May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Rugs and Pugs Giveaway

This mornings sky

One thing that is so good about being a blogger, is the friendships you make in the blogging community.
Other social media sites cannot even begin to touch that. The friends I have made, and the people I have met have enriched my life in just about every area. Being a blogger myself, has helped me do things like rug hooking, sewing, doing wood projects and sharing my life out loud. Things I would have never tried before 2009 when I started blogging. I really am shy and would rather be a hermit.

One of the fantastic bloggers I have met has been Lauren at Rugs and Pugs. 
I have learned so much from Lauren, she has just shared things she has learned along the way and because of her gentle way of leading, I think I have become a better hooker. (rug) She also does wonderful giveaways.

This week I received my box from her. It was just a joy to open as it was filled with everything I love. Not to mention made by Lauren. First of all there was this lovely paisley emery strawberry.

With wool she has over dyed.

Isn't is pretty. When you become obsessed by wool like I have, this really to me is better than chocolate.

She also added something for my rug hooker necklace.

 Isn't that pretty. She makes such lovely things out of silver spoons. I just love this with the K on it.

So if you get a chance go over and read Lauren's lovely blog and I if you haven't met her yet, you will find out how giving and nice she is, not to mention just kind all of the time. Thank you so much Lauren.

I also managed to finish my heart rug by Cammie Bruce.

Primitive Junky
The colors aren't really true this morning as I grabbed the last bit of sunlight before the clouds rolled in.
We have storms lined up to Hawaii so I am hoping to get this bound today. So I have one rug I finished in January. Yay me.

This morning I thought I was seeing things. I got new glasses and of course, they gave me a migraine maybe worse than I have ever had in my life. So not wearing glasses at all right now. That is why my above picture the K is upside down. So that is why I thought I was seeing things until I got right up to it.

 Silly hydrandga thinks it is spring. I told it that snow levels are going to be down to the valley floor and it is going to get cold so it better not fall for this weather thinking it is spring, but of course, they never learn. Still is looks pretty all among the brown.

I hope you have a lovely weekend. I hope to keep my hands busy. Well, if I can stop staring out the windows in anticipation of the rain. Have a lovely weekend,


 "I was never any good at remembering dates, but now I hardly have to. When the first bulb catalogs get delivered and the hens start laying again, that's all the notice I'll need to know that winter has passed."
---Susan Orlean


  1. I'm a huge fan of Lauren too - she's so generous with her tutorials and shares so much good information! I'm with you - love how blogging creates a sense of community among us, even though we live far, far apart! Your paisley strawberry emery is so sweet - I bet it's little? And some yummy wools she sent you too! Love your heart rug - I just have to whip the edges of a rug and I'll have my first finish of the year too!

  2. Congratulations Kim on winning Lauren's give away. She has a great big heart and she gives us pieces of it all the time. The wool looks so nice. I know you'll put it to good use.

    Oh wow, having Spring signs already... So far, I can't complain about the winter. It's been really mild lately but no buds yet. lol...The sky is blue and the sun is shining and I'm happy.

    It happened to me once with new glasses. I couldn't see well with them and the optometrist said I would get used to them but I couldn't wear them. I went back in and told him I couldn't see well after a week and he looked at my file and said "No wonder, I gave you the wrong Prescription glasses"

    I got my new glasses but I never went back to that optometrist. I like the one I have now, he's pretty conscientious.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Congrats ! Lovely post and photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  4. Oh my goodness! I think my head is beginning to swell with all the kind words. I do agree that blogging is much more personal than other social media. I, too, have many new friends and like you, I am basically a shy person.
    You give me too much credit. I think I only overdyed one of the wools and that check is unwashed for you to overdye. I'm just happy the box went to one of my most faithful readers!
    Your heart rug came out very sweet.
    We are having a mild day here on Ohio's north coast. I raked up some leaves from my little brick patio. I hope our plants don't get confused because winter is NOT over in Ohio.
    Hugs :)

  5. Hi Kim, love your quote. Wonderful gift from your friend, and your heart rug is really sweet, I like the single red heart. That rose is beautiful, my roses don't always do so well. Wow, I want to reach into the computer screen and touch that wool, I understand your excitement, but, better than chocolate? ha! We're to get a huge whopping snow storm starting on Monday. We're set with plenty of firewood.

