May 23rd 2018

May 23rd 2018

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Just Chickens

Summer may not feel like it is over here, but my hens have got the signal it is time to molt. No this is not them.
I would not post a picture of naked chickens on a family friendly blog. I have had to let them out during the day because I just feel so sorry for them panting in the coop, it is cooler out in the grass. Today when I went out to give them a snack of bread, it looked like the hawk had been there. I have to count and walk all over the yard and it is that they are just molting. My coop looks like every morning there was some kind of hen slaughter in the night. At least it is still warm while they are loosing feathers. I always feel so sorry for the ones who loose all of their feathers about the time the first frost arrives.

My Silkies are all grown up now. Today my husband was watching them race all over the yard like little kids. Have you ever noticed that little kids run everywhere? That is what these guys do, up and down and all over the yard. The roosters are so fuzzy now that they look like they are wearing furry chaps.

One thing I noticed about my hens when they molt is they turn into the weirdest chicken. It must hurt because they seem to get kind of sick they want to stay away from the other hens and they seem to scream a lot. I have also noticed that the one hen that was ostracized in the spring and they kept her feathers picked out so she was almost bald all year, is growing in feathers the other hens don't seem to notice.
 Every year it is a different hen on the bad list. I wish I knew what it was to put them there, but then I guess I would have to know chicken.

 The little black one continues to be my favorite. Even though the white rooster is very sweet. At least until the spring. I have caught him a couple times chasing the dog. The black one thinks I am his hen. He drops his wing and walks sideways up to me. He offers me choice sticks and leaves all the while telling me that they are good, good, good. He drops them and looks so disappointed I don't eat them.
I hold both roosters so that maybe they won't turn into little balls of feathers that attack me when I go to feed and collect eggs.

It has been a while since I wrote about my little flock. They continue to be such a nice diversion. Once it cools down, I won't have to worry about them dying for awhile.
I hope your Sunday is just a perfect day,


  1. I enjoy hearing about the adventures of your chickens...they're such interesting creatures. Your little black and white ones look so soft...almost cuddly. (a cuddly chicken??!) :) I sure hope it cools down for them soon. How hot is it still?

  2. That must be the hard part, them not living long. Great pics!

  3. It's always nice reading about your chickens but I worry about you getting grey hair with worry about your chickens. I didn't know that the chickens moulted so much in the heat. I hope that they grow their new feather in time for the winter or you may have to knit them little outfit to keep them warm.

    My those Silkies are pretty and soft looking.

    I'm sick with a cold and have to cut pies at the church all day unless They can find somebody else to do the job. I might have to wear a mask.



  4. Kim ~ I know how you feel. One of my chickens is molting right now and I feel very sorry for her. It's kind of chilly here in the mornings. I am always thinking about whether she is cold.
    Have a great day ;-)

  5. Hello, enjoyed your Sunday post on your chickens. I didn`t know they molt, interesting. Enjoy the day, Blessings Francine.

  6. Screaming, naked chickens....oh dear. But just about fell off my chair when the black rooster started to flirt with you. LOL

  7. I didn't realize that chickens molted ... but there's a lot about chickens that I don't know and am learning from you. ;-)

  8. I love reading your posts. Especially like the story of the black rooster. :-)

  9. i love that the little rooster courts you. :) too cute. i hope the hens can grow good feathers before the temps drop off.

  10. So funny about the naked chickens! :-) It is so sweet how you care for them...they are blessed chickens to live with you!

  11. Hi Kim!
    I like this nice and newsy chicken post!
    I have been away because our little Lizzy was diagnosed with Hirschsprung's disease and needed surgery. She is healing now and will stay at the hospital until Monday or Tuesday. We are so thankful for her and so thankful for the doctors and Children's Hospital.
    Jenny and Scott are handling this well and are so relieved and thankful that they can bring her home soon.
    I'm tired, but grateful.

  12. I love reading about your girls. They are so pretty. My husband has a roped off portion in the backyard. I haven't said anything yet, I hoping there might be a surprise coming my way. I'm afraid to ask. If he says it's for something other than my chicken coop, you will here me screaming all the way to your house. It won't be a very pretty sight.!!! LOL!!!

  13. We saw some Silkies at a Country Fair yesterday! They are beautiful. There were also some really pretty black ones. I hope no problems will arise with molting season.

    xo Nellie

  14. Glad you keep it family friendly here! When it gets cooler, we can knit them sweaters. :) Thinking of you!:)

  15. I always enjoy your chicken posts. I hope your little silkies stay tame! I imagine they will since their human interaction is only one person. Once they attack other people, who beat them off, they're ruined.

  16. Love your posts about the 'girls.'


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