May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Friday, February 25, 2011

Today On Saturday

I didn't want you to think that I took these today.
No, it is rainy and stormy looking. These are old
pictures from two years ago. When I was afraid to hold
a camera, so my daughter took them. I really hid from
cameras, I didn't have my picture taken and I didn't take
pictures. Blogging has changed that. I think too, Blogging
has changed my life.

Who knew I would have friends in every state and in other
countries? Who knew that I would care about their lives
as much as I do. I surely didn't know that by the trials
in their lives I would sit at my keyboard and cry for the pain
that I felt for them and being so far away I couldn't hug them.

Who knew that I would be excited when one of my friends would
win a give-a-way. I didn't that is for sure. Who knew that
I would miss my friends when they were away and when the
weather man said a terrible storm was coming toward someone
I would watch the weather all day and pray that the power would
stay on and that they would be warm.

I never knew that I would watch the ground hog to see if
it was going to be a short winter because my friends were tired of snow
and needed some green. Who would know as I walked around
to take pictures of the things I see I would feel sad because I
didn't want anyone to have spring fever because of the spring
that I see all around me.

I never knew that by blogging and visiting other people they
would come visit me and every day leave me the sweetest
notes of encouragement and make my day so bright and if
I could I would take each one and put it in a bottle and keep them
forever, like God does to our tears. But mine bottle would be filled
with joy because of the the time you give to me each day.

Who knew, not me of course. Never did I know that I would
be given such a sweet and precious gift and thank you so much for
giving of yourself and making my life filled to the brim with joy.

My life has changed and I hope that you receive a hundred fold
back for all of the love, joy, kindness and encouragement you have given
to me.
I love you all,

Have a lovely Saturday!



  1. This was SO wonderful and SO true! I am amazed at how many funny, blessed, soulful, sharing, giving, talented, warm, silly, crazy, happy, loving folks I have 'met' thru this strange cross-blogging world. You said it all so well.

  2. Kim, what a wonderful post. You are so right about the blessings of blogging--it’s as if a world of people to love and care about come into your life in such a special way. Your love and caring spread all over the world--that is a great thing isn’t it? :)
    Hugs my dear friend,

  3. oh heck...ya reap what ya sow, girlfriend. Love you!

  4. I feel the same way. I never would have imagined. But isn't it wonderful??

  5. Ditto to this post...yes Who Knew? God knew as He knits His body all over the us a small taste of heaven. My world has been expanded like yours has also. I so enjoy stopping by here and continuing to get to know are truly a doll.

  6. Oh, I agree with you totally. I can't believe how much blogging has given me...really and truly. Like Texwis girl, I just can't believe how many wonderful people I've 'met' through it, and I've been blogging less than a year... my 'birthday' will be next month, so I think I'd better get my thinking cap on for a giveaway ;)

    Lovely to have met you.... and Hi to the other commenters! x

  7. Right back at you Kim. Thank you for all your thoughtful soul searching and heart warming posts. You always make me happy that I stopped by and visited.

  8. Oh Kim, you have touched my heart again! Thank you sooooo much for your honesty and faithfulness. I look forward daily to your posts! Even tho I don't post very often, I read yours daily and think about them throughout my day. Bless you dear girl!
    With love! Cindy

  9. Kim,
    I'm so with you on this! My online friends are every bit as important as the ones I can hug in person. I cry when they cry and laugh when they laugh. I praise when they drop a few pounds and totally understand when my waistbands are too tight. I care about the, their families, and their marriages. Three of them have already commented here!

    I have been able to try out products because of my blog and I have won fun giveaways. I have asked total stranger/big bloggers for help or advice and they have eventually become acquaintances who always answer me.

    There is no personal baggage with bloggers unless you choose to share it. They are generally respectful and kind. I never did this to make friends, yet I am blessed. I have been blessed to be friends with you. Kim- you are a sweetheart! To be friends with a Godly woman who values the same things I do is like gold.

    I love this post. No matter what strange things happen on the internet, I know it is worth it to have friends like my wonderful blogging buddies.
    Blessings and more blessings!

  10. That was supposed to say "I care about THEM...

  11. Kim, you did it again... You made us realized what a gift blogging has been to so many of us. I've received so much encouragement when my unborn son was scanned and it was revealed that he was missing his little left hand and there was such an outpouring of love and encouragement. I've made so many genuine friends and some email me when ever they want to talk more personally.

    I agree with Jacque, you reap what you sow. Hugs to you dear caring friend. Julia

  12. Oooops, I mean unborn grandson... I'm way past the age to have a new born son... lol... JB


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