June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Thursday, June 14, 2012

More Garden Pictures

Are you tired of seeing my garden yet? This is our fourth garden. All of those little plants out in the middle is our medicinal/herb garden. Years and years ago when we lived in town and my kids were small, I grew herbs to help when the kids were sick. We would make teas out of dried mullein leaves and peppermint and strawberry leaves because it would break up coughs and colds. I grew other things like comfrey for bruises and camomile because it is my favorite tea.  This year when my husband decided he wanted to grow these things we had such a hard time finding herb seeds like I had known in the past. I am glad that I brought my mullein with me when we moved. You can't find it now, and being afraid of going out in the wild to collect it, I just keep looking. This year we have horehound, and camomile and fennel, and we have all of our mints up by the house. We have lots more but right now the names escape me.

This isn't the best picture of my zinnias. It is hard to get really nice shots because these places are bigger than they look on camera. Having this bed of zinnias as my girls said yesterday, is like having fireworks out in the garden. They do make me so happy.

This one is a bit better with the herbs in the background. We have growing in flats in the shed about this many feverfew plants. I like it because it looks like tiny little daisy's so I am going to plant that in my flower beds around the house.

 Can you tell what this is? It is my pumpkin patch. They will grow so much with this heat we will be having for the next few days. The pumpkins love 100+ degree weather. But so do the weeds. I can't believe I weeded this place on Saturday and I already have weeds. In this bed are giant pumpkins and Cinderella pumpkins and regular cooking pumpkins.

Over in the middle of the garden I have a bed with Jack-be-little. You know the tiny pumpkins. I didn't plant any gourds this year. I meant to but I just never got around to it and gourds need a very long growing time, or they do here. To have a nice gourd crop I need to have them in the ground by April. I was still trying to decide if I was going to put a garden in in April.

I have to say, so far this is my favorite garden. I don't know why. Maybe it is that we spaced it far enough apart that we can get the tractor in to help with the weeds. I don't know if it is that I planted more flowers.
When I walk outside the gate in the mornings and I see all of that stuff growing and I walk around and look at things and then my chickens wander around with me just being chickens. To me it is the prettiest place in the world. I feel very thankful when I am out in the garden. In the evening when the sun is setting and we sit out there and the crickets start singing their summer songs I know why God planted a garden and put man in the midst of it.

Summer is just the best.
Have a lovely weekend,


  1. i could not imagine you not putting in a garden of SOME sort - always some flowers, always some veggies and pumpkins. and herbs! good for you!

  2. Hi Kim! Summer is the greatest! Your zinnias are gorgeous!

  3. I think I like this garden best, too. It's just so interesting! Also the tractor being able to knock down the weeds will help so much.

  4. I like your garden...and of course we can't even see the weeds. :) I'm wondering...is your soil really sandy? That's what it looks like to me...sandy with very few stones. Love the zinnias!

  5. Wow, it's just huge! Thinking of weeding all that makes me want to take a nap ;)
    Been busy and crabby but will email ya tomorrow. We need to catch up.

  6. Impressive garden!

    I love your flowers, and all the herbs that you've planted.

    I cannot see any weeds! Everything looks amazing to me :)

    Cannot wait to see your pumpkin harvest!!


  7. oh kim, now that's a garden!! i sometimes talk about my garden, it's just so tiny compared to your GARDEN!!

    the last picture, i think it's a sunflower getting ready to open, gorgeous!!

  8. Sounds like a lovely place to be! so glad you are enjoying it!

  9. Your garden looks wonderful Kim! I have always loved zinnias and yours are beautiful!

  10. Your zinnias are so pretty. I always but them at the farm I go to all summer in NH. They also sell sunflowers there. Lucky duck you can just go out and pick them!!! Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. it's wonderful, I love your zinnias. wondering what you will do with the feverfew. I see it growing wild here.

  12. Kim
    I never tire of seeing your garden!
    I'm living through you this summer-at least concerning your garden. I love watching it through it's many stages of growth and what you do with it after you harvest it too.
    So please keep showing it as it progresses.
    Those herbs are interesting too. I have tried some solutions that really work and some that don't too. You never know until you try them.
    Have a good weekend-Kimberly

  13. Love the zinnias. Beautiful pictures. I miss having my garden every time I see your images.

  14. I've heard veggie gardens being referred to as a "garden of eatin'"! lol! LOVE those zinnias!

  15. Good morning! I love seeing your garden! It's wonderful. I love that you share yours on here letting me (and others of course) in on it. It't about the closest to a garden I will get. Yours is quite impressive! And I love the Zennias! Have a good week-end!

  16. I LOVE seeing your garden!! I mentioned before how much I love zinnias, so I'm always happy to see pictures of yours. Horehound? My grandma loved horehound candy ... even though it was candy, I couldn't acquire a taste for it as a child.

  17. I always love hearing about your garden and seeing the great pictures. Gardening is one of my favorite things to do. I love coming home from work and puttering around, seeing how my plant babies are doing. Your herb garden sounds amazing! Your zinnias are wonderful!

  18. Zinnias were my mom's favorite. I love them too. About four years ago, we had rows and rows of them at the edge of the market garden. They were so colorful and I was able to pick endless bouquets of them. I wish I had that many now. D2 planted some, but they are very small and don't seem to be thriving. It must be the different soil of the new bed.

    I wish we could grow gourds as easily as you.
    I just wanted to wish you a great weekend.
    Big Hug:) Patrice


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