June Morning

June Morning

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Just Thinking

This morning as I was down loading a new patch for some program on my computer. As I sat and watched the bar as it loaded, I thought to myself, what a different world I live in from my Moms world. As I sat there I thought how different the world is from 1969. She died just before her thirty-first birthday.

So this was what I was thinking, she wrote letters on a typewriter sitting at our dining room table. Now I just leave a comment on a blog, and status on Facebook or send a text on my phone. She would have never in a million years, believed some of the things I have seen on Facebook. Heck, I didn't even say the word pregnant until I was 10!

She lived a very well ordered life. None of this running about. She made her own clothes, she never let us eat anything but apples for a snack. I do not remember her ever making cookies. We also didn't go to the doctor either. She would worm us in the spring with sulfur and cream of tarter. She believed that sugar gave you bugs in your intestines and that was what made you sick. She also thought the T.V. was a huge waste of time and we had to play outside. It didn't matter if we dug to China, or if we spent days in 100 plus temperatures, we were to play outside and if we got thirsty there was the hose to drink out of.

She would read to us out-loud for hours. She would tell us stories and draw us pictures. She would tell us stories in French and work on our accents. She sewed and embroidered and did crochet. She made rugs and read books. She wrote her congressman and loved repainting furniture. She loved gardening and in the summer we only ate from the garden. People were always at our house. She was very shy and quiet, but she had such quick wit and such a dry sense of humor that when she did talk, the visitors would be laughing so hard they would be crying. She was always taking these poor mothers in who had just had a baby and the mother would sleep and sleep. ( Always in my room and my bed.) My Mom would play and take care of the babies. She really loved babies.

I always knew that God  took her home so soon, because I thought she was just perfect. In every way. I do have some things that do crop up in my brain though from time to time. She had this temper and if you made the mistake of crossing her, she could cuss better than any sailor you ever heard. Completely and utterly inventive. (Never us kids just Dad) She never ate food. She was so afraid of gaining weight she just drank iced tea. When we would bring her breakfast in bed, we always brought a glass of iced tea and a pack of cigarettes.

Our life was so much simpler in the 60s. We spent summers swimming and playing baseball. We read comic books and climbed trees. We played with kittens and puppies, because she loved animals so we always had so many around.  Once a year on the fourth of July we would get to have red Kool-Aid and hot dogs. Cooked on the BBQ. So that after the coals died down we could light our sparklers and then I would  run around like a crazy person with a wire of flaming fire in my hands. Writing my name in the sky. Then stepping on the hot wire and getting a blisters on the bottom of my feet.

We would save pop bottles and take them to the liquor store and turn them in and when we got enough money we would go to the drive in. In those days they showed a cartoon, usually Tom and Jerry. Then Dad would go to the snack bar and get grape soda and pop corn. Best stuff I had ever ate. Our Disney movie would come on and then the parent movie would come on next. We were supposed to go to sleep in the back seat with our pillows and blankets. I still have mental scars from peeking over the seat when they watched The Graduate.  

I was just thinking about all of this as I am sure she would have loved being able to type instant letters to her congressman. To have daily updates on bills that were in congress. She might even have loved Netflix. She loved babies so much I wish she had known mine. I think she would have been my greatest fan when I started home schooling and I know that we could have had such fun hooking rugs together. Since none of those things ever happened, nor will happen. I just do the next best thing. I love my kids and grand-kids for us both.
I wish you the best Forth of July, watching fireworks, eating hot dogs and maybe having Kool Aid.--- red of course.


"My mother said to me, 'If you are a soldier, you will become a general. If you are a monk, you will become the Pope.' Instead, I was a painter, and became Picasso."
Pablo Picasso

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Yay For July!

Happy July First!!! I love turning the calendar over to a new month! My sunflowers in our little garden just love hot days. I really enjoy looking out my back windows and seeing all of the happy faces.
July begins today, with thunder showers, with flashes of lighting in the dark clouds. When I went out at 5:00 A.M. It was already 83 degrees. We have a east wind blowing in off the desert. Which always makes it interesting. So glad my hydrangeas are finished blooming as east winds always just ruin my flowers.

 Today the only place it is raining is in the swimming pool. I could see the drops but the sidewalks stayed dry. This seems like August weather. We have been running a month ahead all year. I hope this means September will be like October. Last night I was getting ready to go to bed and it was still 101 on the patio.

I was going through my bookcase the other day and I found that at sometime, no memory of this, I bought a used copy of Out of Africa. By Isak Dinesin. I think it is wonderful. Her writing reminds me a bit of Willa Cather. I also have on my bedside table, A Lantern in Her Hand by Bess Steeter Aldrich, who writes I think a lot of the love of the prairie like Willa Cather. I think loving the place you live life, makes for the best stories. I think as all of these woman who write of their love for the land, and for the different moods and the sounds of the quiet and the clouds moving across the landscape, to me is a language that is better felt.

Today is one of those days for me. The feeling of the scorching, muggy, stale- already-  breathed -air, the sound of the wind as it roars through the trees. The smell of the hot earth as the rain drops hit the ground. I can almost imagine it sizzling as everything is so dry and  longing for water. I am thankful for this drought. I know odd right, but what other way do you hear people in stores, openly talking about God or in public asking for prayers for rain.  Maybe it is just living here in the mini Bible belt of California.

Just an aside. Have any of you seen that movie San Andreas? I haven't but my boys told me that in one part of the movie a helicopter crashes and all the other parts of California are orderly and nice, but when they crash in this place and there is looting and havoc and shooting and general unrest the gal asks the Rock, " Where the heck are we, and he says, " Bakersfield!" I just love how Hollywood does that.

