May 23rd 2018

May 23rd 2018

Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Nice Week

I was weeding a tiny bit yesterday. Mainly so the bulbs I planted last fall could breathe. I always get a little to zealous, and broke one flower off. I just loved the color and the smell. So a bit further down the flowerbed I broke one on purpose. Hyacinths make weeding fun.

The only problem is I don't get as much done on my hooking and sewing, because I get all twitchy looking out the window at the work I should be doing outside. I did manage to finish one little mat.

From the book Rughooking by Kris Miller
 This was a fun project, I still need to steam it. I binding it last night. If I could finish The Spotted Hare, I might have three rugs finished for February. I just don't know though, Sasha is shedding so much that I have to clean house every day because it looks like a small animal has met its fate in my living room.

Speaking of The Spotted Hare, here is the little bit I have got done on him.

The Spotted Hare by Cammie Bruce

Right now he looks like he has a bad case of the measles. I think he is fun to work on, so I hope today maybe. If the flowerbeds don't keep calling my name. They also know my first and last name as well.

Here is the tiny little bit I have done on His Eye is on the Sparrow. That flower basket is going to be rough. I can't find the pattern yet. Once I can then I can do it. I always have to find patterns in sewing and hooking. I don't really know how to describe it but once I find it then I can get things done.

His Eye is on the Sparrow, by Beth Twist
Then I did get my March pattern drawn out. It will be fun I think. I do need to order wool soon and have a day dyeing wool for him. I wish I could just use what I have and I might do that for the border.

One Crazy Chick by Cottonwood Creek Primitives
This appeals to my nature. I think it will be cute to hook. In lots of bright colors. There is a pattern here, I guess I like polka-dots.

I had some dental work this week, and it really knocked me for a loop. The good thing is I haven't felt like eating much so that is always a plus. Today, I feel more like myself. Which is good. It is a bright and sunshiny day today.  That spring fever is creeping in ever so slowly, but I know one day it is going to hit like a ton of bricks.
Have a lovely day,

Never cut a tree down in the wintertime. Never make a negative decision in the low time. Never make your most important decisions when you are in your worst moods. Wait. Be patient. The storm will pass. The spring will come. 


  1. You are a good weeder, Kim! The rug you made is darling! Way to go! I like polka dots very much.
    I'm glad you've recovered from your dental day!
    What a great spring quote! It's so true!

  2. I love all your rugs, even your rabbit with measles haha! I'm so glad you're hooking, just for fun. Don't get too crazy in the flowerbeds today, it's supposed to be hot. :)

  3. I just cannot believe you are weeding already. We are not even close to warm enough for that !
    Your progrees on 'His eye is on the Sparrow' is lovely. I love the quote about decision making and spring !

  4. Jealous of your greeness. But then, our ugly snow and mud don't cause as many gardener's twitches. Love your needlework and your blossoms.

  5. Kim, I think you deserve those cut Hyacinths in the house for a reward. It will be a while before I pull weeds. We're having rain and and it's still feels like winter.

    I like the first rug but i think I like the The Crazy Chick pattern even better and at first I thought it was your very own design until I read it was by Cottonwood Creek Primitives.
    I can't wait to see it done.

    A good quote to remember.
    Have a great weekend. Hugs,

  6. Your hyacinths are so pretty. It's so fun to see them coming up early in the spring despite the chilly spring beginnings.

    You're a good lady to keep those weeds down early. When you've got the gardening bug, it's hard to put down, isn't it? I'm planning to work on a seedling set up with lights inside my house so I can grow some different types of veggies. Are you planting lots of veggies this year?

  7. Wow, you are getting so much crafting done. Love them all, especially the chicken pattern. That will be fun

  8. Your work is just beautiful and so inspiring! Each time I see it, I go, now Janette get busy!! I can always see your flower beds in my mind. What a beautiful visual. Have a great to try to catch up on some of my reading of your past blog post.

  9. You are being so productive!!! Yeah for you.
    Hugs :)

  10. Aren't the fruit blossoms just breathtaking?? A friend brought me a bunch of blossoming peach branches tonight, and I am overcome by them sitting there so gorgeous on my dining table.

  11. I can smell the hyacinth.

    Wonderful work. Enjoy the weather.

  12. Haha I hope your spotted hare recovers from measles soon! Love the heart rug too!
    Glad you have had a nice week & hope you enjoy your weekend

  13. Hyacinth are best enjoyed indoors Kim, tha color is beautiful!! I can't wait to get outside and get dirty!!

  14. ps...a day later, love the new header image!!! it's a beauty!!!

  15. You are being so creative. Loving your projects.

  16. Your rugs are always so beautiful! Love that chicken... that should be fun to do.

    I agree.. hyacinths smell so good!! One of the great heralders of spring :)

    Happy for you to be feeling better after your dental work.

    Enjoy this gorgeous season :)


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