  6. Congrats on your win! May be a silly question but what is a rug hooked necklace? : )

  7. Hi Kim....can you believe? I can finally comment on your blog....will wonders ever cease? Love your heart cute. Re: glasses, since my surgery, I use those reading glasses you can get at the store, they seem to work well, I have about a dozen laying around the house in different, my newest ones are 275 and seem to work well, but I still have to lean into the computer to see up far vision is good still. Have a great day and keep up the great work. PS loved your son's wedding and that video was wonderful!!!!

  8. Hi Kim, I hope you've resolved the issues with your new glasses and not having migraines. Those who give(like you)are given to again and again. What a lovely friend you have; you deserve her because you are a wonderful friend. When I first started blogging I had no idea how important and precious the friends I'd make would be. What a blessing.
    Hugs, Noreen

  9. Love your heart rug-it is very pretty. I know spring is coming because I got my first bulb magazine in the mail last week- only I am worried about the crazy warm weather we are having now. I saw a young girl in shorts out and about today- it was in the upper sixties- trying for 70. Crazy for January!

  10. What a great box full of treasures! It sounds like you really had fun opening it! I hope your hydrangea is ok...mine did the same thing in December. For the past two years they've barely made it through the cold winter, and now this year they might not make it because it was too warm. Go figure! Have a great weekend!

  11. Wonderful gifts, Kim! Our tulips have appeared poking through the ground! Surely they know there will be more winter! xo Nellie

  12. Not a migraine! I was hoping you were done with those. I'm looking forward to our storm, too. The snow will be down to 3000 feet, which is a big deal for Arizona! I hope we get lots of really cold storms. The mosquitos have been hatching in this darned warm weather, and I'm not ready for them yet.

  13. Wonderfull gits and firts photo landscpe pets, greeting from Belgium

  14. Lucky you! Such pretty give-away goodies. Blogging has given me fresh ideas and inspiration to do projects too. I love that.

  15. Wow, I just love what you received. Wool IS better than chocolate, lol!! I'm newer to blogging and I already see what you mean about the wonderful friendships that develop, there are very special people out there.

  16. Lucky you Kim, what beautiful, special items you received!!

  17. So happy you won, and I love the things she sent you!
    Love your hearts too.
    Hope you fare well through the rest of winter.

  18. Lucky you ! Congratulations on your win.
    Your rug is lovely - all those pretty blue shades. I love to watch and anticipate weather. Your quote at the end is funny and spot on.

  19. Aw! Lauren's gifts are treasures! The paisley emery is SO cute and the wools look lovely!
    Yes, storms are a coming! We're ready.
    I agree with you that blogs are the BEST and so much better than social media.
    Sending love your way!

  20. I love surprise boxes in the mail and what a great one you received. I can't wait to see what you do with the wool. I'm sorry about your new glasses and I hope you get that issue worked out soon....By the way, I love your heart rug....

  21. nice giveaway win! LOVE your first shot!!

  22. Ahhh, that Lauren is a gift in and of herself, no? It was people like her who made me fall in love with blogging in the first place so many years ago. I have not been faithful with it (so many long stories), but some friendships - including ones like Lauren's - have held steadfast. That is one reason I am going to give this a try again. I may not be here every day or for every post...but my heart will be. Enjoy your wonderful wins! We are battening down for another round of Old Man Winter's pranks...21 in. of snow is on its way so I've heard. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  23. Such a sweet friend you have and how kind of her to send you all those lovely items :)

    Yes... Yay, you! Glad you finished the rug, and it is so cute!

    Cannot believe you guys have trees and hydrangeas budding out. Hope it means an early spring :)


  24. I love all of your gifts, Kim!
    I'm a collector of wool too, but I
    haven't done much with it yet.


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