May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, February 15, 2016

O Happy Day

I took a walk this morning. I found all kinds of new blossoms. I don't think there is anything that makes me as happy as seeing the new blooms on the fruit trees. I went and looked at my pictures from the last two years, and we are later this year with blooms. I hope that means we are returning to a more normal kind of weather pattern. So tired of nine months of summer.

I finished up a little rug. I have wanted to make this for 8 years. It was one of the first patterns I saw when I discovered the world of blogging. I also found people who hooked rugs like I had been dreaming of since of the early 90s when my hands were full of babies, homeschooling, and life. There was no time in those days for anything but looking at pictures. So finally eight years in the making.  Here is my bunny rug.

Pattern by Jan Goos---Antique Chalk Rabbit

The bunny wool from Lauren at Pugs and Rugs
I just have bunnies on the brain right now. I go through times like that sometimes but bunnies are new for me.
I loved hooking this bunny. I can always tell when I like hooking a motif, I can do a fast rug. Do you know, it wasn't until I was drawing this out that it dawned on me that this was an egg shape. All of the years I have looked at this rug, never once did I notice that it was an egg.

Isn't this red pretty? I never knew this either. This is tiny pomegranate leaves. I never knew that they started out red.

I wanted to share with you this mornings devotional message I got. In fact, it made me laugh, to know that the Lord knows me so well.

" (Kim)...Your Father knows what things you need before you ever ask Him.
Fret not thyself...
Sit still my daughter, wait...

"Martha, Martha," the Lord answered, "you are worried and upset about many things,
...Oh you of little faith, why did you doubt? When ever I am afraid, I will trust in you---delight yourself in the Lord. 

I am happy that I can live in such times as these. Just because spring is around the corner, the trees are beginning to bloom. Rain is in the forecast. I can look back through the years in my life and see how those things that were so terrifying, turned out to be really good. It is work though, to keep my mind quiet and not play my favorite pass time, " The What If Game. " 

I really need need to weld the hula hoe to my hands for awhile. I need to be a full time farm girl and not a hooker girl. 

Have a delightful day,

Last years photo.
"There shall be an eternal summer in the grateful heart."
---Celia Thaxter


  1. What a delightful post for me today,Kim, just what I needed to read! I am so longing to see a few signs of spring here at the farm! We had ice, sleet and snow early today, with rain tomorrow! Things are looking up though, sunshine and warmer temps. are in the forecast!

    Your rug is absolutely beautiful, and what a labor of love!

    I am so looking forward to being out and about in the garden!
    Thanks for sharing your devotional for today, I needed that too!
    hugs from me to you!

  2. congrats on the blooming trees and the cute bunny rug, too!

  3. What nice things to think about! I wrote a whole blog post today, and when I tried to add images, it died and erased the post. Grr.

  4. I'm so glad for you that you already have blossoms on your fruit trees. Those first signs of Spring are so special.
    I love your cute little bunny rug.
    I feel like Martha too a lot of the time and I have to remind myself not to fret just like you.
    Have a great weekend.
    JB, lol...

    1. Oops, I'm not sure how that lol... got there. I'm so sleepy and I possibly was laughing about myself.
      Good night,

  5. The bunny is cute! Mmmmmm. I'm looking forward to chocolate bunnies.
    I'm slightly glad that I have a little time before my hula hoe arm has to be strong.
    Kelli and her family are going to Disneyland in a week! The weather is supposed to be warm!
    I hope you had a happy Monday, Kim!

  6. I am always encouraged by your words.

  7. I wish I could walk around your property and look at each tree and bush with you to see the new growth - but your pictures are lovely. I'm looking forward to that rain that's coming, too!

  8. Your spring blossoms & buds are farther along than ours but it is so exciting to see them appear!
    I love your bunny rug too! Happy hula hoe day!

  9. i need flowers and tulips, growing in my garden....but i will have to settle for the food store variety!!!

    love the rug!!!!

  10. I do hope your weather is returning to normal!
    I have that pattern in my stash, too. Good job.
    Hugs :)

  11. Love the bunny in the egg. So cute!

    I say, enjoy your rug hooking time while you can. You know that the hula hoe will be in your hands a lot in no time!

    Love the Thaxter quote too. One of my favs.

  12. I know why I love reading your post, because I can so relate. Maybe it is this season of life. Thanks for the good words. Have a blessed week.

  13. Nice rug. You did such a beautiful job on it!!
    Gee, I sure love your tree blossoms!! I can hardly wait until our trees are in blossom!!

    Nice thoughts. It's a good reminder for us to trust in the Lord, and in His timing :)



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