May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Friday, December 12, 2014

Storms and Such

Hello here from very wet California. We didn't loose any trees or anything, we have tumbleweeds and our swimming pool looks like a swamp. It was an amazing storm. The weather page I read, the weatherman said, " All of the people he talks too say, " Keep 'em coming." So I thought that was nice because I feel just the same way. I know I said at the beginning all of the drivel about slowing down and enjoying December.

I have raced willy-nilly though the days, as soon as my feet hit the ground until they fall back in at bedtime.
I have rarely sat and contemplated deep thoughts nor have I spent time in reflection about Mary and her baby son. I have stood in lines and observed life around me. When I was a kid there was the nicest department store in the world, it was called Brocks. I miss Brocks. Sure the clerks were snobby. But at Christmas time there was no nicer store in the world. If you felt a little peckish after shopping you could climb the stairs and they had a wonderful little lunch counter with lovely ladies all dressed up having tea or coffee. I thought of that as I stood in line behind 25 people as the clerks thought about whether it was time to open some more registers.

I hope that next week I can be a hermit, but already I have Monday and Tuesday gone. My calendar looks like it has been dipped in paint.

One thing I thought about this week, as I stood in a line at the post office. There used to be a man that worked at the post office. His name was Harry. He had a long beard that went down to his belt and long hair half way down his back. Going to the post office when Harry was working was a treat. I always stood and prayed that It would be Harry I would get to wait on me. When you walked up to Harry's side of the counter, you entered into the realm of a kingdom. He made you feel like the most important person in the world. No matter what was going on in your life, some how Harry knew just how to make you smile or laugh. When he retired, our local news did a story on him. It seems that I wasn't the only one who thought Harry was special.
The other day as I made it up to the counter and the man who waited on me did nothing but complain and whine and moan about working and the people. I kept thinking of Harry. Nothing I said to the man behind the counter made him smile or be happy, finally I just sighed and gave up.

 I hope you have a wonderful weekend. We have a couple more storms coming. I feels so thankful for the rain. The ground is happy I think to finally have moisture. Tomorrow, tumbleweeds will have to be piled up to be burned. We still have that handy-dandy burn permit. Boy do tumbleweeds burn. I will try and remember to take a video of it.
Have a wonderful weekend,

"We are going to be introduced to Mr. Dickens," he said.
" I thought he was dead!" exclaimed Mrs. Peterkin, trembling.
"Authors live forever!" said Agamemnon in her ear.
---The Peterkin Papers, Lucretia P. Hale, 1880


  1. if tumbleweeds are all you get to deal with, then good. have been thinking of you and hoping you were getting the 'good' part of the storm (rain).

    harry sounds like the best kind of 'santa'. :)

  2. A tumbleweed bonfire is a great tribute to the rain.

    As a retired postal employee I remember many times I was reprimanded for helping people and talking to them too much. I said, Yes to the boss and continued to treat the person in front of me as the most important customer. I treated them as I wanted to be treated. There are few Harrys left.

  3. Thankfully, there are lots of 'Harrys' in the world...thank you for sharing that story. I'm glad to see that all is well in your little world. xo

  4. I bet Harry is missed by so many. It is wonderful how a person can light up your day with their smile and kind words.
    xo Catherine

  5. I enjoyed the storm too even though I had to go out and run some errands in it. We have soo little actual "weather"...glad there is still more coming. Loved the story about Harry. Those kind of people you never forget. Enjoy your week-end!

  6. I remember Harry! He was so funny, always making jokes. I'm glad you got tons of rain, and I hope you get more. Out here has been in a drought, too, but nobody cares if the desert has a drought.

  7. Oh Kim I was wondering about you in that big storm I am so happy all is well. I too would like to be a hermit it is a very busy time of year:)
    Take care and I love your photos today. HUG B

  8. no doubt we are all so busy this most wonderful time of the year.
    enjoy the weather and your company!
    Your cross stitched pillow is beautiful!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  9. Glad you're getting rain and no damage. The pillow is so sweet..I love the image of the raindrops just about to fall from the twig....Have a great weekend....

  10. I am certainly hoping you are having beneficial rainfall, and that there is no damage in your area. We heard on the news this morning about a tornado in California! Never heard of that before! I'm trying to be calm about what there is to do ahead, but it is a temptation to let that edginess come to the surface.:-) xo Nellie

  11. I thought about you and hoped you and yours fared well during the storms. Those black and white pix are FANTASTIC! Just gorgeous! I haven't been paying attention this year. I've just been trying to get through school until winter break. That will only give me five days to reflect on the season. I wonder if I'll ever be able to do that and teach at the same time?

  12. hugs and blessings, loved the pin keep!

  13. I love your little pillow. So sweet.
    We all need more Harrys at this time of year.
    Hugs :)

  14. So thankful that you Californians are getting the much needed rain. Praise be to God! White twinkle lights look lovely on tumbleweeds!

  15. I love your story about Harry, Kim !
    What a wonderful gift he gave people every day !!

  16. I'm glad you got rain. You can have ours too :). It's raining right now and threatening to snow. Booooo

  17. Such great news...I'm so glad California finally got a good downpour of rain to wet the ground. I hope you get some more to make up for the drought.

    Your little pillow looks beautiful.

    Harry sure has been a blessings in your life. I wish there were more people like Harry these days.

    Have a great week.

  18. oh Kim, you know I love a "good" storm and any precipitation!!! I am happy for you, see, my rain dance worked for everyone ;)

  19. I'm with you on the thankfulness for the rain. We got the tail end of your storm; it was gentler by the time it reached us but we good a goodly amount. Those inches are adding up!

    If only there were more Harry's in this world . . . I guess that is up to us isn't it. It can start here. Amen.

  20. I, too, am longing for a week where I can be a hermit, but it won't be happening until after the 1st of the year, I fear. And even then I have my doubts. ;-)

    Oh how I wish for more Harrys in this world. That reminds me of the gal who took our order for dinner Friday night (it was after 10:00 and we were at a McDonalds ... the swim meet didn't get over until 9:30 and the McDonalds was the only quick and easy place still open) ... she literally rolled her eyes when we walked up to order our food. If there had been ANY other options, we would have left immediately.

  21. Gosh, I'm late to the party.. again.
    Sorry it has taken me a while to read blogs and catch up.

    It's wonderful that you've gotten so much moisture there, and I know how thankful you are for it.
    We just received a bit of rain here, but we did get a few tumbleweeds too... they all blew across the meadow and into window wells, and stuck to the borders around the house.

    I hope that you get to be a hermit soon too :) I am glad that you made it to the post office.
    What a nice memory of your post office worker... he sounds like a nice man.
    You would think that more people would be a little nicer.... after all, being nice is free! Who doesn't like free ??!! **Grin**

    Happy stormy days...


  22. Hi friend! A tumbleweed bonfire sounds like lots of fun! It's COLD here and supposed to stay cold for the rest of the week. Brrrrr! At least I got to stomp down to the grocery in my new snow boots! That was fun! I hope you have a good day doing laundry and I hope things slow down a bit. Tea and hooking sound fun, right?


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