May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

Here it is again time for Chats on the Farmhouse Porch.
Patrice is so nice to think up these questions week to week.
I look forward to coming around to visit later.

The above picture is my house. It is amazing how putting
a little lights on and decorating a little makes my house look
a bit bigger. Oh and the trees. I added a few of these.
( See yesterday's blog to see the picture I posted.)

On to the questions:

1. Where is your favorite place to think, reflect, or pray?

In my blue chair, in my office. When I am really burdened, I walk in our pasture.

2. Did you believe in Santa as a kid?

Yes, I did, maybe too much because when my cousin told me it was my Dad I was crushed. I cried and cried. I wanted to believe so bad in Santa. I never did that with my kids though.

3. What's your favorite kind of Christmas cookie? You can add a recipe if you have time.

My sister in law always brings me these things called Reindeer food. They are a no bake cookie and they are my favorite. I made them myself one year and mine were not as good as hers so I never attempt it anymore.

4. Did you grow up around any of your grandparents?

Yes, I did, We lived next door to them. They were amazing people and I consider myself to be so blessed to have been given that gift.
They were the best kind of grand parents. They were always there for us and were so giving.

5. What's your favorite winter sport-skiing, skating,sledding, other(?) ? If you are in a warm place, what is your favorite winter sport to watch when the Winter Olympics are televised?

Well since the last time we had snow was 14 years ago. I go down to the ice skating rink with my daughter when I want to look like a idiot. I like ice skating and if we had snow I would like sledding.
But now I really like sitting inside by the fire. I never watch the Olympics.

Thanks for this week's questions, Patrice.


  1. See, I told you a few Christmas lights would make your house look bigger. Lol
    I bet you and your daughter look adorable skating. Or you could just put on a cute outfit and sit and watch your daughter skate (wink)

  2. Reindeer food...sounds intriguing! I just love Christmas cookies. Santa was the best. I actually don't remember when I learned the truth...maybe I never did! LOL

  3. Wow, amazing how much bigger the lights makes your house looks. I think that Google should insist that everyone had Christmas lights on when they make their rounds to map the addresses of people's home, lol.

    Your house looks impressive. I haven't put any outdoor lights yet this year. My ladder is at the farm and since I use it often I left it there and the other one we have at home is way too heavy for me to handle. I need to buy another one.

    No snow in 14 years, wow. I haven't ice skated since the late seventies.


  4. I grew up next door to my Grandparents too...I was SO blessed to have had so much time to spend with them!!

  5. your house looks beautiful, kim! :)

  6. What a beautiful home in lights!
    And my favorite cookies: shortbreads:)

    Hugs for today:))

  7. Sitting by the fire sounds lovely. We only have a pellet stove, so that doesn't give the same feeling:)
    Have a great week!

  8. Your home looks beautiful and so festive.....

  9. Kim
    Your home does look so much bigger with those lights on! I'm afraid your sons friends won't be able to recognise it.
    I think you were so very blessed to have lived next door to your g'parents. Mine were so special to me, but I only got to stay with them during Christmas break and summers.
    Take care-Kimberly

  10. Hi Kim! Your house looks beeeeyooootiful with the lights and the trees. I think Christmas is happening inside!

  11. Your house looks beautiful (and big!) with all the lights. Love these chats.

  12. Girl, you are too funny-going to the skating rink when you want to look like an idiot! LOL My cousin told me about Santa too and I was FURIOUS! Come to think of it, I still am. :)

  13. your house looks like a lighted gingerbread house!
    soooooooo pretty!

    i am sending you Christmas prayers and wishes
    for a loving time with your family.


  14. I'm still jealous you got to grow up next to your grandparents. I wish I had been able to spend more time with my dad's parents.

  15. Your house looks amazing!

    I too lived next to my grandparents until I was 12. Everyone should have that blessing... and I know that my grandparents felt the same way!


  16. Your house looks beautiful with the lights on. I think it would be just wonderful to have your grandparents next door. I always say I wish I lived next door to mine...not gonna happen, tho'.

  17. I remember when I realized there wasn't a Santa. I was soooo sad. I have been so busy with work, shopping, decorating. I haven't been on the computer for days, I just I'm running out of time.

  18. Very nice picture of your house...picture perfect.


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