My Field of Dreams

My Field of Dreams
Fall Pumpkins

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Aw October

It is with such relief I greet October. If there has been a year of testing it has been the year of no rain. With October on the calendar now, there is hope of rain and of cooler temperatures. Already I see signs of the trees beginning to go to sleep. I see how tired the trees are of the heat and they seem to reflect my desire to dream in front of a log fire, watching the flames dance and change colors. Maybe I love October because my first baby was born in October and even though she is a Mom with her own kids, I don't think that first experience of holding her will ever leave my mind. Nothing had ever prepared me for that and I knew until that moment I had never known I would be a  woman who would walk in front of a train for those I loved.

Even though the mornings are beginning to be a bit chilly. I am looking forward to seeing the geese fly overhead. We have a sump almost next door, and I see the ducks and the egrets and yes, even the geese, who have waited too long at night and find that a place to rest until early morning when they go flying on their way.  We have had flocks of hummingbirds flying in now daily. I saw one the other days that was iridescent yellow and green. I have never seen that color before, it was so fast looking at me, I still wonder if that is what I saw.


 I got a new phone yesterday. I am excited about the camera and the video. Now if you tried to call me or text me, I am afraid you are out of luck. I am hoping I know how to use the phone soon. I had crash course in I Phone yesterday. My brain still hurts. That is why, I am thinking it might be nice to live here for a couple of days.  Out in the woods in that kind of cabin. 

Oh, I sold a rug. From my Etsy store. Now I lay awake at night and wonder if when the buyer gets the rug if she will want to send it back. I am scared. It is one of my chicken rugs. You know pattern by me, my art work. I laid awake last night and worried. I do hope she likes it. Now I feel like I have a job. Which is good. I needed a kick in the pants. 

I hope you have a lovely October day. Isn't there something nice to saying that? I think there is, and I woke up and thought, " Oh, lovely, lovely October. I even got up and put up my fall wreaths. 
Have a lovely day,

 " The Lord is my light and my salvation---whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life---Of
whom shall I be afraid?" 
Psalm 27:1

Monday, September 29, 2014

Perfect Weekend

After what I can only call a perfect weekend, weather wise. It makes it easier to be excited about Monday. I think having time away helps too.
Ben and Meg went to get apples on Saturday. They brought back this lovely box of apples.

The red ones taste like an apple should. I made an apple pie yesterday. The men in the family thought it was the best pie yet. This is my fifth week with no sugar so I am not going to even sample it. It is such hard work getting sugar out of my system. I feel so much better when it is gone.

There are some golden delicious, in the bottom of the box. I want to make applesauce with those. 
One thing I am glad I have is that handy-dandy apple peeler. It sure makes quick work out of a box of apples. Though peeling them with a knife gives me a chance to be working on my skill of peeling an apple in one long peel.

I just love seeing hearts in nature. I thought this one was perfect. We are almost to October. I try very hard to not be complainy  about September, but I admit to being pretty excited to saying good bye to both August and September. There is just something about the golden and blue skies of October.

I hope you have a wonderful Monday filled with good things. Being away, is always nice because I get so excited about my housework again. I really am thankful for my washing machine and my dishwasher and of course, my favorite, my vacuum. it is a bit hard to get excited about the mop. :)
Happy Monday!

Oh, I opened my Etsy store again. My link is on my side bar at the top of the page.

" It is your mission, tested and tired one, to walk out on the stage of this world and reveal to all earth and heaven that the music is not in conditions, not in the things, not in externals, but the music of life is in our own soul."
---Mrs. Charles E. Cowman--- Streams in the Desert Volume 1, pg. 301

Friday, September 26, 2014

Then Fall Arrived

Today we have clouds! We have a bit of a breeze and it looks to be a glorious day. What a way to begin Friday. If we have some cooler weather finally, before you know it I will feel like a "human bean." ( Pod, of Borrowers called human beings.)

We could even get a light dusting of snow in the mountains. One of the things I have kept track of this summer has been any sign of an El Nino year. Here are a few I have noticed.
There seems to be a big population explosion of tarantulas, who are migrating.  
Then there are the fish that are being caught off the coast. They are called Opahs. The last time they were caught off the coast was in 1998 when we had our last El Nino.

A Whale Shark in Catalina was another sign. The oceans are warm. At this point I will take anything but I always think that signs appear in nature first and if we pay attention we can notice them too. I think because I grew up living next door to my grandparents and my great grandmother and they would watch the clouds and they were very good at forecasting the weather. It was what they paid attention to and I think sometimes it is good to watch nature. On to rugs. I changed that topic pretty fast didn't I ?

Yesterday, I got my rugs out of my hope chest where I have been storing them. I put them on my bed and I was surprised at how many I have made.

I couldn't seem to get them in a good picture. I found a couple that I haven't bound so I have to get that done.
Here is my rabbit rug.

I need to get over it and get this one bound. I am sure I will like it better once I get it done. I have to go buy yarn today so I can get the rest of them bound. It is wonderful how rejuvenating the cooler weather is and how nice it is to be cold. 

I think I will finish the rest of my flowerbeds this weekend. The high tomorrow will be in the 70s I am not going to know how to act.

Have a lovely Friday,

" Master said God had given men reason, by which they could find out things for themselves, but He had given animals knowledge which did not depend on reason, and which was much more prompt and perfect in its way, and by which they had often save the lives of men."

---Black Beauty, Anna Sewell, 1877

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Home Again, and some pictures-Good Fences # 27

It is always nice to go visit some place, but I think it is always so nice to get back home. There is something about walking in the door and all that I love is all in one place. Sleeping in my own bed is nice too.

On our way home yesterday I did manage to get a few pictures. Not as many as I liked, because I was anxious to get home. We stayed in Folsom, California. It is just a beautiful place but kind of funny I thought.
We left the hotel, and went down this little two lane road out into the country side.

This is how it looked. just oak trees and rolling hills. Miles and miles of it. I expect that when it is green it is something to behold. There were cattle. Lots of cattle but that was it. As far as you could see in every direction. I know there were mountains to the east but the smoke from the fire kept the mountains hidden.

On our way to the freeway, we had to drive through this little town called Elk Grove. It was a nice place. I loved all of the fruit stands, and gardens and farms. There were lots of strawberry stands that were still selling strawberries and the apple orchards were starting to sell apples.

Then we saw this and we just had to stop.

This was a business in town and they had all of this really cool stuff around it. It was a real estate office. We walked around it and we never saw anyone. This Indian was huge and made of cement. Then there was this guy.

He was huge too. A giant buffalo.

I loved the old covered wagon. I had never seen one close up. I just can't imagine going all across the country in one for weeks and weeks. We were very close to Sutter's Mill. I wish we had time to go explore more.

Then out by the road was the sign for the business. An old boot. I thought it was great too. So many old antiques were around there. Most of it I didn't know what it was used for.

If this had had a for sale sign on it, it would have come home with me. I just loved it. I could see it in my house. Isn't is awesome?

Then on the way home I did manage to get a picture of a giant field of pumpkins.

Can you see how big it is? There were fields like this filled with them these they haven't started harvesting yet. I couldn't get the picture of the white pumpkin field but it was just as big. On the other side of the road was where they were putting them on trucks. What I thought was interesting is they harvest them just like I did, bent over one at a time. All by hand.

We finally have a cool down coming, it should be here tonight. We might even have snow in the mountains. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

I hope you have a lovely Thursday.


" A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it. "
---George Augustus Moore.---

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