May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wedneday Words for Weight Loss

It is time for Wednesday Words for Weight Loss.
I look forward every week to see what kind of questions
Patrice will come up with. It is always a nice surprise and
makes me think of things I haven't thought of in years.

1. I've heard it said that there are two body types when weight is gained? Some are like an apple with a big gain in the middle and others are like a pear with a larger lower region. What kind of fruit are you? :)

Until I reached 40 I wouldn't have said either, but now in my 50s I have to say
I am more like a pear. What kind of fruit am I? How about a nut, maybe a walnut. :)

2. Have you ever joined an exercise studio or gym?

When I first saw this question, I thought no I never have and then I remembered
after I had our first baby and Jazzersise was all the rage, I got a cute little outfit
and went one time, the only time. I have never been so sore in my life and I really couldn't move. So that was it, a gym flunky.

3. What was your favorite vacation ever?

Well there are two, my husband's company that he worked for had a office in Grant Michigan. He was having to work there so we only had three kids then, we flew to Grand Rapids, and the kids and I stayed in a hotel and he would go to work and then when he would get home in the evening we explored Grand Rapids.
After that week was up we rented a car and went all over Michigan. We even made it up to the upper peninsula and went to Mackinac Island. We went to the
Grand Hotel and I just loved it.
My other favorite vacation, was we took our travel trailer and went from here to Oklahoma and my husband had did a trip planner so we saw something every 100 miles. We saw the most amazing things. My husband had never seen the Grand Canyon and I love watching the shock on his face when he first saw it.
We had to stay there 2 days because he was just so mesmerized by it.

4. Is there a famous person you'd like to be like?

Hands down, Harper Lee. She wrote the best book I have ever read and when
I read To Kill a Mockingbird, I just sit in awe at her writing style. I love the way
she uses her syntax and when you read you are Scout. No matter how many times I get so caught up in the story and forget to pay attention to the writing.
Well, also J.K. Rowling just because she is an invisible writer and I want to be
that kind of writer.

5. What's your favorite way to have coffee? If you don't drink coffee, then tell me about another beverage you like.

I like coffee hot or cold and I like tea. But only herbal tea. I love, love herbal tea
and I love growing my own things to make my own tea. I am a social drinker,
and eater, whatever you are eating or drinking I am good with it.

Thanks again to Patrice for taking the time to put together these questions and stop by and visit Everyday Rurality.


  1. a gym flunky and a walnut... learn something new about you every day... :)

  2. Jazzercise... Ah you brought back a memory! ;) If only I had taken pictures, I could have made my girls day!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. I would love to visit Mackinac Island. You can't be a walnut because I'm very allergic to them!

  4. Fun post...oh remember the Jazzercise, but did that before kids...I also taught dance before a whole life time ago

    Loved your vacations...they sound just wonderful...I haven't seen the Grand Canyon YET! I would be like him

    Well...enjoyed walnut...have a great week...always a delight to stop by

  5. super fun post...i have not heard the word jazzercise in years!!!

  6. A gym flunky and a social eater/drinker......hahaha. You are so cute. And you are definitely not a boring old walnut.

  7. I'm pretty much a 'gym flunky' too! That was too cute! Loved your answers!

  8. I am a far anyway! I used to be a gym rat...2 hours a day, yikes! But now, a flunky. I want to commit to yoga! I love Bar Harbor, Maine and want to go back very badly. I would like to be Madeleine L'Engle...she's an awesome writer and woman. I love Cafe au Lait. I'm a Starbucks girl 'cuz my son works there and I get great coffee through him!

    I love these post and learning more about you!

  9. You know, I think those are my two favorite vacations, too. :-)

  10. Since my last doctor's visit...a year ago, I have lost fourteen pounds...must have been my boots!

  11. Well, hello there! I am always on a diet, and am always blowing my diet with all the great things I bake!! Lol. But I try to eat lots and lots of fruits and veggies. Right now I am starving...I had a banana and 2 clementines for breakfast. Next I'm going to have an apple. I also have 2 more clementines, another apple, and another banana here at my desk as backup, should I need them. That's my diet secret - keep fruit handy!!! Lol. And try not to even look at the junk food!!!


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