My Field of Dreams

My Field of Dreams

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I woke today with lots and lots of clouds. Lovely cooler weather. October weather. Before the sun was up I kept staring at the sky because I thought it was a cloudy day, as soon as it got light enough to go traipsing around I did. I feel like my brain finally came back online. I don't think we will get rain, but clouds are such a nice change from all of that sunshine.

 It is starting to look like fall around here. Here is a secret that I just told Ron the other day. I don't remember growing up, really thinking much about trees. I knew where all of the good climbing trees were and which trees tried to kill you if you climbed them, but that was about it. For the record, my favorite climbing tree was our fig trees. This tree that is now the favorite climbing tree in my yard, when I was a kid it was a killer tree, limbs would just break off for no reason. It has aged gracefully.

After we got married, we lived in town and the places we lived, planted ever green or other landscaping trees, or I was so busy, I just never noticed. That first year we moved out here, when it was fall, I got myself in a panic. I couldn't understand why all of the trees were dying. I took to dragging the hose watering every tree that just kept loosing its leaves. Finally, about November, it dawned on me. They were supposed to do that. I felt really silly. Oh, and look, I write a gardening blog. How funny is that? I still found myself even this year, pointing out to Ron our  "dying" nectarine tree. I am glad today finally looks like a fall day in October.

I finished my rug yesterday.


I like this rug, but then I say that about every thing. I drew out a couple more rugs this weekend. I am anxious to start them. I think they will be so much fun to hook. My oldest daughter, Kessie, sent me three patterns that she was dreaming about the other night. I can't wait to get those drawn out. I love how she draws and they are my favorite rug patterns. She has an art degree. Not to mention those years of art classes I took the kids to, I am so glad I did.  Now I can have a ready supply of rug patterns. I just wished I hooked faster. I sold my third rug this weekend. I love getting to do what I had only dreamed about for so long. 

I hope you have a lovely day as well. I shall enjoy this cloudy day very much. 


" A good detective is always in demand. "

---Nancy Drew Mystery Stories: The Hidden Staircase,
Carolyn Keene, 1930

xxxooo Kisses and hugs for Alex, " I love you. ---Grandma---

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday Photos

Gift from the season.
Morning Glories

The last of the crabapples 

My sweet hen

White Pumpkins
Regular pumpkins in my wooden pumpkin basket

Sunlight captured in the Morning Glories.

My favorite tool (rug hook) of choice.
Here is hoping I get to spend some time in the garden, visiting with the hens, playing with pumpkins and then
maybe a little hooking this afternoon. Just a perfect kind of day.
I hope you get to have time to do what you love today.


"Little things have big results sometimes."
---Willie Without, Margaret Moore, 1951

Friday, October 17, 2014

Keep It Real

Just thinking today. What is not to love about a Friday? I like weekends very much. I remember though, even sitting on the school bus riding home from school in grade school and thinking that Fridays were like magic. My Mom would go to the grocery store on Friday and for dinner, we could have anything we wanted. She called it Junk Night. We loved it. When I got into Junior high and I took a cooking class and learned to make those little pizzas out of canned biscuits, canned pizza sauce and pepperoni, I got my first taste of cooking and it became my favorite thing in the whole world to cook on Friday nights.

Once I started making cookies, my four brothers thought I was magic. Funny how those things make me smile and remember the good things about Fridays. The other thing about Fridays once I got into high school was football games. I loved going to football games. My son said yesterday, how much he loves going to football games and getting Frito boats and sitting in the bleachers with his hands wrapped around that bag of warm Frito's and chile. I still think it is one of mine too. It is funny how good times are about food.

My grandsons were telling me how much they love Friday nights because they get to eat pizza  in the living room on a blanket and have movie night. I love how their Mom is making celebrations of Friday too.
Here is something I have been thinking about and I have wondered about it for awhile. At sundown if you are Jewish, " It is considered a great mitzvah and responsibility to honor the Sabbath by lighting candles 18 minutes before sunset on Friday evening. This unique commandment, entrusted to the Jewish woman, is rich with meaning and purpose."

Which is the end of the week, when after God finished Creation. He rested. Which is Saturday. So just thinking, do you think we are all hard wired deep inside to somehow love Fridays too. Because it honors that? I think about it all of the time now.

So whatever I still love Fridays and to think like gravity since we can't really understand how it works if maybe loving Fridays is kind of the same thing. You know that age old saying of " What goes around, comes around."  There are laws that are around us, that we have to admit exist.

Things I like to ponder about as I am working on my rugs. I hope you have a lovely


" At my age, beauty is beside the point. Just staying alive is the goal...And nobody could mistake me for a corpse in this outfit. Dead people tend to dress much more conservatively."
---Dancing with Great-Aunt Cornelia, Anne Quirk, 1997

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Good Fences # 30

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