May 23rd 2018

May 23rd 2018

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More Odds and Ends

I finally have some sunflowers and after the heat we are going to have for the next few days I am hoping for some more. I feel like saying that I am back in business.

I just have some odds and ends today. I finished my June Word play before July got here. So if I get myself in gear I might finish July before July. I have 3 rug projects I am working on and I got my wool for that yesterday. I should be able to finish those up now.

Here is my June Word Play.

My  chicks are getting pretty big now. I have been putting them out in the yard during the day. They really like the cage outside. It has been hot so I have let the big hens out too so they come up and look in the cage at the chicks and watch them. It is kind of sad that the broody hens stand around staring the most.

Sasha thinks she is the chick official protector. She lays by the cage, chases the hens off if they get to close and if a cat comes up she also chases the cat away.
She wants to stay out there with the chicks and watch them and not come with me.

The chicks are never afraid of her and don't seem to mind her just watching them in the cage. I found a book about Border Collies, and it said that Border Collies are smart but that they are so OCD. They have to have a job to do or they get very depressed. So when she starts acting like that I just let her round up my chickens and she watches the grand kids. She takes her jobs so seriously.

Speaking of OCD. I told my husband I was going to post this so he knows. We were working out in the garden the other day. We had worked 3 hours getting every weed out of the herb bed. I was starting to get tired and I was ready to quit. He was raking up the last of the weeds and he started singing this little song.
" Oh, how I love my OCD,
It is such a part of me."

I laughed and laughed and I am so happy that we both have it. It would be so hard if one of us did and the other did not.

I think that is why we all love our dog so much. She fits us. Oh, and Sasha and the chicks do you remember the movie Babe and how Fly the female Border Collie was always kissing Babe? Sasha does that to my chicks she always kisses their faces. I guess it must be a trait too.

So just odds and ends today. I read a blog the other day and it was about chicken watching and how it was good for you. I was so glad that I am not the only one who just stands mesmerized by chicks. Just like the dog.

Have a great Thursdays!


  1. I just notice today that my sunflowers are starting to bloom! Love,love, love them!

  2. This post made me smile...the OCD song and Sasha and the chicks! Thanks!

  3. Hot weather, sunflowers, oh I can only dream. Sasha is such a wonderful dog, you are so lucky to have her and she you. Another wonderful project completed, I am jealous. Watching my chickens is one of my favorite activities, I'm happy to read I am not alone. Your friend from Maine, Julie.

  4. Hi Kim!
    What a good pup you have there!
    Your needlework is perfect! Look at you go, Speedy!
    Hooray for the sunflowers; we have some, too.

  5. really cute. sasha and you all fit well. :)

  6. Love that little Sasha! Ours used to keep busy by rounding up basket balls and tennis balls in the yard. We'd throw them around and she'd chase them and push them in the air and roll them down her back. After a couple of hours of doing that... every ball in the yard was in a neat pile waiting for the next burst of energy! lol! If I had a bigger property I'd adopt another Border Collie in a heartbeat!

  7. A great post of odds and ends. Sasha sound like the perfect dog for you all.

    Have a wonderful day.

  8. Good morning! I LOVED this, haha. The dog watching and caring for those chicks is precious, and the song your hubby sang hysterical. Sooo something my hubby and I do. haha Have a wonderful day.

    We had an earthquake last night! Only a 4.1, but centered in Yorba Linda which is only a mile or so from us!

  9. We could sure use a dog like yours to guard all of our chickens! She must be such a good dog! I love your sunflowers and when I see that flower, I think of you. Have a beautiful (OCD) day! :)

  10. ha ha! that's so cute!

    i just read a fun chicken coop story:
    a man put his coop on wheels and
    moved the coop to a fresh patch of
    grass each day. so the yard could
    recover and the chicken could have
    fresh grubs, etc.

    it made me think of you! (not the
    grub part!)

  11. It's good that Sasha wants to protect the chickens rather than chase them.:) The sunflower is lovely!

  12. love the pillow and I took today OFF. All I did was sit on the porch and think of everything I wasn't doing. then I took a short nap.
    fabulous! highly recommended.

  13. How could chicken watching not be good for you? It's good for me when I just read about it here! Two of my sunflower plants are taller than me but no bloom yet. I think your June pillow is my favorite- it reminds me of so much about my childhood summers!

  14. How sweet that Sasha protects your chickens. I like the June word play ... all those things bring a smile to my face. I'm very OCD (or CDO - to put the letters in their correct order), but my hubby isn't. We were both accountants, and I always tease my hubby that I don't know how he kept his job for 38 years ... he wasn't OCD enough to have been a good accountant. ha!


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