May 23rd 2018

May 23rd 2018

Monday, September 24, 2012

Fairy Rings and Other Stuff

Can you see that this is a fairy ring, sort of, if you look at it just right. This is from last year, I haven't had one this year as close to as good as this one. I have to tell you this cute story.
I have been watching a place in our yard where they mushrooms have come up. I kept watching and hoping some more would pop up and I would have a ring. Then I could go sit in the middle and wish for something really, really big. But it was 101 and no more mushrooms popped up.

I had gone in the garage to get something and I looked out in the yard through the window in the garage, and there was my husband out there picking the mushrooms in the yard, and he was shaking each one in a circle, so that I might get a fairy ring. I thought it was the sweetest thing I ever saw, even better than a dozen roses. I told him too.
But then my chickens ate them but it was the thought, right? Better than a real fairy ring.

I don't know if you have ever noticed by now that I am a terrible coward at night. I cannot make myself hardly go outside after the sun sets. We haven't seen very many skunks lately and I know I am getting lax in watching for them. Last night right before bed I decided to just take Sasha out without turning on any lights or taking a flash light. I don't know if you noticed but last night the moon was really bright. Not bright enough though like a full moon but bright enough so it casts shadows. Sasha won't go do her thing unless I am off the porch and sidewalk standing in the yard with her since all of the skunk encounters this summer. I walked off the sidewalk and she was standing behind me. I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye, I yelled this kind of strangled scream as my whole body jumped sideways. Ron was coming out the back door as I made this sound and Sasha was trying to see what was causing all of this ruckus. Then to my chagrin, I realized it was my own shadow.
It would have been okay if it had been just Sasha and me but he saw the whole thing, the jump sideways, the alert dog and the scream. You know of course, he doubled over laughing right? Once I could breathe normally I did too. I never could get Sasha to go to the bathroom she kept staring into the dark for some creature that was sneaking around the yard.

After last week when I wrote my post about a ordinary day and the week was anything but ordinary, I didn't want to jinx this week so I waited until this day was almost over.
I know the calendar says fall now, but somewhere it hasn't made it to here. It was 101 yesterday.
My chickens think they are supposed to live permanently in the back yard. They think they are on vacation. I am getting maybe two eggs a day.

Just some odds and ends today. Have a great week!



  1. You're darn right it's the thought that counts! What a sweetheart you've got there! Lucky girl! And nice of you to give him a good laugh in return. LOL You're a riot!

  2. My sister was a middle-aged adult before she over came her fear of the dark. It's my fault I use to always delight in jumping out and scaring her.

    That is the sweetest thing your honey did. I love gifts like that. You know it's from the heart. Hubby brings me rocks and they are better than flowers any day of the week. He simply says I saw this rock and thought of you. we have lots of rocks so he thinks of me a lot.

  3. What a sweetie the Mr. is. Having just celebrated my 34th wedding anniversary, I know how much those little gestures mean. Is it still hot there? I'll do my best to send cool breezes. In the dark of night I put on a head lamp, keeps my hands free, cause you never know what might be lurking in the darkness!!!! Hugs Julie

  4. Aww, that's so nice! Maybe you'll get a fairy ring next time it gets cloudy. The chickens ate the mushrooms, though?? Won't they die??

    Supposedly it'll be 89 tomorrow. I just hate having to close up the house and turn the air on. I'm ready for it to not be 100. I've got my hands full of commissions right now (looking for a new one later in the week!) No news on the big prayer request, but it's only Monday. :-)

  5. first, your hubby is so sweet. adorable. second, you made me laugh at you jumping out of your skin. we're still 95 during the day, here. yup, fall takes a little while to come to our territories.

  6. Oh Kim, too funny. It'd good to laugh at ourselves every now and then. I have never heard of the Fairy rings. I will be on the lookout next spring and summer for mushrooms in a ring.

  7. Your husband sprinkling the mushrooms in a circle is the sweetest thing I've ever heard.

  8. Now that's the sweetest thing I ever heard of. Just so sweet having a husband trying to make a fairy ring grow just for you....
    It doesn't get any better than this.

    I looked up fairy rings on the web and they can get very large. I used to have some small rings on my front lawn a few years ago but I haven't seen any lately.

    Now being scared of your own shadow is pretty funny. Maybe you've been watching too many Dr Who videos. I wish I would have seen that, Your husband was watching over you in the background and that too is sweet.

    Love the lightheartedness of your post.


  9. How sweet of your hubby to provide you with a fairy ring ... and a snack for your girls. ;-)

    Jumping at your own shadow sounds like something I'd do ... I am fearful of the dark as well and can be pretty jumpy as a result. ;-)

  10. That was one of the sweetest stories I have heard for a while. What a great guy you have got over there. I love hearing stories like this. As for jumping at your own shadow? Well, what can I say? Soo something I would do, haha!

    Yes, this heat is just soo horrid. I think pretty much the entire month of Sept. has been a skillet. Surely, it is almost over...sigh.

    Enjoy your week. Oh, btw, I LOVE random posts like this. : )

  11. Kim, I have jumped at my own shadow lots of times in the middle of the night, outside with the dog. Too funny. At least I think no one has seen me do it :)
    The mushroom story is the sweetest thing. You are blessed.

  12. Oh gosh you should see me at night. 25 and I'm still scared of the dark. Sometimes if I'm really creeped out I still jump into bed from far away to avoid anything grabbing me... That is so sweet that dad was trying to plant you a fairy ring. And too bad the chickens thought they were a snack. ;)

  13. I hear you! We went to take our new lil puppy out the other night and we had a possum up on our fence.Ewe! We too get skunks often in our yard and I hate to even go out in the dark myself.

    Thanks for the visit! Riding on the beach is awesome you must try it sometime.
    Two of my girls love horses we say ponies but mean horses Lol I know no fun when it's just you who loves them and does all the work too.I do have friends I can ride with so that is great!

    We are just starting to get Fall here so maybe it's on it's way to you.I love a late summer as our rainy season is so long.

    ~Cheers Kim

  14. You are right...that was pretty darn sweet! He certainly knows what you like and likes making you happy...what a special man he is! You are truly blessed!

  15. oh kim, you have a very special husband!! i have one too!!

  16. That is SO sweet that your hubby is making a fairy ring for you. I bet the fairies are dancing up a storm (except when Mr. Skunk comes around!)
    My friend at school who has hens says that since she went back to school, her hens are not laying as much. They miss her company!
    Thank you for the birthday wishes, dearest!


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