them. I just felt so thankful to be right here right now. Every where I looked diamonds were sparkling in the trees, and in the grass. The clouds were over the mountains, as cold as my hands were, I knew it was snowing up there.

This weekend Ron and Peter worked and worked trimming this pepper tree.

Can you see how pretty it looks now? It grew so much this summer it looked like a giant bush. I always think that when I decorate for Christmas, one year, I would really love to decorate the trees in front with white lights. As pretty as it looks now, maybe this is the year.

Halloween weekend, I planted around 200 bulbs. So in all of my flowerbeds, I have points coming up. As I was planting each bulb, I kept thinking of how each bulb is a tiny miracle I can hold in my hand. I can put it in the ground, cover it up and then on the darkest days there will be a surprise to brighten my world. Each one contains just a bit of magic. Not to mention they smell wonderful.

I don't remember in past years to have so many red leaves. All of these trees Ron planted from seed. Now this year, they are big enough to be planted out in the front. In my minds eye, I think how pretty they will look someday, against that white fence. We are going to put in a tree screen. With the traffic on the road, I feel like an animal in a zoo.

I loved the color on this Japanese Maple. I loved the red with the brown.  It is one of my favorite colors.

Like this mum that is getting ready to open.

I really like that color too. With that one stray petal.

This morning, I let my chickens out for a bit. I was going to let them hang out for awhile. Sasha had another plan. She has decided she doesn't like them out in the yard anymore. Every time I  turn my back on them the next thing she has rounded them all up and put them back in the pen. This morning I managed to have my camera.

I didn't get any more pictures, she put these up and then went around to the other side of the yard and got the scragglers up by the house. This is her job and she is very serious about it. The funny thing is the hens don't seem to mind.

It is just a very fine morning. I wanted to show you the last part of that rug.

This is all I have left. I was looking at it after I had hooked and hooked yesterday. It dawned on me, that I have as much left on this rug as much as a whole rug I do normally. It doesn't look like that from the picture but it is a bunch. I will finish it this week, the light is at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you for visiting today.


“Are ye the ghosts of fallen leaves, O flakes of snow, For which, through naked trees, the winds A-mourning go?”
― John B. Tabb


Christine said...

Hi Kim! Your yard looks so lovely with so much fall color! Glad you can enjoy it! The rug is coming along well.
You need to get sheep so Sasha can round them up and leave the chickens free to roam!
Have a lovely week!

Julia said...

Your yard and pepper trees look so nice and tidy. I never saw a pepper tree before. My pepper come in a little plastic package. How neat that you grow your own. I assume they are the edible kind.

I love red leaves. They add so much color to the landscape. You got a lot done on that big rug. I finished another chair pad rug yesterday and started whipping another. I went back to work this morning and got some grocery. My foot still hurt a bit but the swelling is down.

Have a great week.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Love the fall colors. Our maple in the backyard is such a vivid red, and it only has a few more leaves on it.

Kessie said...

It has been such a pretty November! It's cloudy and cold today, and I'm contemplating hot chocolate. :-)

Nellie said...

It has been a lovely autumn/November here, too! I really enjoyed my walk around with you! xo Nellie

Velva said...

You enjoyed a beautiful day. There are some days when the weather is cool and the world for at least a moment seems perfect.

I hope you enjoy many more days just like this one.


TexWisGirl said...

love your red leaves. and cute sasha!

Gumbo Lily said...

Question: Is Sasha an Australian Shepherd? A sheep dog loves to herd anything -- even chickens. Ours love to herd the chickens into the coop.

Beautiful mums and leaves. Everything's brown here now so I'll enjoy yours!

Kim said...

Sasha is so funny. Reminds me of a sheep herder. Which rug is that? It looks great. I've hooked a lot the past few days.

Debbie said...

Your new header image is lovely Kim, just lovely!! The hubs planted our bulbs....300 surprises are waiting for me in the spring!!

The rug is coming along nicely!!

Pom Pom said...

Sasha is such a good dog!
You are a fast rug hooker, Kim!

Debbie said...

Oh your soo right! Such beautiful, vivid, wonderful colors! Fall is soo lovely. Thanks for sharing with us! Enjoy!

Three Sheep Studio said...

Beautiful pics, Kim. What kind of dog is Sasha ? Looks like she does a great job of taking care of the chickens !

Alica said...

LOL Sasha! She really takes her "job" seriously, doesn't she? Our dogs would just chase them. Sigh.
I think red leaves are my favorite...it's such a beautiful fall here too. Jim says it's the nicest fall he ever remembers! Have a wonderful day!

Lowcarb team member said...

I do like your new header ...

Autumn/Fall is such a lovely colourful time of year, the red leaves look great don't they.

All the best Jan

Kerin said...

Cute new background and header picture!
Love those pictures of Sasha herding the sheep. She's such a cutie!
That pepper tree is gorgeous! It's amazing that you have bulbs coming up, and here we are, shoveling snow :)

Have a sweet day.