May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Today on Tuesday

To tell you the truth, I get more things accomplished when my to do list is a mile long. I realized that I am by nature a very lazy woman. On my own, I want to sit and stare out the window, watch chickens, drink coffee and read books. I am too lazy to sew or hook much. I thought today if I wrote down a list, that might motivate me. It didn't. I went in the kitchen and fixed two eggs, a piece of ham and some English muffins and a pot of coffee. Then drowned it in salsa. I did get  drawer cleaned out in my hutch.

I walked around and counted my blessings one by one. I think though I have become a grumbler. I don't like being a grumbler because I miss the blessings that are all around me. Do you want to know why I am being a grumbler, I know you don't but humor me.

Today is a beautiful clear day. The air is cool and inviting. Just begging me to come outside and play and work in the flowerbeds. The meadow larks are singing off in the distance and my roosters are crowing and the sound of little chick peeps are so captivating.

I know I should never look to the future, nor trust the weather man. But yesterday, the weatherman said that on Saturday it will be 114 degrees. 114 **** degrees!! My chickens start dying at 105 degrees. I am hoping and praying he is wrong and will change the forecast as it gets closer to the weekend.

I have been out of sorts since then. So here is trying to put on a happy face and enjoy the days until Thursday when the thermometer starts to rise.

Well now that I have told you, I will move on and get some work accomplished. I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday, I really hope I didn't ruin your day.
~A sort of grumpy, Kim~


  1. oh, no! so early in the season, too! just brutal! i hope it does not come to fruition!

  2. 114??? in early June??? You may have to put A/C in the coop. That forecast would make me grumpy too.

  3. Oh my...You have every reason to be grumpy. At 114, that is brutal. I'd be dead. That is very hot. I think that you need to install an air condidtioner in the coop or put more insulation against the heat, the poor girls.

    I get days when I don't feel like going out in the garden when it's hot and muggy but once I'm there, I get going... it's the first step that is so hard to take. It's always easier early in the morning but that's when I'm at the farm.

    I hope that you take it easy on yourself and you are certainly not lazy, you just need to take in consideration that you are no longer a spring chicken. There will be days when you just don't have the energy.

    Always take time to say what is in your heart.
    Big hugs my friend,

  4. Hi there Kim,
    Boy can I relate wanting to sit and stare out the window and read books! In my case it's sit and watch the garden grow and look at Pinterest! I also like to complain and grumble about the climate here... but I really don't think I could take 114 degrees!!! OMG this northern girl would completely melt away!! I sure hope your weather guy is wrong!! When it does get near 100 here I live in AC iand tend to get more hooking done! Feel free to express those feelings my dear lady... stay safe and I'll be praying for you and those sweet chickens!
    p.s. your pattern is on it's way! Thanks so much Kim!!
    Cathy G

  5. What the heck? It's only supposed to be 108 here! I just checked Hanford and they only say 110. I'll bet they're revising and revising the forecast. If the deserts don't get that hot, the valley can't. Maybe it's the "feels like" temp?

  6. You are not one bit lazy. Not one bit. You are VERY productive, but you are still recovering from the wedding and you must give yourself some grace. The Lord will protect the chickens.
    Hook and drink lots of coffee. Drown everything in salsa. Why not?
    I'm free! Yay! I'm so happy!

  7. hoping all goes well, grumpy little me would rather sit there with you and compare notes on lots of books! and surely stare out the window,if it gets over 100 here, I will not go out at all, hugs friend

  8. ohmy...114??? Other than that little piece of disturbing news, I did enjoy your post today...wandering around and not getting much accomplished. I fear my days will soon be more like that. There's always tomorrow, hey? 'Cept when there will be no more tomorrows.

  9. Oh, my! That is much too hot, Kim! Are you able to put the chickens in the shade somewhere? Do you ever have fans in the chicken coop? I guess that's showing you what I don't know about chickens.:-) xo Nellie

  10. Can you put misters out to the chickens? (I mean come of if the maples gets misters the chickens should too... lol).

    I'm choosing to ignore the forcast. It's June, and I know whatever the forcast says, it won't be pretty. So I'm just going to go about my business thinking that oh, it must be getting cooler, because there is a breeze, right? Heh.

    And it makes me feel much better to hear you say you are a lazy woman. I have felt so lazy and unmotivated lately, so I am glad I'm not the only one who wants to sit around and read books.

  11. Sorry grumpy. Your anguish is my giggle. You're just too funny to take seriously. :) But, I am praying with you that the weatherman is wrong. I begin to wilt at 85 degrees. I can't even imagine 114!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  12. I do hope your weatherman is wrong...thats too hot for just about everything. Lists don't help me either, I'm either motivated or not...lately I am not...glad I am in good company

  13. Lazy? You? I think not! :) But you know what...thinking about temps like that would make me fell grumpy too, guaranteed. That's just too hot...I hope they're wrong, for your sake and for your chickens!

  14. Ha ha that was written very humorously. Note to you: Everyone grumbles when it is 114. I am glad I got out of dodge when I did. I grumble when the weatherman keeps saying severe weather today tomorrow and Thursday but the blessings are that He has protected us and I haven't had to water our gardens.

  15. Oh Kim! That's awful! I'm praying that God will provide protection for your chickens. {{{hug}}}.

    I wish a long list would motivate me. I was a little productive today. I told myself that if I did a few hours of work around the house, I could spend the next few hours quilting. It worked - I still have plenty to do around the house, but less than I did when I got up this morning. ;-)

  16. Kim
    You didn't ruin my day. Your beautiful hydrangeas put a smile on my face-they are my favorite!
    I do hope you don't get that horrible heat they're predicting. I can understand why you're worried!

  17. My friend 114 degrees is just plain hot! Stay cool and keep your chickens cool too.


  18. oh kim, that is worry some but try not to ruin today, worrying about tomorrow!!

    perhaps it will be a good day to float in the pool. i am good at that!!

  19. In one of my pamphlets on chicken keeping they said to try to keep a mister going on in the coop and keep throwing ice in the run because the ground may be hot for the chickens to walk on.They also said to freeze water and herbs in a bundt pan, take it out and let the chickens play with it. I'm sure you already know all these tips Kim. I hope they will be okay, its such a worry.

  20. Oh no...not in June! What will this summer be? I am off to check if we are heating up that badly here too...I might join you on the grump wagon. : /

  21. That is too hot to smile.Your not grumpy or lazy just hot! This is some crazy weather.Hugs Cheri


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