May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, March 12, 2012

Odds and Ends

I just had to show you a picture of my new flowers. I have never seen this color before and I just bought a few. They have to stay in their pots until I get around to cleaning the flowerbed where I want them. This is a picture of motivation.

Our orange trees are getting ready to bloom. I love orange blossoms and the smell of them blooming is so incredible. The place where my husband used to work was out close to the the orange orchards.This time of year he would come home talking about how wonderful it smelled when they bloomed. Imagine thousands and thousands of orange trees, miles and miles, all the way to the foot of the mountains.

I just had to give you a fun fact of history today. I have thought about it all day. I know I have run across this in the years that I have taught school, but I must have forgot it. We have been making our way through American History this year. Last week it was the War of 1812-1815 My kids think I am odd that I that I keep saying that, but for years I thought the war of 1812 was just a short war of one year. My son's new hero is Andrew Jackson.
The interesting fact I found today, was did you know that on the anniversary of the 50th year of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, That Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died the same day?  Let me quote what my history book says, "Finally, when the Fourth of July came, Thomas Jefferson lay in his bed at Monticello, He asked, " Is it the Fourth?" and soon breathed no more.
In another bed, on that same day, this one in Quincy, Massachusetts, John Adams whispered, "Thomas Jefferson survives," and then he was dead."

Going through history this way this year, year by year and sometimes step by step, it has made me thankful that I am an American, and all of those people who came to this good land did for one thing, that was to be as Thomas Jefferson said, " the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their back, nor a favored few booted and spurred , ready to ride them...These are grounds of hope for others. For ourselves, let the annual return of this day forever refresh our recollections of those rights, and and undiminished devotion to them." ( History of Us, The New Nation *1789-1850* Joy Hakim)

Another book that I love, though I don't think any of my kids have ever got this story, I keep hoping one of them will get this message. It is a book called Two Logs Crossings by Walter D. Edmonds. I love all of his books and I have collected all of them for years. He is the writer who wrote the Matchlock Gun I think being the most famous.
In the introduction he had a quote that I loved and I just had to share it.
" There is no trick and easy way to independence, either for a man or a country. To be able to do for oneself in one's own way was the dream which first  brought some men to this land. There are a few people who confuse it with becoming rich, but money is not the American Dream and never has been. Money can be made of anything you choose, but a man's life is made of the courage, independence, decency and self-respect he learns to use...A man who learns to be independent does not mean looking out solely for one's own interest. A man can only be free if his neighbors are also." 

These were some things that I learned today, I just thought I would pass them on. I am sure I will find out some more interesting things.
I hope you have a lovely Tuesday.
As  I always tell my husband, " You can go to sleep now, your history lesson is over for the day. "



  1. you are a natural teacher. you love to learn, yourself.

  2. Pretty pretty blooms. Snows a coming tomorrow. Bahh! I just finally got to see the lawn this week .

  3. I had to smile at that last comment toyour husband...sounds like something I would say Your flowers are beautiful...they just scream spring!!! Love it

  4. Those flowers are the colors! Pansies and daffodils are about the only things blooming here right now...can't wait to go hang out in the local greenhouses!

  5. Oh wow, what great quotes! I also love the flowers. Terrific colors. :-)

  6. Those first flowers are awsome! I love them. I used to teach history and English. There is nothing more fun that seeing it come alive in the minds of people.

  7. I love your flowers. We are having temps in the 60s this week...and I am itching to plant...but it's way too soon for us in NH. I'll bet those orange trees put out a heavenly scent!

  8. Beautiful, vibrant blooms for your flower beds!
    Needless to say really, but in our climate there are no orange trees and no blooms to smell :-(
    Those are profound sayings - seems to me we have lost men with such values and convictions in our generation - or their voice is drowned out.
    Thanks for the lessons anyhow!

  9. I didn't know that part of the history lesson...and I've gone over that war with my kiddos too!!:)
    I like your beautiful picture of Motivation!!

  10. Good morning! I love the flowers...such pretty colors. I found your facts REALLY interesting. Your kids have no doubt been so blessed to have you as their teacher as you pull out such interesting information. My hubby is such a history buff (his major in college) I can't wait to share this fact with him this morning! He'll love it! Enjoy your day! HUGS

  11. Oh how lovely it must be to smell those fragrant blossoms. I can only imagine. A feast for the eyes, such a blessing.

    I love your history lesson and the line that says "A man can only be free if his neighbors are also.

    I'm sort of independent person and like working on my own and I'm rather resourceful but I feel less than at peace if someone I know is in need or is having difficulty. I guess everyone is my neighbor.

    Have a great California day. Hugs. JB

  12. Sending wishes to you, Kim, for a good Tuesday! The flowers are beautiful!

  13. We discovered that amazing fact just recently - in fact I blogged about it (well, I think it was on my FB page). I was blown away by that fact: 50 years. 2 left. Both died the same day. Really incredible stuff.
    We were also talking the other day about the 1812-15 war..... I know *nothing* about it, and must do some studying!
    Oh.... and these flowers are gorgeous...

  14. Oh love your have some of the same jewels we have found and enjoyed...and the fact of their death has always amazed all of us. We are doing Texas History right now and I thought how I will have to continue learning once I am finished with home schooling...history never gets old and I too so appreciate our country

    Love the pictures...what a wonderful way to start my day!


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