May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, March 24, 2014

Dreaming of April

I love March. I also love April. We got married in April so it always seems a special kind of month because of that. We will be married 34 years this year. It never seems that long when I think of how much life is packed into those 34 years. More on that later.

We finally sat out in the back yesterday with a pencil and paper and drew out garden plans. We both decided we are completely-without-a-doubt-certifiably-nuts! I have always had the  goal of having a garden from one end to the other of the field  and have lots and lots of things planted. We might make it halfway this year. What are we going to do about water? No clue, because we are still in dreaming stage and I do have the seeds though.

I had to go in for a eye exam last week. I could read every chart. I have better than 20/20 vision now. Isn't that amazing! The doctor doing the exam, was doing his job and had not read through my chart. Here I am acting like it is Christmas because I can read and see and even down to the very smallest letters. Finally, he  thumbed back through my chart then he understood why, not that I was some crazy woman.
 I had noticed with my current glasses I keep looking over the tops of the lens because I see better now without them. I do feel like the bionic woman about half the time.

Last night we were sitting outside on the patio. Nik and Ems came over and came out to say hi and it was dark as we had watched the sun set and then sat though the twilight and we were watching that velvety blackness that comes after the twilight. The lights were on in the house and as I turned my head Em could see my new lens. She said it looks like I have a diamond in my eye. She said, it reflects like a cat eye. Isn't that cool? Well, once I got over the creepy part. I think it is now. I just wish I could see in the dark like a cat.

I am so thankful today. Life is filled with such good things. I hope you have a wonderful day. We got two flower beds cleaned. I even planted my back flowerbed with a whole box of zinnia seeds. I hope they all grow. I would love to have all of those happy flowers growing back there.

Now though, thoughts of gardening must wait, I have chicks to feed and change their cage. Hens to feed and mountains of laundry and floors to mop and vacuum and then maybe a tiny bit of sewing if I can manage.
Rachel had her babies on Friday night. They are in NICU. Olivia was a little over 2 pounds and Riley was 1 pound 14 ounces. Mommy and babies are doing well. Such tiny little girls. Each one such a miracle. They have to grow now. They are 30 weeks. They posted pictures yesterday of Mommy and Daddy holding them.

Have a lovely day.


I walk forward
  one step at a time,
       fully trusting
            the light God sheds
                         is absolutely sufficient.

---Stormie O'Martian---Just Enough Light For The Step I Am On.


  1. A giant garden? Pace yourself, woman! Think of August!

    That's near about your eye! A diamond, huh? Wow.
    I wish for more chicky pics...

  2. Sending my best for Rachel and the babies! They are tiny!

    Those are great garden plans. Keeping it watered could be a chore, though.

    Have a great Monday! Sounds like you will be busy! xo Nellie

  3. A beautiful post Kim! A diamond in your eye, what a perfect description!

  4. bionic cat woman with a gardening sickness. :)

  5. Our garden will seem downright puny next to yours ... I'll bet our whole back yard is puny compared to your garden! I love that diamond in your eye!

  6. I so enjoyed your post! I feel like I was walking through the garden with you!

    Such tiny babies! They will grow and prosper.

  7. Great report from the doctor! Yea! Pray the babies will thrive and be able to go home soon!!

  8. Love your sunflowers. Took that 'what flower are you' test online, and yep that was my flower. Couldn't be more pleased. I'm growing seedlings now under grow lights. Not sure I can do that (are they better sowed in ground?), but I shall see. Funny about eyes. I take my glasses off driving at night--can see better. Must have cat eyes. My eye doctor says this happens. Nice to meet you :) Shells–Tales–Sails

  9. Wow sounds like a wonderful plan on the garden! And better than 20/20? Doesn't get any better huh? Praise God! Such tiny babies...may the Lord bless them always and may they grow strong in every way! Congrats to them! HUGS

  10. WoW! Kim you are so busy, I love that you and Ron get together and plan your garden, we do the same.You know they say "Two heads are better than one."~smile~ We have been busy with our garden too, and have planted so many things, I am now going to begin to think on my flower beds, and like you there will be zinnias, the first flower I was introduced to by my grandmother, first we have got to get through March, we are expecting very cold temps. and freezing rain tomorrow. So glad to hear the babies are doing well, prayers going their way.

    I am so happy your eyes are doing so well! I am in need of an eye exam, sometimes I see better afar with them off. hmmm!
    Happy gardening,

  11. We are certified nuts in the garden too :-) Glad your vision is like a diamond now-

    Happy spring!


  12. Oh that would be so much fun to have a garden that big!! It's probably good I don't have as much space as you do right now or I would fill the entire pasture.

  13. Wonderful news about your eyes, modern medical techniques are just amazing!! Beautiful flowers Kim, I am longing for April's beauty as well!! We are expecting more snow tomorrow!!

  14. My heart just jumped with the blessing of your eyes! God is so good and faithful and I am so glad this is over. Enjoy those youthful eyes!! I know you will.
    We celebrate 34 in June...time does fly.
    Enjoy your day!! Hugs and soooooooooo excited for your and your new vision!!!

  15. So glad your eyes are doing so great.
    It will be so rewarding to plant a garden and watch it grow again!
    What a blessing the babies are doing well. I will pray for their health.


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