Have a wonderful Wednesday. I am happy to say, my sister was released from the hospital yesterday. So for me it was a nice little ending of June. Onward and Upward I think. Have a wonderful day!


“There is no division nor subtraction in the heart-arithmetic of a good mother. There are only addition and multiplication.”
Bess Streeter Aldrich- A Lantern in Her Hand.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Last Monday of June

I would be remiss, if I didn't tell you that I will be really glad to turn the page over to July. My goodness what a month! Have you watched that show that comes on Monday night called American Ninja Warrior? It is about a really rough obstacle course and getting through it without falling or being too slow. I feel that is what June has been like, one giant obstacle course. I was hoping on Friday, just one normal weekend. Well, I know now that it just isn't going to happen in June.

Saturday morning, I took Sasha out it was just before the sun came up so it is that grey early morning light. Our side gate was a little ajar so I walked down to shut the gate. I looked down to my chicken coop, and what do I see, not one skunk but two. Trying to get in the chicken coop. Thinking fast, I made Sasha go in the garage. I shut the door, when there on the porch by me is skunk number one. I just took off running in my nightgown full speed to my bedroom door. Where I met Ron, who was just coming out, who had this shocked look on his face as I jetted past, " Skunk on the porch, skunk on the porch!" He went calmly back inside and got the flashlight, while saying, " Where is Sasha? I was grabbing my shoes to wear with my nightgown because that is important. " I said, I put her in the garage.

Ron shined the flashlight thinking that would get them back out in the yard, but then I got the bright idea to go open the swimming pool gate because there is a very noisy latch on it. So I went inside the pool fence and did the latch. Which did scare the skunk off of the porch. But guess where he wanted to escape to? To me, now inside the pool fence. I was backing up and backing up and then running to the other side of the pool. I looked down at the pool and thought. I will just jump in if he comes any closer, but as he was making his way around the pool fence to where I was standing, I ran out the gate and didn't have to go for a early morning swim.

Do you know those skunks can climb? Skunk number two climbed up the outside of the wire on my chicken coop and over the fence and got out that way. I didn't know they could do that. We opened the side gate when the sun was up and the skunk went out. Skunk number one was back the next night but I won't go into that.

Same day, I went in to start the dishwasher and I picked up my dishwasher soap box, and water was running out of it. Which is not good. I looked and our water purifier was spraying water and had for some time. We are getting down this routine. Ron turned the water off, and went to Lowe's to get new filters and fixed it but not without us spraying the kitchen down with water and ourselves first. The good thing is I have a clean kitchen floor, clean cabinets and it was a hot sweltering day so we dried fast and I am so glad it isn't winter.

Same day part two. We are sitting in the living room chatting with the kids because they are getting ready to attend a wedding out of town. When one of them says, " Is that water dripping out of the ceiling?" Yep. It was. Ron got the ladder and began the process of taking out the speaker in the ceiling to see where and what is leaking as the shower is above the living room. Which reminds me I need to call a plumber  today. So no showers upstairs right now. Hopefully the guy who shows up won't have to chip out tile in the shower.

Among other things, a guy stopped by yesterday and bought the Volkswagen. He came by in the morning and Ron and he dickered about it and the guy left. Then he came back later in the afternoon with cash. So that car is gone so that is good.

I did manage to hook this tiny rug. One of my pet peeves are all of these partial pieces of rug backing I have after I do a big rug, so I drew out a flag design. Not to mention I didn't have any red, white or blue, the colors I wanted so I did that thing where you get hot water and a piece of colored wool and then put the colored wool in the pot with the light wool and I loved the colors I got. I call this little mat,
Faded Glory,
Someday, I will bind rugs again. Every day though maybe I am thinking until November we have triple digits in the forecast. I can hook but the thought of binding is just it over the top. I wish I could figure out how to bind rugs while sitting in the pool.

I am starting to hum,"Somewhere over the rainbow" because I think that is where normal is living in my life right now.

I hope your week is a great one. Thank you for stopping by today,

All That is Gold Does Not Glitter---JRR Tolkien
All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Nice Summer Day

My goodness, I haven't wrote a post in a week. I couldn't believe it. This month is just flying by isn't it?
I think June will go down as one incredible crazy month. On the morning Ron went to work after the black widow bite, my sister was rushed to the hospital for a burst appendix. Then she developed ARDS which is Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. She spent a week in ICU. She was off of the machines finally last night. I am hoping that she will get to be out of ICU today. Maybe hopefully, this weekend she will be able to return home. So it has been quite a month.

I went out this morning and picked this lovely bowl of tomatoes.

 I have been making naan bread every other day. Our favorite snack is fresh tomatoes with feta sprinkled on top. Here is the wonderful site that I got the recipe off from. Mill Hill Meadow. Kerin is such a talented and fun blogger.

I worked on a couple of rugs and the mermaid rug has been tough, but I kind of like it.

My Pattern.

I will be glad to finish it.

I also worked on this little rug. I just needed to do a little red white and blue. This is from one of my favorite designers, Cathy Greschner At Red House Wool Studio

Long May She Wave.
I hope every thing has been nice going on at your house.
I wish you blessing upon blessing today.

" It is nothing short of a transformed vision of reality that is able
to see Christ as more real than the storm,
Love more real than hatred,
meekness more real than pride,
long-suffering more real than annoyance,
holiness more real than sin."
---Discipline: The Glad Surrender, p.62 Elisabeth Elliot