May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Gifts from Afar

We have had a few storms. Enough to make the first couple of inches soil damp. Ron is doing his after Christmas disking. Except this year he will be turning this into a parking lot again. We have engagement party here on January 16th. The weathermen say El Nino hasn't kicked in yet. In a normal rain year we get about 6 inches of rain a year. The last time we had a El Nino we had 16 something, 13 inches in January alone. So this is like really, really throwing the dice. We had a very nice Christmas. Yes, everything is put away today. Nothing remains except the tons of food. We have 22 days to pull this engagement party off.

That aside, I have this friend I met though blogging. A beautiful blog named Dog Trot Farm. 
I think that is why blogging is so addictive.  You meet the nicest people. They share your life and you share theirs. When I first found blogging and found Julie and all of the wonderful happenings on Dog Trot, I was entranced. She not only was the most incredible photographer. She hooked rugs, and she had chickens.

I read her stories and I had chickens and I thought, could I be like Julie? She really was my inspiration. Never in my wildest dreams did I think she and I would become friends, living--- me in California and she in Maine. But we are.

She sent me a box filled with love this Christmas. She sent me this snowman chair pad and I have it out on my bench, and it looks like she made it just for there.

She sent some Maine Taffy.
This lovely hen and her egg

Julie knows how I love Christmas Socks or just socks period.
So if you have never met Julie or visited with her at Dog Trot, stop in and you will be so glad you did. Thank you so much Julie.

I have told you that Makenzie is a professional photographer. For Christmas she took pictures secretly of everyone. She was even going to fly to Arizona to take Kessie's and her hubby's pictures. Things just got so crazy and Kessie had just had Sophie. But she was going to try anyway. She took Ron and my photo and I will even show you because I think it is the first photo of myself I have ever liked. Well except the previous one of me and Santa.

She even had them framed. So there we are, I hope when Kessie comes for a visit in the spring we can have some more photos done. I love how our family is ever expanding. I am so thankful for the gifts God continues to send our way.

Anyway, that is how it has been, life continues to be rewarding, busy and I really still don't know what end is up. It is all good though. I am of course, very, very thankful. God is good, all of the time.


There is much more snow now.
"Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own; and from morning to night, as from the cradle to the grave, it is but a succession of changes so gentle and easy that we can scarcely mark their progress."
---Charles Dickens


  1. Such sweet gifts! Perfect!
    We took down the tree, too.
    Very cute photo, Cutie Pie!

  2. What a beautiful photo of you and Ron and family members....
    How sweet of Julie to send you some Christmas presents just in time for Christmas. I always enjoy reading her blog and she always leave me sweet comments. A very special lady.

    You are the quickest person I know to put Christmas away. Mine stays till the Epiphany, January 6th.

    A wedding in January. Wow, that was fast also...
    You've had a lot of practice so it should be easier this time around.
    All the best.

  3. What a nice Maine friend. She knows you.

    You and Ron are a very handsome couple! You're such a cutie pie. Nice photo collection.

    Wishing you all the best as you make ready for the Big Party! Prayers that all will go just right.

  4. Lovely gifts. Julie is a wonderful person. I can't believe you have everything out away already. I'm just starting to enjoy the decorations now that I can relax.

  5. Kim, I love the picture of you and your sweet hubby. You are beautiful just as I had expected......Sounds like a great friend you have there to send you such wonderful gifts at Christmas....I know you are excited about the engagement party. I am sure it will go off without a hitch....Hugs...

  6. I know Julie and she is a sweetheart.

    I wish you the perfect weather for the upcoming event.

  7. Your pictures are wonderful, hope all goes great with the party! I love Julie and her blog, love the snowman too!

  8. You're having a busy new year...already! I love the pictures. What a great gift! I'll have to stop over and visit Julie's blog. Thanks for the heads up!

  9. Your family photos are special and lovely. I like how they are all arranged in one frame.
    What a treasure to have such a special friend in Maine.

  10. I'm sure the engagement party will be wonderful!!!
    Julie is a sweetheart, isn't she? What wonderful gifts you received.
    Oh, those pictures are wonderful and that is a great picture of you and hubby.
    Hugs :)

  11. Kim, thank you for the kind nice to have such a talented photographer joining the family...Such a lovely photo of you and Ron, I can feel the love between the two of you...a strong bond... Kessie and husband will complete the lovely family picture frame...Is your son's wedding in the near future? You are such a busy lady, I just know the party will be lovely...Happy New Year ...Julie...

  12. I do read Julie's blog...I love her, too. Busy times for the photos! xo

  13. sweet and thoughtful gifts. good luck on the party prep!

  14. Sounds like you are busy. I hope you get moisture. I really like the family photos. I need to try and do something like that with our family.

  15. Glad you enjoyed your Christmas and all the celebrations. Kind of envious yours is all put away for another year, though I am still kind of enjoying mine. Will probably start on that though on Wed. You are going to busy I am sure as you prepare for that party, but a good busy like you said. I am LOVING that picture of you and your hubby. Soo good! Many blessings to you! Enjoy your week!

  16. Sweet friend... so kind of her to send you so many goodies. I'll have to visit her blog :)

    Love the pictures that Mackenzie took of you all... you guys are darling:)

    It's going to be a great party, I'm sure! You guys are very good at doing big parties :)

    Have a sweet week.

  17. If you could see me smiling Kim, you and I are so much alike,I too, do not like to see myself photographed! Yours is beautiful, I think this is a very special gift!
    We have had and continue to have so much rain, and very unusual temps. it hit 80 degrees on Christmas dayI have almost forgot what the sun looks like, ~smile~
    Like you I have met so many friends here in Blogland, you being one of them! Your friend Julie has blessed you with some wonderful gifts!
    What a wonderful way to start the New Year with a wedding! and what a joy it has been for me to see your family grow!
    Wishing you and your family a most blessed and Happy new Year!
    Hugs from me to you!

  18. sweet gifts!!! i LOVE the collage of pictures, it is beautiful and i LOVE the frame!!! and that is a good picture of you!!!!

    do you have snow?????

  19. SNOW???? Jealous!!!! Such sweet gifts! I'll go check out her blog for sure! The pictures are fantastic. I especially love the one of you and Ron!


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